Thai Marriages

Why some work and some don't

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I'll try my best to explain everything there is to know about Thai marriages and why some of them work and why many of them end in total disaster. That is mostly between Thai nationals and foreigners. I would assume that for the best part, it would be a lot easier for Thai nationals to marry one another.

It may or may not be surprising to most of us, but there seem to be very few marriages taking place between Thai men and foreign women. I once had the pleasure meeting a South African lady who married her Thai lover while both were on vacation in Israel. More the exception than the rule.

However, foreign men from all parts of the world are drawn to the allure of both Thai ladies and the exquisite picturesque location from where these exotic beauties reside. There is something about this place that you just cannot get enough of.

For the best part, I shall concentrate on marriages between Thai ladies and foreign men. This is far better for me to discuss or even try and write about. So let's move forward, shall we? Read about having a Wedding in Thailand.

Many foreigners visiting Thailand will tell you that once they've had a taste for the east, it can be extremely hard to let go. Friendly Thai culture can be quite refreshingly overwhelming at times. It's a country of many opportunities and meeting beautiful Thai Girls are just one of them.

Foreigners fall in love with Thailand not only from the moment they arrive but also from wonderful brochures that are available at travel agencies. There are also often lovely stories written in travel magazines about the beauty of Thailand and its people.

Another reason why so many foreign men love venturing out in this part of the world is that Thai women are extremely easy going during conversation albeit not always easily understood. Lots of patience is required.

Thai Marriages - Dating Agencies

If you surf the net, you will find many Dating Agencies where you can view thousands of beautiful Thai girls before even venturing out to meet them. It's a great way to start the ball rolling should you want to meet a nice Thai lady in privacy.

I joined one of these agencies in Bangkok and got to meet a few good girls. As with any dating agency, there are certain fees to pay, but in my humble opinion, this is by far a better option than falling in love with a Thai bar girl or a Thai Go-Go Girl. One must never forget the fact that bar girls often sleep around with hundreds of other men.

Meet and Date Thai Single Ladies

If you'd like to meet a beautiful Thai lady for a long term relationship at one of the leading Thai dating sites you can join today and connect with hundreds of Thai singles. The site above is one hundred per cent free to join and is safe and secure. It's also mobile friendly and it only takes a minute to join. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's also one of the best ways to meet Thai ladies.

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Thai Marriages and Bar Girls

Few bar girls and go-go girls are going to fall madly in love with a foreigner whereby they simply give up their profession to be fully faithful. Please do not allow your good sense of judgment to cloud any feelings you may have towards them either. You may often feel extremely vulnerable in situations like this which could easily lead to a serious case of denial.

So try to forget this notion. In nearly every case, it just doesn't seem to work. At some stage, you will have to return home and then you will have no idea as to what your Thai lover is doing while you are away.

However, if you are convinced that you have indeed found the one and only faithful Thai bar girl, it may be advisable to do some much-needed homework. It has been known that a few foreigners even contact private investigators in Thailand in order to keep tabs on their loved ones.

You may be very surprised at the outcome of some of the investigations. I recommend you read Private Dancer written by Stephen Leather in order to shed some better light on the subject.

Thai bar girls are far better at telling fibs than you would ever want to believe. Their belief is that it is acceptable to them, but would not like you to do likewise. Rather a strange concept wouldn't you say. I have been witness to this many a time. Finding a faithful and loving bar girl could be viewed in the same context as winning the lottery. Enough said then.

Thai Marriages - Registration Procedures

There are two very different marriage procedures in Thailand. One is a traditional Thai ceremony, which is not legally recognised, but certainly accepted by the Thai community especially the parents of the bride. This form of marriage is also closely associated with Buddhist religious beliefs.

The second option in granting a legal aspect to the marriage would have to be consecrated at a local Thai Civil registry office for which procedure is much the same as in western countries. The office will take care of all the registration papers for you after which you will receive your marriage certificate. This is the easiest way for anyone wanting a Thai marriage.

In order for you to marry a Thai national, you need to first appear in person with your passport and arrival card. This must be done at your Embassy in Thailand. Here you will be required to complete a declaration attesting that you are in fact single thus free to marry in accordance with Thai Law regarding such marriages in Thailand.

The declaration will then be registered by a Thai diplomatic or consular officer after which you are required to have the completed document translated into the Thai Language at a reputable translation office. Unfortunately, the Embassy does not offer a translation service.

In the case of Thai Nationals

1) Identification Cards must be provided by both parties.

2) House Registration Certificates must be provided by both parties.

3) If divorced or a spousal death, proof must accompany the application.

4) Witnesses must attend the proceedings.

In the case of Foreigners

1) A passport or copy of thereof along with arrival card.

2) An affidavit regarding marital status from the respective embassy.

3) A Thai certified translated copy of affidavits by an approved Foreign  Ministry Translator.

Meet and Date Thai Single Ladies

Thai Marriages - Things you need to know

1) You may only marry if either party is 17 years or older. Only in special circumstances will parties be allowed to marry otherwise.

2) Neither party should be adjudged insane or considered incompetent.

3) Neither party should be blood relatives in the case of a brother or sister of full or half blood or any direct ascendant.

4) Neither party should have a spouse at the time of marriage.

5) A Thai dowry needs to be paid to the parents of the future wife. It's a sign of generosity and acceptance.

Thai Marriages - 1000 Questions for Couples

One of the biggest reasons why Thai marriages frequently end in divorce is because couples fail to ask the big questions before they walk down the aisle. If couples simply spent time asking each other the questions that really matter, they'd greatly increase their chances of staying together.

One of the best things about a question book is that it makes it far easier to ask those difficult questions while encouraging an environment in which to address them. Most question books beat around the bush while never really providing the important issues. Others simply don't have enough questions.

Michael Webb has compiled a book 1000 Questions For Couples in which he puts together a most comprehensive collection of questions covering every single topic you'd ever want to know about before tying the knot.

This book includes tough subjects like money, children and child rearing, career, past and present relationships, religion, morals, convictions and beliefs, personality, and even sex. There are also much lighter yet just as important topics, such as vacations, food, pets, your favourite things and well-being.

Every conceivable topic is covered from the serious to the light-hearted as well as all the fun stuff, thus making it easy for couples to start with the easy questions while building their way up to important ones.

Highly recommendable for everyone. It's not just couples who are thinking of getting married, but couples who just want to feel closer together. Also good for people dating and just want more things to talk about.

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