Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Top Travel Tips for Single Guys wanting
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That's me Solo in Thailand

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Don't take this personally, but you shouldn't be the least bit surprised if just about everyone in Thailand thinks you are here merely for sex. Locals and fellow travellers (single or not) will almost certainly be giving you the evil eye at some stage or other. Just stay focused and ignore them. All solo male travellers are considered sex tourists and it matters not that you stay away from the Red Light Districts or not.

There's a high chance that at some stage of your jaunt or journey, you could find yourself getting mixed messages in the form of wicked winks or friendly smiles from not only locals but other globetrotters too. However, there's an even higher chance you'll be propositioned by a legitimate Thai Girl or a foxy Thai ladyboy before the day's end. 

No matter what you may think, Thai bar girls, Thai massage girls and Thai ladyboys don't "fall in love" with farangs. Have fun with them, but don't go down the road believing every pretty girl or boy you like will fall madly in love with you. It just doesn't happen that way.

So many before you have lost their way. If you want to meet a nice Thai Girl, chat up the girl at any department store or the girl at your hotel reception desk or find one online, but remember Thai girls rarely fall in love the same way that westerners do. It's just how they view their respective cultures.

Be mindful but much more than that, try to be as laid-back as possible and let things take their natural course. You never know, you may love it. Never put off today what you can do tomorrow because if you do it today and you like it, you can do it all over again tomorrow.

While you're at it, try not to be too intimidating when face to face with a pretty Thai girl for the first time and especially if you're a big guy. Always be ever so polite. Remember also to be gentle.

Thai girls are quite fragile if not incredibly petite. I once got introduced to a Thai girl who told me she weighed in at only 38 kilograms. While she may have looked healthy, she was rather tiny too.

One other thing, try your best to speak slowly, calmly and clearly and be ready with a big sweet smile - after all, you are in the land of smiles. 

In all probability, about 90% of men travelling solo in Thailand want to go directly to the big cities to experience the lively nightlife which I have to say is tremendously exciting. And there's no place better than in Bangkok itself, though there are other great party places like that of Pattaya, Phuket and Koh Samui to name but a few. 

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Bangkok Go-Go Girls 

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Things you need to watch out for

There are several precautions you may need to be aware of should you be one of the 90% coming to Thailand in search of sexual pleasures.

One of the first things you need to watch out for are the scam artists, and there are lots of them around. Even Tuk Tuk drivers are notorious for scamming tourists, especially should you be travelling alone. They are awarded commissions for bringing you to massage parlours, and you can expect to foot the bill - That is whatever it is they get paid. 

You'd be better off taking a regular taxi - then ask the driver to drop you off at a predetermined spot such as a hotel or a supermarket. If you are in Bangkok, take the subway or sky train and walk the rest of the way. If close to your hotel, walk over there. 

Also, protect yourself as much as possible from potential pickpockets. Never carry money in your back pocket. If you are going to take cash, get yourself a money belt and hide it somewhere out of view. Wearing clothing with an inside pocket that you can zip closed is also a good idea for keeping things safe. Leave extra cash, credit cards and other valuables in a secure locker in your hotel room or at the very least should there be no safe repository there, inquire about safekeeping at the reception. 

Go-Go Bar Girls

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Drinking, Drugs and Go Go Bars

If you decide to go to a go-go bar or a beer bar, always pay for each drink as you order them and never keep a bar tab. If you don't, you may find the final bill is way over what you had expected. Stay focused at all times. Because that way, you'll always be in control.

If you should lose control due to drinking, you could end up broke or worse, and it's not that easy to buy your way out of trouble. Another thing to remember is always to stay calm. It's not cool to be uncool. If things don't go your way, don't expect the local police officers to help you out under these circumstances. They rarely work in your favour. 

Don't get caught buying, selling, smoking, snorting or smuggling drugs in Thailand. Thailand is not the right place you want to be seen or apprehended for in these areas, especially in party places such as on Koh Phangan Island. Go there to have fun, but stay away from any illegal substance. It's just not worth the risk and worse still, you could quickly end up being banged up abroad and behind bars of the not so cool kind. Now you don't want that to happen to you, do you?

Erotic Thai Girl

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Great Places of Interest

As for the other remaining 10% of men travelling solo in Thailand, there are many attractions and cultural interests where you can bury your head. For instance, you might like the idea of going north to places such as Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai. You can certainly experience some great times there as well as in places like the northeast of the country where you'll get to experience real rural life, like no other.

Road trips to distant places can be enjoyable to the extent that the journey itself can be much more rewarding than the actual destination. By taking risks, though not always easy to ascertain, can be a real thrill, but you also need to know your limits and your strengths.

Bangkok may be the number one sex tourist destination in the world, attracting some eleven million plus visitors annually. Still, there are many other attractions to look out for in the city, such as temples and floating markets if that's reason enough to float your boat. There are also things like golf, amusement arcades, and plenty of shopping to lift your spirits.

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Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Chiang Mai, on the other hand, has more of a cultural significance. It's modern to a degree and attracts around two million visitors annually. I, for one, enjoyed my road trip (770 kilometres) from Bangkok but somehow felt a little disappointed when I got there. Chiang Mai is a lot quieter and a lot smaller than Bangkok. But it wasn't until the sun went down that things started to speed up and then all hell broke loose.

The night bazaar in town has to be one of the main attractions, but there're lots of bars such as the Boy Blues Bar and the Magic Bus Cafe you can get a drink and listen to music. During the day there are temples such as Wat Chedi Luang to check out. There's also elephant farms and Hill Tribe Villages and Doi Inthanon national park to explore.

Chiang Mai Temple

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

More Things you might need to know

Try to limit carrying around lots of expensive gadgets and or heavy electronic equipment such as cameras and laptops unless you are doing a documentary on rural life in Isaan territory or planning a sightseeing trip to Ayutthaya which requires some decent photography as such.

As much as women travelling alone in foreign countries worry about being raped or mugged, men travelling solo in Thailand should also be cautious and if necessary, take precautions. The possibility of you getting mugged let alone raped in Thailand is infrequent. Still, it's always a good idea to be on the lookout for anything you think may be potentially dangerous or even slightly suspicious.

I've heard that taking a roll of duct tape with you on your solo adventure may have countless benefits in needy times. Now don't get me all wrong here, I certainly don't mean that you should use it to bind your pretty little girlfriend's hands or anything like that, but you never know when you might need to fix something well like a broken suitcase or a camera bag that's gone bust. Heck! You go figure it out.

Guys don't forget to pack in a few extra condoms. You never know when you'll be needing them. Because safety standards in most western countries are possibly better than most Asian countries, you'll be glad you brought your own. Isn't it strange that Thailand produces much of the world's most substantial consumption of condoms? But you knew that all along. Only condoms here seem a lot smaller. 

Before I forget and although it's highly unlikely, you should, via phone or an email, make sure a friend or family member know your whereabouts and when you're likely to return. That's just in case you do somehow get lost and require some assistance or rescue. That pretty much wraps things up for men travelling solo in Thailand.

Pattaya Bar Girls

Tips for Men Travelling Solo in Thailand

Additional Information

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