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Soapy Massage Parlours in Thailand are inescapable outlets for tourists wanting more than to tour the temples, go island hopping or relax on a beach. There is no need to hide the fact that a considerable number of both secretive and non-secretive foreigners come here for its sexual pursuits of which there are too many to mention here.

Just a word of caution: This web page contains some images of people who are not clothed. There are also descriptions of nudist activities. If you should be offended by viewing human beings in the all-natural, you may want to go to another page you feel is not offensive to you. By viewing this page, you agree not to be offended by the depiction of nudity and that you're an adult of legal age to view such material.

But since you are here and because you might want to find that special place where the girls are young, beautiful, hot and sexy, you could check out the best Parlours on Ratchadpisek Road in Bangkok.

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Exploring Massage Parlours

On this page, we're going to explore some of the many massage parlours in Bangkok. And for those of you who are here for the first time, please pay close attention because there is an excellent chance that you could be completely overwhelmed by all the excitement and frenzy that is so becoming of Thailand's establishments. You need to expect the unexpected.

It is not unusual for first-timers to feel intimidated when faced with the prospect of so many gorgeous Thai girls eager to attract male attention. It happened to a good friend of mine who became wholly consumed by what was about to unfold, and it can easily catch you by surprise too.

Because it's not nearly as clear as it appears in any brochure, you need to be extremely careful as for how to conduct yourself properly for your protection and safety. That's because you could easily be on a collision course if you don't know where to go, what to do or even who you should trust.

Soapy Massage Parlour Girls

The Sex Industry

Though prostitution in Thailand is technically illegal, its sex industry thrives on it, and for very good reason too. It's a vast money-making machine, and nothing is going to stop it. Not you, your loved ones, your prized pet, the government, leaders of the opposition parties or for that matter any lost causes or pie in the sky schemes. I'll explain, but first.

There are a few things you need to take into consideration. Firstly the girls working in beer bars, go-go bars and massage parlours work there voluntary, unlike those in neighbouring countries. So much so, most don't want to leave until they have made enough money to build a house for their parents, bought a pick-up truck for their father, a motorbike for their boyfriend/husband or a couple of water buffaloes for family and friends.

Did I mention how much massage parlour girls love gold jewellery too? No need to guess where the cash comes from either, and the more, the merrier. Scores of farangs contribute millions of dollars to this needy cause each day. Thailand is one such country that simply can't, couldn't, wouldn't survive without it. Or can it?

Secondly,  think of the massive amount of jobs this industry creates. What about the enormous taxes derived from it or the families and corrupt officials who feed on it. What would these girls be doing if not working the street, bars or brothels? Working in a sweatshop. I think not. Besides, which is the better of the two evils?

You may ask yourself why the government doesn't put a stop to all this. Are you crazy? They also need to feed their families. Next time you visit a soapy massage parlour, not only are you going to enjoy it, but you'll also be contributing to a very needy cause. Does this make any sense? Better you don't answer that, rather send me your comments instead.

Halem Soapy Massage Parlour

The Fishbowl Effect

A great many of the soapy massage parlours in Bangkok display what is commonly known as "the fishbowl effect" in which sits a bevvy of beautiful Thai ladies. There can easily be as many as a hundred girls at any given time sitting there waiting for potential customers. They sit in tiered rows of seats similar to those you find at sports events. The new, prettier and younger ones sit in the front rows, and the older ones sit further back.

These fishbowls can bedazzle you with their bright lights at the best of times; you might want to reach for your sunglasses. More to cover the shock and disbelief than your eyes. However, once you've become accustomed to your surroundings, everything else should slowly come together.

It doesn't help that almost immediately on entering a massage parlour, the ladies sitting in the fishbowls continuously stare and smile at you. It's all part of the more exceptional ambience of a typical soapy massage establishment in these parts. The sooner you let go, the more apparent things become.

The girls often sit in these fishbowls for hours on end gossiping amongst themselves all the while applying fresh makeup and filing their nails. Some may get to watch a little TV too. I assume it must get sweltering at times. Every girl has a round disk displaying a number making your selection easier. The Thai style parlours are nothing remotely like its western counterparts.

