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Thailand Travel Blog Articles

Do you have an amazing story you'd like to share with me about your travel experiences in Thailand or Cambodia? And if so, we at Luxury Thailand Travel would love to publish your article or articles so that other like minded globetrotters can get a no-nonsense view on what it's really like to journey into this wacky, wild and wonderful part of the world.

The owner of this blog is primarily looking for guest bloggers who've previously been to Thailand and or Cambodia and would love to share their unique travel escapades. And it doesn't matter if you have your own blogging platform or not, with which to illustrate your adventures.

We would love to hear any credible story whether you had a good, bad or indifferent experience. In fact, your eccentric spin, quirky voice or honest opinion is really what matters most. We want to hear it all and more. Remember not all stories have to have some magical formula.

As long as the articles are of great interest, thought to provoke and can add as much relevant formation as possible, we want to publish it. All articles will be accredited to the writer. You can also add a lot more value to your article if you supply photos and travel videos too. As long as they are not of a profane nature, offensive or spam, anything goes.

However, if you are an experienced writer and have a good quality travel blog or high ranking website yourself and you'd love to share a link, that would be great. I regret that low-quality blogs or websites won't be accepted.

We'll only link back to travel sites and not commercial ones. All articles must be original, relevant to our target audience and exclusive to you. You may not post articles you have previously posted on other sites. In other words, no duplicate copies.

If you have a travel related product you'd like to advertise on our site to increase sales and it fits in with our profile you can contact us for more details on our rates. You'll find a contact form below this article.

Chaweng Beach on Koh Samui Thailand

Thailand Travel Blog Articles 

The writer of this blog post gadabout grahame is an experienced adventurer and has journeyed extensively across the globe. But his real passion is his travel in South East Asia. Okay, so let's cut out the crap about the third person talking and tell you about the real me.

My favourite destinations have always centred around places like China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Thailand and Cambodia. I have yet to go to Burma, Laos, Vietnam and the Philippines, but that day will come if only I choose to spend a little less time in Thailand and Cambodia.

If you've never been to Cambodia before, I highly recommend when next you visit Thailand that you hop across the border and take a look at what's on offer there. I am sure you'll be pleasantly surprised. It's not for everyone as a friend of mine once found out, but then he was the kinda guy who didn't want to step out of his comfort zone.

I for one simply loved the place, the people and the whole cultural thing. But you'll only know that once you step over that  grey line and into a whole new world of amazing colour.

Don't forget to let me and the rest of my visitors into your world while there. And while you're at it, you may want to take a look at my travel experience crossing the Thai border into Cambodia. You can read more here.

Incidentally, if you want to write about your travel experiences in other parts of South East Asia I would be more than willing to take a look at your article. And if it should shake a few feathers, so much the better.

Downtown Phnom Penh in Cambodia

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you should purchase after clicking through my blog. Also remember that I never promote any products or services here unless I've used and loved them myself.

Your host Grahame (Yep! that's me) from Luxury Thailand Travel says he'd really appreciate your kind support. Simply take your next tour by selecting any one of the many excursions listed. Here's wishing you a safe trip and a happy and exciting holiday.

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