Sex Travel in Thailand

 A guide to getting the most out of your exotic and erotic sex vacation in the land of plenty

Sex Travel in Thailand goes way beyond the boundaries of beer bars and go-go bars. Together, it's where we explore the ultimate pleasures of soapy massage - and for those of you who would like to get up close and personal with some of Bangkok's exotic escorts.

It's also the author Grahame's quest to guide you with the best places in Thailand, where the action is non-stop. With that in mind, you should find the information, tips and advice for a sex vacation, most memorable.

I was initially invited by a good friend to visit the land of plenty in 2004, and I haven't stopped going there ever since. It may have been my first trip to Thailand. Still, it certainly wasn't my first encounter to the erotic delights of Asia, having already been introduced to the gorgeous girls and bright lights of Taiwan, Hong Kong and China when on a business trip there some years previously.

Sexy Bangkok Babes

Sex Travel in Thailand - Phuket

Phuket Island was the first glimpse of what was to become my ultimate sex travel in Thailand. And it wasn't long before I stepped off that big bird of the sky when all this became a reality. It's a 45-minute ride to Patong Beach, my new home for the next few days. I wasn't going to waste a moment and headed straight into the heart of the beast.

Strolling the streets of Patong soon found me face to face with one of the naughty parlours in the town called Christins Soapy Massage. Christins is well known to just about every tuk-tuk and a taxi driver. They are only too willing to take you there as they get a commission from the parlour and you can expect to pay the extra fee.

Better still when in Bangla Road, I suggest you ask any local Thai where Christins Massage Parlour is. They should point you in the right direction.

Just for the record Christins is on Rat-U-Thit Road, Patong Beach and can easily be reached by foot. Only a few minutes from Bangla Road. You cannot miss the place as it's a huge pink building right in the centre of Patong.

Depending on which girl you choose, a good looking one will cost you around $90 or 3,000 Baht. And a soapy session will last a full 90 minutes. Christins is open from 12.00 pm until 12.00 am. Please don't leave it too late, though. Best to go early evening to get the better girls.

It, I might add, was to be the beginning of many more similar massage parlours that were to come my way. You cannot miss them and don't forget there are also plenty of teen massage parlours, foot massage parlours and spa massage parlours in this pleasure resort. I have tried them and then some, and still, I keep coming back for more.

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Soapy Massage in Thailand 

Sex Travel in Thailand - Bangkok Massage

Bangkok is one of my best-loved cities in the world. And not just because it's the ultimate haven for a sex vacation. Bangkok is just so full of life and a special place where you feel alive. It's the real deal.

The smells, sounds and the sights are only hard to imagine, let alone forget. And as for the nightlife in Bangkok, it's an absolute must. It's a vibrant kaleidoscope of colour and chaos, but somehow it all works in perfect harmony. If you haven't been to Bangkok yet, I suggest you go there right away before it's too late. Mind you; it's never too late.

My first port of call was a soapy massage parlour called Cupidy. You'll find out more about this sought after place right here. Go there, and you won't be disappointed. Well, you shouldn't, and if you're anything like me, you'll be blown away in more ways than you can imagine. I certainly was, and I hope you will be.

First time there (and there were many) I got to have a soapy sandwich massage. And for those of you who don't know what a soapy sandwich massage is, let me explain.

It's when you take two of the prettiest girls at the same time. They will bathe you in a big Turkish bath after which you'll lie down on a blow-up mattress while both girls using warm soapy suds, will gently slide up and down your entire body. And just when you think it can't possibly get better than this, it does. That part I'll leave to your better judgement.

There are a great many soapy massage parlours you can visit in Bangkok, but one that stands out the most for me is La Defense Massage Parlour located on Rama IX Road. It might be a little further from the centre of town but well worth a try. A colleague I was doing business with at the time recommended La Defense to me. I am so glad he did as this parlour was by far one of the best of its kind in Bangkok.

You can expect to pay a little more here than some of the other parlours because here it proves to be a reasonably good cause as the service you get far outweighs the price. It's a lot more private than some of the other salons too, and as for the girls, Well, they are hot. I mean hot.

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La Defense Massage Parlour - Bangkok

Sex Travel in Thailand - Bangkok Escorts

If you are looking for complete privacy, have more than enough cash to splash and want that specialised girlfriend experience when next in town, then what could be better than with a Classy Thai Escort. I have some excellent looking escorts to introduce to you—some of which I have had the privilege of meeting and interviewing.

My good friend Maya and Mario in Bangkok are waiting to look after all your needs. Please contact me should you want some more information regarding our escorts. It's almost a guarantee that you'll receive the very best attention at all times. 

Though soapy massage parlours are a great introduction to your sex travel in Thailand, many of you might find these adult entertainment venues a little overwhelming at the best of times. I have personally tried all the sex avenues there are in Thailand, including a lot of beer bars and go-go bars in Pattaya and Phuket as well as the various massage spas around Thailand.

But nothing comes close to the respect, privacy and personal experiences I've received at two of Bangkok's top escort agencies. You've got to give this escort path your best shot.

Hot Bangkok Babe

Sex Travel in Thailand - Pattaya

Though there are limited facilities in which to interact with escorts in Pattaya, beer bars and go-go bars are in an absolute abundance. You only have to stroll down Pattaya's famous (or should I say infamous) Walking Street to get a real glimpse of what goes on here. 

I haven't counted just how many of these bars there are on the street, but I can assure you there's more than enough to choose. What I suggest is that you pop inside any bar that takes your fancy and start from there.

If the first one doesn't appeal to you, then move on to the next. Please click on the link above, where you'll see some of the go-go bars I have personally visited and highly recommend.

If you'd like something with a bit more privacy than the go-go environment, then you should give the soapy massage parlours a try. And as much as a trip to a go-go bar can be a lot of fun and wholly entertaining nothing cums quite that close to experiencing a soapy massageSex travel in Thailand wouldn't be the same without one or two or three. What the heck you might want to retire here.

Sabai Room Body Massage Parlour - Pattaya

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Your host Grahame (Yep! that's me) from Luxury Thailand Travel says he'd really appreciate your kind support. Simply take your next tour by selecting any one of the many excursions listed. Here's wishing you a safe trip and a happy and exciting holiday.

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