While there is an excellent chance you'll feel a tad intimidated by what you see, it may take a while to come down to earth to the point where you'll feel a lot more relaxed. In situations like these, the best thing you can do is to take a deep breath and order yourself a large drink. There are always several seats in which to survey your surroundings. Sit down, light up a cigarette (you may need one now) and tell that tout to get off your back.

Once you've familiarised and scrutinised your surroundings and had a good old look around, you should begin to loosen up a tad. It can be somewhat daunting to say the least, especially while so many girls are observing your every move. They smile at you all the time, but that I'm afraid is just a ploy so that hopefully you'll pick the one making the most noise If you get my drift. I bet you'd like to take them all. Maybe next time. There are so many girls to choose, but at least the spotlight is not on you, so take your time. 

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Poseidon Soapy Massage Parlour

This is how things work around here

You would want to how it works: Most of the girls sit in the fishbowl, but in some soapy massage parlours, you'll also find a few girls sitting outside these bowls. The reason for this is simple, as was explained to me. The girls outside are the newest and youngest of the bunch. There's even a good possibility that they are also new to the business. However, I wouldn't count on it.

The newer and younger girls placed outside the bowl are usually more pricey than the girls sitting in the fishbowl. However, prices can fluctuate between one parlour and another depending on the more upmarket the establishment is, but generally, the prices are pretty much the same. You may find that the gentleman clubs catering for Japanese men are a lot more expensive because some of the girls are quite a bit younger.

Once you've spotted your dream girl or the possibility of more than one, approach a Papasan and or a Mamasans. You'll see some of them loitering around your every move, to place your order. You can't help but notice these pathetic beings also know as touts or pimps or whatever else you might like to call them.

They can be absolute pests, and my advice is to get rid of them as quickly as possible. Don't ever ask them for help or offer to give them any tips. Placing your order for a girl at a soapy massage parlour in Thailand is much the same as placing an order for a burger at McDonald's, only the soapy massage girls are far more juicer. You can have my vote on this one. 

Meree Soapy Massage Parlour

These things called Touts

Touts are troublesome and extremely harmful to your health. At massage parlours, they want to lead you to the front desk where one of the bastards is likely to proposition you to pay. They may try to extort some commission out of you too, but as much as they keep hustling you, stay calm, drink a beer and tell them off in a language they may never understand. Simply put, tell them to get lost. I could have used a more profound word, but you know what I mean.

And for all the good Papasans and mamasans out there, I do apologise. But for the bad ones, you seriously need to consider joining a rehabilitated centre that specialises in better management skills. Not only will it be good for your health, but there's a good chance that your commission levels will improve quite substantially.

Though prices for soapy massages are generally fixed, as in any society, there are always a few corrupt officials on the take. Touts are no different, so there's no harm engaging in a little bargaining even at these parlours. It's a thrill to win over these guys if that's possible.

The girl who's number you've chosen will meet with you; then once you have paid the agreed amount, you'll be directed to a private room. Once there, a staff member may ask you if you'd like a drink to calm your nerves. You begin with a soapy bath, then a body to body soapy massage. (Hence the name) Usually, you'll lie on your stomach on an inflatable mat while the naked girl rides and slides up and down. After that, you can decide what comes next. Prices are for either a two-hour session or a one and a half-hour session. 

Bangkok Soapy Massage Parlour

Alternative Massage Parlours

Akane Fashion Massage Parlour in Bangkok offers you an extremely popular form of stress relief should you be wanting an alternative to the regular soapy massage parlours. Plenty of sexy girls to match the service of a full-body lotion massage with prostate stimulation.

Kochoran Massage Parlour in Bangkok offers you a therapeutic massage similar in style to a fashion massage which will also include an exfoliating body scrub to help promote increased circulation as well as a lotion massage with a happy ending. Well worth every penny.  

Nyan Nyan Massage Parlour in Bangkok offers you a unique form of body massage using a special transparent and tasteless slippery gel called Nuru. When applied, will arouse the sexual senses, helps relieve any tension you may have and also to promotes increased circulation.

La Defense Massage Parlour is both an amazing and extraordinary full body massage parlour in Bangkok. Though catering mainly for Japanese visitors, guests from all around the world come here to experience the pleasures on offer. Plenty of gorgeous girls makes this possibly one of the best places of its kind in Thailand. It's the best parlour I visited.

La Defense Massage Parlour

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