Happy Ending in Pattaya

Massage Shop in Sin City offering more
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A massage parlour without a Happy Ending in Pattaya! What do you make of this? Can there be one ounce of truth to that statement? I think not. But once the police in sin city discovered that a certain massage shop in town is said to be offering more than your average massage, they were dumbstruck. Are you kidding me! Are they in a state of denial or are they simply dumb. Don't make me answer that.

Thailand may be well known for its beautiful beaches and exotic islands but it's also mostly renowned for its gorgeous girls. You cannot tell me that Thailand is not known for its thriving sex industry and that tourists are oblivious to the erotic pleasures that await them in the land of smiles. Get with the program and while you're at it, why not get down and dirty too. I simply had to respond to an article I had recently read. Some of the comments were hilarious.

The article started off by saying that the Good Friend Massage Shop on 3rd road was lucky enough to be visited by Pattaya Police. That was after news broke out that this particular massage shop was offering "special" services. I wonder what they meant when they said - "lucky enough". Lucky for who? Lucky for the massage shop or lucky for the police. Let's put this in perspective. If you're not going to a Massage Spa in Thailand where happy endings are not mandatory, all other establishments will offer you the very least in sexual release. 

Okay, so "undercover" police officers were "armed" with 3,000 Baht when they entered the massage shop posing as regular customers. Once inside, they were greeted by the owner. Nothing unusual about that. They, the police, were then ushered into a room full of Thai delights and asked to make a choice from the nine lovely ladies available. Next came the price and services on hand. Right there and then, the police felt that they had enough evidence to raid the place.

A short while later, more policemen entered the premises and duty bound, checked all the three floors. Did they really need more police officers to check on a small massage parlour in Pattaya? Have they not got anything better to do than prying on massage shops when they know that sexual activities are the name of the game in Thailand?  

Thai Girls in Waiting

Happy Ending in Pattaya

Come on guys - go and sort out all the real problems that plague the country. Leave these girls alone and let them get on with their business. After all, what could possibly be better for the economy? Besides, nobody gets hurt in a massage parlour. Only good things can come out of it. Pun intended.

Anyway, the Pattaya police were not impressed and continued to rummage around the six private rooms upstairs. This is where customers would enjoy a relaxing massage and any extras on offer.

However, the owner strongly denied that there was any kind of funny business taking place on the premises and insisted that all her customers got nothing more than what they paid for which, in this case, was just a basic massage. Come on guys, give us a break.

Of course, the police were having nothing of that and were convinced that illegal activities were taking place in the massage shop. Did these same police officer not get the memo that says, while prostitution in Thailand is illegal, they should simply look the other way. Or was it that the sealed brown envelope they would regularly receive, didn't meet the required "special" standard for underprivileged police offices.

All said and done, the owner was arrested and a court date was set. What a waste of time and effort. If this is the case, then the whole of the police force in Thailand will have a lot on their hands arresting all massage parlour owners, massage shop owners and just about every second person in Thailand, be that they are Thai or tourists.

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Happy Ending in Pattaya

Some visitors said that they were unaware that massage parlours or massage shops for that matter, didn't provide "special" services or that a happy ending in Pattaya wasn't on the menu. Or was it simply another shopkeeper withholding the appropriate tax from the boys in blue. A trip to the local bank would have solved the problem. 

Plain and simple: Tyranny by the police over their own people for private profits. Whatever the motives or regulations, the tyranny here lies in nothing less than the lining of police pockets in the name of law enforcement. Do the police actually believe that raids on massage shops are a good thing for its people or the economy?

If that would be the case, the average massage in Thailand would mean something other than a happy ending. Everyone I know knows exactly what goes on in all the massage parlours in Thailand and especially what goes on in Pattaya. And everybody in the know knows that every go-go bar and massage parlour business has a commitment to pay protection money to the bandits in blue if they don't want to be raided. The owner of this massage shop must have forgotten that the time of the month had come around so soon.

In conclusion - did we think for one moment that massage parlours in Thailand provide nothing more than an average massage and that a happy ending in Pattaya was just a figment of our imagination?

How many of you thought that happy endings were taboo in Thailand? Are any of you buying into this crap that I personally find hilarious? By all means, please leave your thought on the matter in the comment section below. I'm sure that my many of my visitors would love to hear your opinions and more importantly, so would I.

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