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Close encounters with beautiful big-breasted Thai Ladyboys

There's nothing that could prepare you for a life-changing experience than a night out on the town in Thailand. But much more than just your typical Thai entertainment you might expect in any city here, you are sure to come face to face with some carnal temptations like no other, but I'll get to that later.

Thailand has an ever-growing population of ladyboys, for which their enchanting embodiment is a well-received part of the greater Thai community. Some of the ladyboys even become national celebrities and star in popular transgender shows. The most famous one being Tiffany's in Pattaya.

A word of caution: This web page contains images of people who aren't fully clothed. If you're offended by viewing ladyboys in the all-natural you may want to go to another page you feel is not offensive. By viewing this page, you agree not to be offended by the depiction of nudity and that you are an adult of legal age to view such material.

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The Author with a Thai Ladyboy outside Tiffany's

Thai Ladyboys at Tiffany's

If nothing else, you should certainly see this spectacular show. It's like no other and comes highly recommendable. I have seen the show many times and yet, can't get enough. Many tourists, including myself, cannot wait to have photos taken alongside these beauties. You may even feel celebrity status yourself.

Then there's the annual Miss Tiffany Pageant which brings the country to a virtual standstill every year. These boys cum girls earn a small fortune and can afford to have cosmetic surgery at one of the best private hospitals money can buy.

However, many ladyboys live ordinary working lives in shops, hairdressing salons and banks while others have discovered that it's a lot easier to ply their trade in the heart of the tourist centres. Unsuspecting males often fall for their charms. 

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Thai Ladyboys with the Author in Phuket

Caught in the act with not one but two Ladyboys from Phuket

Thai Ladyboys

Charming and flirtatious, Thai ladyboys know just how to pull the punches, and many tourists are unaware that these girls were initially boys. It is virtually impossible to tell the difference between what's real and what's fake.

Some tourists want you to believe that you only have to look for tell-tale signs like the male Adam's apple. Well! Thai men have them surgically removed too. All ladyboys have female hormone injections, and nearly all have breast implants. Thai men are naturally slim and petite, so big feet and hands are also no sure giveaway. When dressing up to the nines, it's hard to tell who's the real McCoy. 

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Can you spot which one is a Thai Ladyboy

The devil in my niece with Ladyboy and her lady friend

The photo above I had taken in a Pattaya beer bar. Can you spot the ladyboy, also known locally as a Katoey?  To make it easier for you, I'll give you a little clue. The little devil in the middle is my niece. Now that cannot be too difficult. 

A Tiffany Beauty

Photo shoot after the Ladyboy Show

Thai Ladyboys

While prowling the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket in the late evenings or early hours of the morning, you may frequently be confronted with lots of ladyboys persistently trying to persuade you to take them back to your hotel for good times to follow. I love you long time. Is an expression used repeatedly?

If you are not too familiar with Thai ladyboys, you may soon discover that the petite beauty you were convinced was a pretty Thai girl, is not as innocent as you thought. If you are not sure in identifying the subtle difference, you may try the second approach. To be more specific, ask, Are you a boy or a girl.

Some ladyboys may think the approach a little rude, but are accustomed to many forms of harassment and are seldom embarrassed. They, in all likelihood, will give you a straight answer. I have been witness to many a tourist hand in hand with a ladyboy and often wonder if he knows. Nothing here surprises me. 

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Okay! So you're a considerable ladyboy fan, and you've seen a crazy number of ladyboys on the streets of Bangkok, Pattaya or wherever, and you've been to a couple of ladyboy cabaret shows too. That's terrific and all that, but have you ever had a real close encounter with one of these exotic delights. If you haven't yet! Well, now is your chance to get up close and personal with one of our Top Ladyboy Escorts. Click the link here or any one of the pics above or below and after that you are sure to be hooked on these darling little hookers. Go on - start clicking now. 

Bangkok Ladyboy Escort - Faith

Red face encounters with Thai Ladyboys

As formidable as it may seem, many tourists succumb to the alluring temptations of these lovely leggy ladies of the night. It will help if you stay focused at all times.

Nana Plaza entertainment complex in Bangkok is just one such notorious hangout where you'll find row upon row of beer bars and go-go clubs. They become crammed with not only sexy Thai ladies but also a fair percentage of Thai Ladyboys all clambering for your attention. In no time at all and especially after a good few beers, you could seriously end up with concentration meltdown.

Unknowingly and sooner than you may think, you could be making your way back to your hotel with a busty ladyboy on your arm. Can you imagine the shock when you realise the mistake? It could even be too late as the discovery may only become known the following day. Let's hope that your friends never find out and that the experience will have left you with a higher Thai lifestyle education. 

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Ladyboy Cabaret Show

Darling Ladyboys dance during the spectacular show

Thai Ladyboys making a living on the wrong side of the law

Stories of ladyboy crimes frequently appear in Thai newspapers. Some have unfavourable outcomes, while others have fascinating and often hilarious tales. Take the case of the Buffalo Ladyboy Gang from Chiang Mai in north Thailand.

Police started receiving reports of robberies from several shamefaced men who claimed that while sleeping in their cars, a group of four women had somehow got into their vehicles, performed oral sex on them before making off with their possessions. At first, police were unable to apprehend the gang because the attacks took place late at night while the hapless victims were less than sober.

As the number of these bizarre robberies gathered momentum, the gang's luck was about to change when one such victim was sober enough to give a full description of two of the suspects. One particular fat female form had trouble keeping up with her mates as they all tried to flee the crime scene.

With this information on hand, the police were more than convinced that they had their man, and so confronted the infamous Gang Kratoy Khwai, also known as the Buffalo Ladyboy Gang because of their portly member. Once the gang was apprehended and interrogated, they confessed to their formidable deeds.

In litigation, the gang said that they would seek out any drunks who had fallen asleep in their cars. One of the gang members would be assigned to guard duty while another searched for anything of value. A third member would restrain the inebriated man while rummaging through his pockets and a fourth would perform the dirty deed. (For those in the know, that would be the oral sex part).

On being questioned as to why they even bothered with the sexual aspect of their crime, the answer coming back was a little surprising. It was considered an appropriate token of thanks for the goods stolen they said—the moral of the story - Drink or Drive.

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Ladyboys at the Corkscrew Club in Phuket 

Something to reflect upon

A tourist pops into a go-go bar in Bangkok. Then after a few drinks, he spots a beautiful busty Thai girl and heads back to his hotel for a night of passion. While relaxing in bed after an intense sexual elation, he soon becomes aware of her continual fascination in rubbing his testicles. She loved doing this, and he wasn't complaining. An hour or so after the treatment, he turns to her and asks, How come you enjoy rubbing testicles that much? It's because I miss mine, she replies. 

Lady Boy Show at the Moulin Rouge in Phuket 

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