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Sayuri Massage Parlour Chiang Mai

Two of the best Chiang Mai Soapy Massage Parlours

Chiang Mai may not be the first adult playground that springs to mind when searching for the best soapy massage parlours in Thailand, but if you want to get away from it all, then I strongly suggest you go up north and take a good look around. The possibility of having one of these places all to yourself is good enough reason to go check it out.

And as for the beautiful young sexy girls, you'll find here, then that's surely another good reason you need to go. And once you've made that decision, you might want to keep coming again and again.

Why you ask

Well, that's simple enough. Chiang Mai has some of the hottest and sexiest massage girls this side of Bangkok, and they are just waiting to get their hands (and a few other things) on you. Another good reason.

Chiang Mai Soapy Massage Caution

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Soapy Massage in Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai Soapy Massage - Sayuri Parlour

The very best, the most famous and certainly the most popular soapy massage parlour in Chiang Mai have to be the Sayuri Massage Parlour at No 3 Bumrung Rajd Road, Soi 2. And to get there ask your driver to take you to the Nawarat Bridge where you'll cross the Mae Nam Ping River.

From there on you take a left turn at the second set of traffic lights into Bumrung Rajd Road. And from there it's left into Soi 2. It's a couple of hundred metres from Charoen Muang Road.

One of the best reasons to choose the Sayuri soapy massage parlour in Chiang Mai to hang out and relax in comfort is that this particular parlour has it all and more. The girls here are super friendly, super sexy, and they always take tremendous pride in looking the very best for you as a valid customer. Well, your money helps too.

And since we're speaking of money, the prices at Sayuri are not that bad when compared with rates for similar services in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or anywhere else for that matter. Of course, it does depend on the girl you choose, but then you can't complain because the most you'll have to pay will be around 2,500 Baht with the bottom end of the scale at less than half that amount. Sound good to you!

I bet it does and there's more. There's little or no competition at all. You get a 90-minute full-service workout, and the girls do most of the "hard" work. You can choose one of the B-Badge girls for 1,200 Baht or an M-Badge girl for 1,700 Baht or an S-Badge girl for 2,500 Baht. Sayuri is open daily from noon until midnight as are the other places here in Chiang Mai.

Hot Sexy Thai Girl

How to choose the right Girl

If you are having difficulty choosing the right girl at the right price, ask one of the staff there to take you on a tour of the place. The staff here are more than willing to help assist you. And for that little bit extra (cash) they will go the whole nine yards for you too. Sound familiar. Now if you're a regular, you'll know what I'm talking about here.

Oh! And while you are here and since the prices are pretty good, you may want to take two girls as I once did. If you do, be sure to ask the staff taking your order (yes it does tend to appear that way) to give you a better price. Now you certainly won't get away with two for the price of one, but it's worth a try. I got two pretty girls for 3,000 Baht.

I don't necessarily recommend that you ask the first girl you choose to bring along her next best friend to join you for the simple reason that there's a good chance they might spend too much time talking to one another and not concentrating on the job at hand.

Best to pick the ones you fancy and take it from there. On the other hand, you might find that two experienced friends working together are worth their weight in gold. One thing for sure it's going to be a Chiang Mai soapy massage of note.

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Another Soapy Massage

Chiang Mai Soapy Massage - Pandora Parlour

Pandora Massage Parlour on Charoen Muang Road is the next best thing when it comes to Chiang Mai soapy massage establishments, and it's only a few minutes drive away from the Sayuri complex.

The place may be a little off the beaten track, but it is relatively easy to spot. It has a reasonably sizeable fishbowl with a fair number of girls to choose.

Pandora is open every day from noon until midnight. It's probably best to go there between 7:00 pm and 8:00 pm if you want to find the biggest and best selection. Prices range from 1,200 to 3,000 Baht.

While Sayuri and Pandora may be the most popular Chiang Mai soapy massage parlours in town, there are a few lesser rated ones around.

However, there is a newbie that's highly rated as the next best soapy massage parlour in town. It's called Celeb @CNX and has around 30 girls on call from 1,350 Baht to 1,650 Baht on a sliding scale. In other words, the higher the price, the better looking the girls are.

I suppose you can't argue with that. Celeb @CNX is on the west side of the Mae Nam Ping River between the Navarat and Loi Khor bridges on Charoen Prathet Road. It's worth a visit and comes recommended. 

There's just one thing that I'd like to point out here before I sign off. And that is, it's not always going to be easy for me to recommend the best Chiang Mai soapy massage venue as it is to guarantee the best-looking girls in town. Most of it is simply about timing and going with the flow. Sometimes you'll find the right balance and other times not.

And like you have your good days, other days are not that great. Much of it is purely about the experience, and another is just going for it.  

Pandora Massage and Health Club 

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