Beginners Guide to Bangkok Massage Parlours

Facts, Figures, Fantasies and Fishbowls

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Beginners Guide to Bangkok Massage Parlours
including all the resources,  tips and tricks you must be aware of and how to find the best 
soapy massage. Besides, I'll cover some of the myths and misconceptions you might have about this infamous industry. 

You'll also discover how to get the best value for your budget as well as essential questions and challenges adult visitors could encounter if faced with a sticky situation. I'll tell you how to save time, money and much more. I'll let you know how to succeed, regardless of your experience level. So if you're serious about getting results, carry on reading. 

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Tips and Tricks

As a prerequisite to this beginners guide to Massage Parlours in Bangkok, I should tell you that prostitution is illegal in Thailand, no matter what you or your friends in the western world (or anywhere else) may or may not have heard or even read.

However, the mere fact that we know that corruption, as with so many professions, businesses and services around the globe is an on-going paradox. It is also especially true in the case of most government and police departments too. And that is not to say that improprieties in the sex industry in Thailand you could exclude either. 

Thailand is, of course, no exception to this rule and subsequently, officials here turn a blind eye to all these so-call comings and goings. And with good reason too. There's far too much money at stake. Many young girls and including the not so young ladies are all in desperate need to feed their families also.

Nevertheless, what this beginners guide to massage parlours in Bangkok is primarily all about, is a general overview of all the naughty and sexy massage parlours only. You go and figure that out for yourselves. From here onward it's really up to you to take the next big step. Love to see you all on the inside.

Having said this, and please keep this in mind, as this is of great importance to you. For starters and regardless of what you may or may not think, you are, by mere clarification, considered a rich foreign tourist. Widespread belief in any Thai language concludes that if you have the means to travel half-way around the world to come to Thailand, you must have oodles of greenbacks. (Cash)

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Beginners Guide to Bangkok Massage Parlours

It's worthy to note that your appearance can mean the difference between you paying a lot more or paying a little less for whatever particular service you are wanting. So if you are downright old, ridiculously overweight, or overwhelmingly scruffy, please bear in mind in all probability you'll have to pay more.

If you are neat and slim like I am, many more doors can open, (perhaps too many doors I might add) but you need to be on your guard at all times. You could easily get carried away in more ways than you wish to remember. The mind can play so many tricks in these circumstances.

You only want to remember all the good times you've had and all the gorgeous girls you met along the way.  In summary, the better your appearance, the better the girls will like and love you. And they might enjoy their time spent with you. Contrary to some beliefs, these ladies of the night are not necessarily doing this all for fun.

In conclusion, if you are younger, (not too old that is) presentable, handsome and loaded, you might get lucky with not only a fabulous looking chick but also a reduction in price. However, there are no assurances in any of these areas. A decent tip goes a long way and has a lot of potential for engineering some great relationships, not only in the short term but also in the long run too.

As part of this beginners guide to Bangkok massage parlour etiquette, be prepared to extend some extra effort in your endeavours to make a good impression. Not only will this make you feel good about yourself, but the girl of your choice will inevitably enjoy your company as well. Just remember you rarely get a second chance no matter what arrangements you might negotiate. It pays to look sharp.

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Myths and Misconceptions

In this part of the beginners guide to Bangkok Massage Parlours, I'd like (though not exclusively) to talk to you a little bit about the myths and misconceptions you may have regarding massage parlours. But also about how Bangkok got its name. It's a big misconception to think that some massage parlours in Bangkok area only for Asians.

While there are several places around town catering mainly for Japanese customers, westerners will indeed not have a problem or turned away or even made to think that they are not welcome. So much so the Japanese Massage Parlours would appreciate your presence and patronage.

On the subject of how Bangkok got its name, is it not ironic or even a little curious as to its origins. It's entirely the opposite of what one might expect. If you separate the name into two parts, you will come up with Bang Kok. It's thought that Bangkok derived its name from two words. Bang Makok or Bang Ko

Bang is a Thai word which means village or suburb. (Situated on a stream) Ko gets its origins to that of an island, carved by a river and or a canal. Some speculate that the word Makok came from the name of the region's olive-like fruit-bearing plant.

How is this for an interesting, if not an amusing hypothesis. Someone (no name mentioned here) came up with this explanation, and it goes something like this.

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Beginners Guide to Bangkok Massage Parlours

According to an early native Thai myth and culture, many mature males around the age of eighteen would have to participate in a rather peculiar community ceremony whereby they had to lay down on their backs in a circle while being completely naked.

With their feet facing forward, pretty young and equally naked girls would kneel over the ankles of every man. A portion of honey, coupled with some sweet pulverised fruits, would then have to be spread across the man's navel area. It was so to attract flies and other creepy crawlies. 

In the centre circle, an erotic and sensual dance by all the pretty girls would ensue. The therapy would ensure that the men become fully aroused. Then, with the girls reaching over the knees of the young men, they (the girls) would place themselves in an excellent position to yank the now fully erected appendages downwards as much as they could.

With a sign from the chief dancer, the girls would release the captive subject. Their members would then spring back, smacking against their belly buttons. Not only was this thought to measure strength and masculinity, but the young man who managed to kill the most flies and insects would also get elected to the court of the King—and so giving Bangkok its name.

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 Best value for your Budget

In this section of the beginners guide to massage parlours in Bangkok, I will hopefully clarify many of the price structures you'll have to deal with when visiting any one of these organisations. Prices vary according to the different types of establishments. For instance, a foot massage will cost you a lot less than a soapy massage will. It all depends on what best suits your needs as well as how classy or not the massage parlour of your choice attracts to you most.

To give you an idea and as a guide to the best value for your budget, the basic price for a Thai or Oil massage with a standard massage girl in a naughty massage shop or teen massage shop will cost you anything between 300 and 800 THB. Plus a negotiable fee for any extras you may want. On the other hand, a full body massage at a soapy massage parlour can cost considerably more.

A soapy massage affair with a reasonably good looking girl in one of the Fish Bowls could cost you anything from 1,500 to 2,500 Baht. However, the same kind of soapy massage with a Sideliner, that being one of the girls sitting adjacent to the Fish Bowls, would put you out of pocket to the tune of 3,000 Baht and upwards. But these girls on the side would be in most cases, younger and much better looking.

If you choose a Superstar or a Penthouse Pet, be prepared to pay at the very least, 3,500 Baht. Prices at some of the more up-market establishments can go as high as 6,000 Baht. Prices also depend on whether your massage is for one and a half hours or two hours.

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Sideline Girls at a Soapy Massage Parlour

 Facts to finding your Dream Girl

In conclusion, I sincerely hope that this beginners guide to Bangkok massage dramatically helps you with both your budget and in choosing the right girl. You get a lot more information on my beginners guide to Bangkok massage parlours when you visit this page. It's where I continue my discussions on the subject.

Since you've come this far, I want to wish you all the very best in your attempt at finding just what a dream girl in the land of smiles could be. And for that, you might be interested in finding out more of what it's like to have an authentic Girlfriend Experience in Thailand with no strings attached. Just pure fun.

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