The Top 5 Most Amazing Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand

Known world-over as the ‘Land of Smiles,’ Thailand has become one of the most popular Honeymoon destinations on the planet. It ticks all the right boxes for the perfect romantic getaway, especially if you’re seeking somewhere exotic, full of unbelievable scenery, great weather, and world-class services.

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If your traveling to Thailand for the very first time, every moment is a sensory indulgence. Thailand just seems to appeal to all the reasons people want to go travel to a faraway land in the first instance. It boasts incredible cuisine options, white sandy beaches, incredible architecture, fascinating cultural anomalies, and a sense of modernity that steeped in tradition and history.  On top of this, Thais are genuinely friendly, have good intuition when it comes to customer service, and have great respect for tourists. 

My Top 5 Honeymoon Destinations in Thailand 

No.1 Krabi

Personally, I would suggest Krabi as one of the best places for newlyweds to travel to in Thailand. Krabi, without a doubt, has the most picturesque photo-taking opportunities being a conglomerate of picture-perfect islands scattered among white-sanded beaches and turquoise lagoons. In fact, Hollywood has popularized this location in a myriad of different films include ‘The Beach,’ starring heartthrob Leonardo DiCaprio, and ‘The Hang Over II.’ Part of the main attraction to honeymooning in Krabi are the many options for seclusive luxury travel. 

No. 2 Phuket

This was a tricky one. I believe Phuket is worthy of the number 2 spot as an amazing romantic destination to travel to in Thailand. Phuket is a thriving city with all the luxuries and facilities that come with that. It not only boasts some of the worst best beaches but exudes incredible nightlife, shopping opportunities and is the perfect launching point for many of the interesting leisure activities Thailand has to offer. It is also highly accessible, with many daily flights to and from its modern international airport. I would highly recommend if you want a blend of city and beach!

No. 3 Chiang Mai

Chang Mai has to take the cake as no. 3 on this exhaustive list. It is a modern thriving, mini-metropolis walled by vast tropical jungle and boasting some of the most spectacular nature. Life is relaxed in Chiang Mai, but there is quite a buzz to the city that you will always find something to enjoy. The main reason this City gets no. 3 is because it’s lack of beaches. Chiang Mai is an in-land paradise. So, if you’re happy to skip the beaches and get a feeling of what Thailand life is really like then this is the place for you! I would also highly recommend you hop over to Pai if you have enough time. Pai is a quieter town not too far from Chiang Mai. In my humble opinion, I would say Pai is more picturesque and culturally appreciable. 

No. 4 Ko Samui

Ko Samui is a magical place and I recommend this jam-packed island for younger couples. Again, Koh Samui abounds in nature with white-sanded beaches cladded with coconut palms and surrounded by turquoise waters. I’ve had the incredible experience of living on Koh Samui for 6 months and can tell you it is full of nightlife, all the best leisure activities, and relaxed tropical vibes that simply soothe the soul. Just off from Ko Samui is Ko Pha Ngan, famous for the full-moon party, black moon party, half-moon party, and whatever-moon-is-in-the-night-sky party! Be aware things might get pretty wild in Ko Samui and Ko Pha Ngan. The place is also incredibly romantic too!

No. 5 Hua Hin

In Hua Hin, you’re in for a unique Thai experience that can be just as incredible as some of the more well-known touristed destinations. I’ve added Hua Hin to this list because it provides a good blend of everything you want from a trip to Thailand but is off the radar to many travelers planning a Thailand experience. Hua Hin is the perfect romantic destination. It boasts beautiful beaches, incredible tours, lovely surrounding countryside, leisure activities and is somewhat quieter and more relaxed than the other, more bustling, destinations featured in this list. Come here if you want a more relaxed and chilled experience and don’t want to see dozens of other tourists.

These are my top picks for romantic getaways in Thailand. I sincerely hope you enjoy your stay in this amazing country and hope you find this guide useful for you travels! 

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