Akane Fashion Massage Parlour

Another side of Soapy Massage in Bangkok

Akane Fashion Massage Parlour in Bangkok offers you a popular form of stress relief should you want an alternative to the regular services offered at Soapy Massage ParloursYou have a choice of either oral play fashion massage or the happy hand lotion massage service, which also includes a prostate massage. For those of you who are unfamiliar as to how this works, allow me to explain. 

But before I continue, some of my friends have told me that because they are either married or in a long-term relationship, they will automatically be excluded from any feelings of guilt if no intercourse takes place. If this is the case with you, then this massage parlour is the right place for you to visit.

One of the treatments you must try starts with the girl of your choice showering you with warm water after which she washes you with a soapy liquid. After that, you'll get a body scrub. Then more water and more soap. No matter how abrasive the body scrub maybe, you'll feel a lot cleaner and better because of it. Then there's an oil massage using a special lotion containing seaweed extract imported from Japan. Lastly,  you get a prostate massage followed by a happy ending. Before you leave, you'll have another shower.

Girls at the Akane Parlour

Personal Account at Akane

Here is what a colleague of mine had to say about his Fashion Massage.

I arrived at Akane around midday and to my dismay found only three ladies on duty at the time. Two of which were not that bad looking, but as for the third.

Well, let's say that she was well-built. Afterwards, I had made a specific appointment via the internet with a certain lady who had caught my attention. However, on arrival here, the girl in question was nowhere to be found or seen (not uncommon in these parts). So it mattered not that I had made a booking.

Nevertheless, I had to settle for one of the three available girls - Or I could come back later. I mulled over my best option, which was to go with the better-looking girls. It's a two-girl-treatment which included a body scrub and cost just 1,300 Baht.

After that, I escorted to a tiled cubicle at Akane that resembled none other than your basic shower room. Within its confines stood a massage table covered with a plastic sheet. I was duty-bound to lay face down on the table after which the ladies proceeded to wash me all over with liberal amounts of warm soapy water.

I'd have to admit that I did get the distinct impression that the girls at Akane pay particular attention to the genitals and butts giving them just that little extra special treatment - If you get my drift. And was I complaining. Oh! Oh! No!

After the following cleansing course, the procedure continued with a similar but familiar front format. After that began the vigorous but pleasurable body scrub with the girls wearing rough-textured gloves while applying some soap.

During this procedure, both ladies kept their clothes on. The treatment lasted approximately half an hour and was rather splendid I might add.

The two girls then took me to another room also with a massage table in it and indicated that I should once again lay face down. Things then literary took off from this moment onward when both girls got undressed for the next procedure.

For this, the girls used a jellylike material called Nuru Gel which when applied to your body, is very slippery. One of the girls began the massage by giving me an incredible body to body rub down while the other girl somehow managed to find her way underneath me. And with her wet womanhood just under my face, she extended an invitation to lunch. I'll leave the lunch interest for you to decide.

The same procedure continued when they asked to turn around onto my back. Except for this time, the girl lying on my face was now sitting on my face. It would appear that my face was a comfortable place to be. Again, I wasn't complaining. On completion, she proceeded to give me a BJ, albeit with a condom. Wow! What an excellent way to spend an almighty long, pleasurable two hours.

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Directions to the Akane Parlour

The lotion massages as they are called cost 770 Baht for a sixty-minute session, 950 Baht of a seventy-minute course, 1,100 Baht for a ninety-minute session and 1,300 for a two-hour session. The fashion massage costs 1,100 Baht for a fifty-minute session and 1,580 Baht of a ninety-minute course including oral sex.

The eighty-minute body scrub and fashion massage cost 1,480 Baht, the two-hour body scrub and fashion massage costs 1,780 Baht with all the trimmings and a two hour one with another girl joining you for the final countdown, costs 1,880 Baht. Please note that none of the massages includes intercourse. Prices may fluctuate.​​

Some of you might think that the Akane massage is exclusively for the Japanese market, but you couldn't be more wrong. Everyone of age is very welcome here.

Yes! The parlour does have a Japanese name, and though the girls working here also have Japanese names, they are all Thais. The reason why this may be so is that the service and cleanliness are immensely crucial to the Japanese people. The parlour also provides a safe environment in which to leave your belongings while your massage is in progress. These are all excellent reasons to come here. 

If you enjoy this type of therapy, then there are two additional fashion massage parlours located on Sukhumvit Soi 33 in Bangkok you may wish to try. Kochoran and Nyan Nyan both provide similar themes, treatments and excellent service.

Massage Parlours on Ratchadapisek Road

Should you be looking for an alternative place in which to have an erotic massage, there are several other establishments in Bangkok you could try such as the massage parlours on Ratchadapisek Road. These include the Caesars Entertainment Complex, Poseidon Entertainment Complex, Emmanuelle Massage, Nataree Massage and Copa Cabana Massage, to name but a few.

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