Copa Cabana Massage Parlour

A Fashionable Soapy Massage Salon
in Bangkok

The Massage Girls at Play 

There's an intriguing story attached to the luxurious Copa Cabana Massage Parlour near Ratchadapisek Road in Bangkok and its ex-wealthy owner. Still, as a guest, you need not overly concern yourself with unnecessary details. If this establishment is not quite your cup of tea, you can just as easily visit some of the other leading Massage Parlours on Ratchadapisek Road.

There are of course lots of other fabulous soapy massage parlours in all significant areas in the city of Bangkok that you should also definitely take a good look.

After all, you come here to be entertained and to have a jolly good time. And that's what you should be focusing on, having a fabulous time. A little later, I shall fill you in on all the gossip as well as some of the extraordinary wheeling and dealings that made this club and its five sister establishments world famous.

But for now, let's concentrate on what's on offer at the moment and forget about what you may be dead and buried. This particular club has received many a rave review, and it certainly lives up to its reputation as possibly being one if not, the very best parlour of its kind in town. Then you are the judge.

From beginning to end, Copa Cabana Massage not only looks magnificent and majestic from the outside, but it's also flamboyant as it is extravagant on the inside. While the establishment caters mainly to wealthy Thais, foreigners enjoy getting pampered here too. I'm sure you won't be disappointed.

Copa Cabana Massage Reception

What to expect at Copa Cabana Massage 

The stylish lobby and reception area of the Copa Cabana Massage Complex are what you'll first come across on entering the premises. Still, you'll soon notice the enormous fishbowl to your left and the vast lounge area to your right.

Depending on the time you decide to come, (pun not intended) the fishbowl here, can quickly be filled with as many as fifty fabulous femmes fatales. And believe it or not, it's impossible not to miss the brightly lit fishbowl and its content either.

The only real downside in this area is that there is no comfortable place to sit, order a drink and admire the beauty unfolding in front of you. Instead, you tend to spend a lot more time viewing the girls via the closed-circuit TV on the premises. 

There is, however seating further afield, but that's not much good where you need them most. Instead, you have to stand or perhaps better still, stroll up and down to get a good look at all the girls. It can be a rather frightening experience, especially if you are a novice to these places.

Once you get the hang of things, it should be so much easier. The more practice you get, the more relaxed you become. It's a real shocker the first time around.

Of course, you could always go and sit in the lounge area and view the girls via the closed-circuit TV before making your selection. A lot of the girls seen on the screen are newbies, meaning that they have possibly only recently joined the establishment. They are often younger and prettier than most of the girls in the fishbowl. However, you can expect to pay a lot more for the newer girls.

Copa Cabana Massage Fishbowl

Should you decide to go to the lounge upstairs, things get a lot more bizarre in terms of not being able to get up close and personal with any of the girls. It's not so much that there's a lack of seats; on the contrary, there are plenty and a lot more plush and comfortable too.

It's just the way everything gets laid out that makes it difficult to get a decent view. I don't quite get the point at all if you are sitting that far away from where you'd want to be.

You end up glued to the TV monitors and not being able to see the girls upfront. For some of you, this may seem a little strange. What it does is create a lot of confusion when trying to choose what you consider to be the right girl for you.

Made difficult simply because you could easily select one of the supermodels which in turn may end up costing you more than what your budget provided. Depending on your choice, some of the prettiest girls could cost you anything from 3,000 Baht upwards. Girls in the fishbowl are generally less expensive. 

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Copa Cabana Massage Lounge

Copa Cabana Massage - Just Gossip

It might or might not come as a surprise to know that while it is perfectly legal to own and run a massage parlour in Thailand, prostitution is illegal. Prostitution in Thailand never got given the green light, and it probably never will either.

However, the average tourist looking for a little fantasy behind closed doors is unaware of this sanction as it appears to be so in your face here. And it happens from the moment you exit your hotel lobby.

There is a straightforward explanation for this, and it has a name. A name was all too familiar with most societies worldwide. I have little doubt you do not get the picture. Though we despise the practice, we've come to accept it, and it's for this reason that some Thai's operate in a grey area of the law. Money helps - Lots of it. Corruption and bribery become all too common in these grey areas.

It is common knowledge that once you enter any go-go bar or massage parlour, sex is as far from your mind as is the moon from earth. You cannot for a minute, deny that you go to these places of pleasure other than for sexual relief.

Generally, once you have chosen a masseuse you retire to a private room, get bathed, get massaged be it straight, oily or soapy and followed by some sexual encounter. While owners of massage parlours claim ignorance as to what happens in the rooms, they have to admit that prostitution does take place.

Copa Cabana Massage once owned by Chuwit Kamolvisit, believed to be the country's most prominent massage parlour owner, has had his fair share of controversies having paid many bribes to hundreds of police officials to build his empire.

Because of all the pressure Chuwit has since sold some of his massage parlours and gone into politics. It just goes to show that for some, you can go from selling sex to becoming a respected individual in a healthy society. There is hope for all of us. In the meantime, go out there and have some fun.

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