Kochoran Massage

on Sukhumvit Soi 33 Bangkok

A different view on Occupational Therapy

On first glance, the Kochoran Massage Parlour on Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok may appear to be just another one of those pleasure palaces catering for only Japanese clients. However, everyone of age and nationality is welcome here.

As the name and decor suggest, it certainly does have a Japanese and Korean theme. But this is with good reason because part of the treatment you receive here originates from Japan and Korea. In other ways, it's merely Thai. So please don't be shy, step inside for a special surprise. It could well be worth your while.

The type of therapy offered at Kochoran is a little bit different from the usual soapy massage parlours found in Bangkok. Still, they are similar in style to the fashion massage you get at the Akane Massage Parlour or Nyan Nyan Massage Parlour nearby. The treatments consist of body scrubs, lotion massages and all with happy endings.

What you can to expect at Kochoran Massage

At first, you'll receive a hot shower, and then you will be given a unique form of exfoliating body scrub called Akasuri performed by Thai masseurs who scrub your back with a rough-surfaced towel. It's known as a red scrub because, after the scrub, your skin starts to look a bit red.

It's quite reasonable, and your skin will return shortly to its original colour. The scrub will help promote increased circulation and stimulate the lymph system while cleansing your skin. After that, you take another shower and choose your favourite lotion for the massage.

Though Akasuri is a Japanese word meaning red or aka and to rub or suru, it's also believed to have origins on the Korean peninsula where it's known as a red scrub or Korean-style body scrub.

It helps tone and restores your skin's vitality by first relaxing and cleansing the pores, and then during a vigorous rubdown, it will remove any remaining bacteria, dirt and dead skin cells. Apart from leaving you feeling significantly smooth and clean, it also represents the spiritual experience of cleansing the soul and purifying your well-being.

Many thanks to Sanook D, a visitor to my website from the United States who was kind enough to inform me that in this particular case the aka (in akasuri) doesn't mean red but rather, filth. More specifically, a combination of dried dead skin and dirt. Any other comments would be much appreciated.

Considering the starter package costs less than a 1,000 Baht, it's good value, especially when a prostate and pelvic massage is all-inclusive. However, I must stress that that unlike Akane, Kochoran seems to concentrate more on the Akasuri body scrubs and lotion massage than it does than on any specials.

Though not too dangerous, there are a couple of concerns I would like to point out. Firstly, you should to be aware that the girls working at Kochoran are not permitted to have sexual contact with any of their customers other than the pelvic massage.

And asking won't help either. Also, though the girls don't always wear bikini tops or bras, they do wear bikini costumes covering their bottom half. It seems that full nudity is not allowed. Nevertheless, the service more than makes up for it.

What I wasn't particularly keen on about the place is the lack of proper doors to the rooms. Instead, there are curtains. Also, the suites or cubicles if you like, are arranged in rows, so privacy is a little bit limited.

The walls here are made of wood, and there are no ceilings at the end of them either, so talking out aloud could be a problem, especially if you want to enjoy a private conversation with the girls. You'll have to keep it to a whisper if you don't want others hearing your intimate details.

Kochoran is in the parking lot below the Peep Inn Hotel on Sukhumvit Soi 33 next door to Nyan Nyan and Akane massage parlours. One entrance is from the parking lot itself, and another is from the small terrace above the parking lot. 

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