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I see my path but I don't know where it leads. Not knowing where I'm going is what inspires me to travel -  
Rosalia de Castro 1837 - 1885 -

Hi everyone, my name is Grahame with an "e" and I live in Cape Town South Africa. Now you may be wondering why I have chosen to write about Thailand and not about where I'm currently living. Well, it's simple enough really. I love everything about Thailand.

That's not to say South Africa isn't special. Foreign visitors love coming here too, but for me, I love leaving Africa to go on other journeys across the globe. I love going to new places and I love meeting new and interesting people from all walks of life. It's what makes my life so much more invigorating.

I began my travels in 1987 and to be quite honest, haven't been able to stop ever since. So much so that I just wasn't able to settle down in one place, to raise a family or for that matter, any customary trend there may be out there. My brothers and sister chose to get married and raise families (I have eighteen nephews and nieces) and I chose to travel. After embarking on a working holiday in South East Asia in April 1993, I somehow knew that this was my true calling.

Though I was born and raised in South Africa to British parents and didn't have any real ties to Asian culture, I was later to fall in love with Asia and its beautiful people. I cannot recall as a boy growing up that my family or circle of friends ever brought up the subject of Asia apart from the odd geography lesson at school. Asia was alien to us.

It was a land and culture so vastly different to ours. It could just as well have been on another planet. I can remember my first visit to the far east. I arrived at the airport in Taipei, Taiwan after spending a long flight on China Airlines. I had finally come to the place I'd long dreamed about. I actually felt at home. From there I was to go on to China and Hong Kong before coming to Thailand and on to Cambodia.

Grahame and Friends in Bangkok

Your Travel Host in Thailand

The spelling of my name Grahame is a little different to the popular spelling Graham or Graeme that most people I know are familiar with. Herein lies the story behind the unusual spelling I was given. My mother who was born in the United Kingdom takes up the story. She wanted to name me Graham, but my grandmother wanted the name Graeme so they decided to compromise and so I became Grahame. I can live with that! I have a different theory, but that's another story. 

I have five brothers, two of which are older and three are younger. I also have a sister. Together we are seven siblings, I am the third eldest. I have never been married, but have been engaged twice. To be very honest, it wasn't my idea to get engaged because both times I thought that I was too young to settle down. 

But I think the main reason was simply because of my restless soul and the need to keep moving. I have no idea when or where my next adventure is going to take me. I have a love for the arts. I have a love affair with writing. I love meeting different people from around the world. And I'm passionate to keep my travel aspirations alive. It's as simple as that. 

I have a family riddle I would like to share with you after which requires an answer. You may leave your answer in the Contact Form at the bottom of this page and I shall email you back to let you know whether or not you were right or wrong. I have a brother who is the fifth child in the family. He was born on the fifth day of the fifth month in nineteen fifty-five. My question to you is, can you guess his name? Sorry, there are no prizes for the correct answer.

The Author and Cat at Kanchanaburi Central Thailand

Grahame - The Ultimate Dreamer

I am the ultimate dreamer with a huge restless soul needing constant stimulation. I have a passion for travelling to exotic destinations and to continuously visit new and interesting places whilst mingling with new and happy faces. Ever since arriving in Thailand in 2004, I've had the opportunity to become acquainted with several special friends. 

I was also able to meet some local girls too, and for a time started a relationship with a girlfriend named Cat. But because of my sense of adventure, I could not allow myself to stay in one place for very long. Cat and I have since gone our separate ways. For the most part, locals don't like to travel that much, even the ones that tell you differently.

It just seems a lot easier for westerners to travel around the world than for most Asians to do likewise. It's not about the money either. Asian people, in general, are far closer to their family roots to leave their places of birth and origin to live in a world that's so alien to their own surroundings. Even for westerners, coming to places like Thailand can be a real cultural shock. As for myself, I'm in absolute awe of all these fascinating wonders of the world and will keep on trucking.

Grahame and his "Other Girlfriends"

Grahame - The Entrepreneurial Gadabout

For much of my life, I have lived and worked in Cape Town, South Africa, where I grew up around art. I began a career in advertising before venturing out into the signage industry for 25 years. After that, I opened an art gallery. But my real passion is all about travel and I have spent close to thirty years travelling across the globe.

I would love to spend the next thirty years on the move. And to do that I have had to reinvent myself as a travel writer and with that began my first travel website where I share my travel experiences in and around Thailand with you.

Thereafter,  I'd like to keep writing travel stories right across Asia. Vietnam may be next, followed by Burma Laos. I am an extremely compassionate person who would love to help communities strive for a better existence in some of the most troubled parts of the world.

I was particularly disturbed by what had taken place in Burma until Aung San Suu Kyi was recently released. Prior to that, I helped by making a small donation to her cause. I am also researching the atrocities that occurred in Cambodia between 1975 and 1979 and would very much like to help out with some humanitarian work there.

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Bird's Nest Soup by Grahame

Grahame - The Artist

The ultra modern art piece above is titled Bird's Nest Soup and I created it using mixed media such as aluminium, brass, steel, plastic, perspex, wood and ostrich eggs. Full size is 1,500 x 1500 mm. My inspiration came from learning about this particular soup dish that is an all time favourite delicacy to the Thai people. You can order the soup in some restaurants around the country. There is one in Pattaya that I know of where you can dine on both bird's nest soup as well as shark fin soup. I have not tried either as I am fortunately a vegetarian.

Sorry that I cannot give you any reviews, but you are more than welcome to try some when next in Thailand. Ask any local Thai or you can purchase some at duty-free at the airport. I do have a small jar of a bird's nest beverage with rock sugar at home, which is still in its original jar in my fridge. I use it to demonstrate where my idea had originated from. There is a lot of controversy surrounding this Thai delicacy which is produced from the saliva of Sea Swallows.

"Zen" by Grahame

The Art Works by Grahame

The photo above displays a section of a three-dimensional artwork I created using a mixed medium of aluminium and mild steel. I named this piece Zen, which basically gives rise to the two nations of China and Japan. Inspiration came from blending Chinese calligraphy with that of the Japanese rising sun. If you can interpret Chinese writing, then you'll probably be aware that these symbols relate to happiness, good health, prosperity and spirituality, all necessary ingredients needed for a good life. Full size is 1,500 x 1,500 mm.

"The Tree of Life" by Grahame

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