Bangkok Massage Parlour Guide

A Road Trip to some of Bangkok's Finest
and Naughtiest Pleasure Palaces

Bangkok Massage Parlours maybe two a penny, but you could easily end up spending a small fortune on one of these pleasure palaces. However, this would depend entirely on how deep your pockets are, how long you want to stay and how many parlours you wish to fit into your schedule. 

There's also the question of how many girls you'd like. It can be a huge rush so you need to take your time and go and explore several places before finding the right ones to suit your particular needs.

If you're looking for something to fill the gap, haven't got too much time on your hands and need to be on the move in short notice, then the Bangkok's Blow Job Bars could set the pace for total freedom. 

Before you get carried away with all the excitement, there are a few things you may need to know, especially if you are here for the very first time. Bangkok can easily swallow you whole and spit you out.

What is often a huge mind-spin, is the sheer number of girls that are available all over the city, but more importantly, there's no such thing as having to wait, no matter what the time of day or night may be. It's best to go as early as possible before the best girls are all long gone.

Whether you are a sex tourist or not, never ever fall in love with any of the girls in massage parlours. For that matter, any place where girls are for hire. These would include all beer bars and go-go bars too.

Successful long-term relationships seldom materialise with hookers in your own country so why should Thailand be any different. It's a no-go zone. Rather accept it and continue being a sex tourist in Thailand.

Nancy Massage Parlour

Though not nearly as easy as it may sound, it's important to be as prepared as you possibly can when visiting a Bangkok massage parlour. Of course, a bit of luck would also be welcome. If left unguarded, you can easily get screwed in ways that are not at all pleasant.

Examples are, being ripped off with high prices. Wretched Papasans or Mamasans hustling you all the time. Girls that don't quite match up to your expectations and last but not least, girls you have chosen, not performing as well as you wanted. Once you've got the hang of things, everything should fall into place. Just don't let things fall out of place.

A good tip when going for a massage in Bangkok is to go by taxi, but never tell the driver where you actually want to go. Rather say that you're going to meet an acquaintance at a prearranged destination.

Once in the near vicinity of the parlour, you have chosen, simply walk over there. If you do go by taxi directly to the parlour, management will want to add on a sizable surcharge for your account and the driver will get a cut of that. Remember that everyone is on the take in Thailand.

Angelina Massage Parlour

Bangkok Massage Parlours

There's not much to be said about Angelina Massage Parlour other than it is small, neglected and somewhat tired looking. All this before you've even stepped inside. There's not much to mention inside either unless of course, you're into plain looking girls. The only thing shining brightly here is the neon sign outside, but for how long, is anyone's guess. Please note that not all the Bangkok Massage Parlours are havens with heavenly girls.

Cupidy Massage must be one of the most advertised Bangkok massage parlour of its kind in the city. Just about every Tuk Tuk and Taxi driver keep a small colour brochure with them at all times to lure customers there no matter what time of day or night.

If you show interest you will be whisked off straight away and once there you will find some of the prettiest Thai girls this side of paradise. Beautiful girls sitting in glass booths, prettier girls sitting on the sideline and superstar girls waiting to pamper your every need.

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Nataree Massage Parlour

Bangkok Massage on Ratchadapisek Road

There are a number of Parlours on Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok frequented by not only seasoned sex tourists worldwide but by first-time visitors seeking some fun in paradise. This major entertainment area in the city is also where local Thai politicians, affluent businessmen, police bigwigs and high ranking military officials go to seek out the hordes of pretty young Thai girls. Click the link above to view all these parlours.

Many of these parlours are of a very high standard and are for those who have plenty of money to spare while others are those whose pockets are not quite as deep. Venues such as Caesars and Poseidon Entertainment Complex offer more than just a soapy massage.

As fabulous and fashionable as it is, Copa Cabana Massage is possibly one of the best soapy sex salons in Bangkok. The venue has all the hallmarks of opulence and extravagance. As majestic as it is on the outside, it more than makes up for elegance on the inside. Having said this, you need to have deep pockets to spend quality time here. 

Copa Cabana Lounge

Bangkok Massage Parlours

Amsterdam Massage Complex in Bangkok is a truly wonderful place to just go and relax as well as being a great place to in which to have some great fun. Not only is it an upmarket soapy massage salon where you'll find friendly staff,  but best of all, you'll get to see and spend quality time with some of the hottest and sexiest young models in town.

Caesars Entertainment Complex is possibly home to one of the better Bangkok massage salons there is on Ratchadaphisek Road. Located on the ground floor just across the road from the Emerald Hotel, the complex has all the appearances of a luxurious hotel and a grand seafood restaurant.

The fishbowl here is not so much filled with exotic fish, but rather with exotic ladies. The suites at Caesars are not only of a very high standard, they also have exquisitely designed decor, are equipped with a sauna, Jacuzzi, TV and the biggest bathtubs of their kind in Thailand.

Meree Entertainment Centre

Bangkok Massage Parlours

La Belle Entertainment Complex on New Petchaburi Road in Bangkok is a high-class affair and home to many of Thailand's most gorgeous young Thai models as well as a few Russian beauties too. Not only are live shows held here, but there is also a restaurant and a bar in which to relax. Tasteful private rooms complete with Jacuzzi spas are just some of the luxuries you can expect. Best of all, none of the girls are behind glass enclosures, but instead you have the privilege of getting up close and personal with them.

200 metres up the road from the Emerald Hotel and across the road from the Grand Hotel is the Poseidon Entertainment Complex It has a regular parlour on the second floor easily accessible via the stairs or the elevator. The fishbowl easily seats up to as many as fifty girls at any given time. There are also some gorgeous girls seated on the outside of the bowl. Prices range from 2,000 Baht to 2,500 Baht.

If you want to meet a super model or a Thai edition Penthouse Pet, step upstairs to the Bunny Bar Lounge on the third floor, but expect to pay anything from 3,500 Baht to 5,500 Baht. It's a sure case of beauty competing against beauty and it boils down to the fact that if you spend peanuts you can't always get the best money can buy. But anything is possible. I give this massage parlour ten out of ten.

Poseidon Massage Parlour

Alternative Bangkok Massage Parlours

If you've been there, done that and explored all the plausible possibilities offered at the regular soapy massage parlours, then perhaps you may just be ready to experience something out of the ordinary with a bit of a twist at some of the specialised spa treatment centres around town.

Akane Fashion Massage Parlour in Bangkok offers a stress relief service in the form of an erotic lotion massage and body scrub. The emphasis here is mainly centred around a skilful pelvic hand manipulation which would also include the massaging of the prostate. Could be well worth investigating. 

Kochoran Massage Parlour in Bangkok is similar in style, treatment and theme as Akane. The Thai masseurs here will provide you with an exfoliating body scrub called Akasuri as well as a lotion massage which is then accomplished by a happy ending if you get my drift.

Nyan Nyan Massage Parlour in Bangkok provides you with all of the above, though instead of the girls applying traditional oil or lotion, they use a special moisturising gel called Nuru containing a Nori Seaweed extract which is entirely transparent, tasteless and sensuously slippery.

La Defense Massage Parlour is an exciting and extraordinary full body massage parlour in Bangkok. Though this place caters mainly for Japanese visitors, guests from all around the world come here to experience the pleasures on offer. Plenty of gorgeous girls makes this possibly one of the best places of its kind in Thailand. 

La Defense Massage Parlour

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