Thailand Travel Tips

An Information Guide on how to pack the right way when Travelling in the Thai Kingdom

I've created a Thailand Travel Tips and Tricks Guide specifically to provide you with some useful travel information as well as some helpful hints for your safe and secure holiday while travelling around these seemingly unfamiliar territories. It is always advisable to prepare yourself for the unexpected when it comes to experiencing a hassle-free vacation in Thailand.

Whether you're concerned about the security regarding the past and present crime levels or you, need help in respect of the safety requirements necessary for both yourself and your belongings. I'll do my best to inform you of some of the most critical facts.

Always remember that for the safety and well-being of all holidaymakers, special tourist police you will find in all the major hot spots from the big cities of Bangkok and Chiang Mai to the resorts of Pattaya and Phuket.

Most can speak English, and I believe some European languages too. The tourist police will help you regarding thefts, road accidents and even assist with disputes at hotels, bars and shops. Because I haven't personally used their services, I cannot offer any guarantees, although they are visible all around Thailand.

Crowded Shopping Markets

Thailand Travel Tips - Medical and Health

Apart from the medical and health services found in all the main cities, island resorts and beach destinations around Thailand, many first-class hotels and resorts in Bangkok, Phuket and Chiang Mai have medical doctors on hand for any emergencies.

Thailand also has some top hospitals where you can receive the very latest in plastic and cosmetic surgery with prices that are far more reasonable than in our own home countries.

To appreciate the level of expertise here, you only need to see the vast amount of lady-boys who have gone under the knife to change their lives around.

Not only will you gain a tremendous source of information, but a visit to one of these hospitals can be an advantageous experience as well. I suggest you go and experience this for yourself should you have the time. 

Bumrungrad Hospital in Bangkok

Thailand Travel Tips - Avoiding Scams

Trying to avoid scams is another critical issue here so please watch out for the touts at Patpong in Bangkok offering all sorts live sex shows. These shows are all a load of absolute rubbish offering everything and nothing, and you should avoid at all costs.

Don't even think about it. Not only would you be wasting your money, but you'd also be spending your valuable time as well. You have my word on this one.

Another scam is getting approached by English speaking, well dressed and overly friendly Thai men and women trying to offer you some so-called good advice. If you are not acquainted with these people, then it is best to ignore them and move on.

Try to avoid the Tuk-Tuk drivers who love to over-charge for their services. Also steer clear of people on trains and buses offering all kinds of drinks, sweets or fruits that could come spiked with who knows what.

The magnetic key card hotel scam is another possible scam that you may be of some interest to you and one which had only recently come to my attention.

Tsunami Hazard Warnings

Thailand Travel Tips - Communication

Another excellent tip that got my attention while in Taiwan on a business trip during a previous year is when leaving your hotel, always insist on a business card or a small brochure that has the hotel's address in both Thai and English. Although this does not seem to be the norm in Thailand, it is nevertheless a worthy suggestion.

Communicating may be slightly more complicated in any foreign language should the hotel be co-owned by nationals from some non-English speaking countries. Nevertheless, you will find this information very useful when returning to your hotel late at night or the early hours of the next morning.

Just remember that most taxi drivers in Bangkok do not necessarily understand even the basic English let alone know where the lesser-known hotels are. Any new hotel and the driver will be clueless.

Most taxi drivers based at the airport have a far better understanding of the English language and are more knowledgeable as to where most hotels are around the city. It is what they do best all day and night. You'll be ever so surprised as to how many other taxi drivers in Bangkok have no idea where some hotels are.

I'm fortunate to have a trustworthy English-speaking taxi driver friend, Patrick, who collects me from the airport and shows me around the city. You can contact me should you require his services.

Enjoy yourself, but always be cautious and alert at all times.

Pantip Shopping Center in Bangkok

Thailand Travel Tips - Shopping

Believe it or not, there are many things you may need to be aware of before you begin your shopping frenzy in Thailand. Tips for Shopping include understanding how to conduct yourself when confronted with unscrupulous persons trying to rip you off with high prices, knowing what items to purchase, where to find the right stuff, how to recognize fake merchandise, what type of places to avoid and a whole lot more.

Thailand Travel Tips - Electricity

The electric current for the entire Thailand community gets supplied at 220 volts. It is available at all but the most remote villages and some basic beach huts, where generators or solar power gets used. You can get access to dual-prong plugs including the flat-blade pin plug and the two round pin variety in all the wall receptacles. All the major hotels in Thailand have 110-volt outlets in the bathrooms for electric shavers.

Should you be packing any electrical appliance that uses other types of plugs, it may be advisable to bring a set of travel plug adapters with you. However, you can always purchase these adapters at any number of department stores or electrical hardware shops. 

Security Guard outside Bangkwang Central Prison

Thailand Travel Tips - Illegal Drugs

I have created a section of crucial information and travel tips explaining the legality of illegal hard drugs in Thailand. Due to the strict nature of the drug laws here, which translates into some extremely harsh penalties, it is advisable to stay as far away from any form of activity.

The result could manifest itself into some unpleasant consequences as well as a lengthy stint in jail. And that is, with or without a hefty fine. Life in a Thai Prison is not a place you'd want to spend your vacation, so it's best not to use illegal drugs or deal with illicit substances in Thailand!

Another essential travel tip is to never leave your luggage unattended, especially at the airport. If you need to leave your luggage at the airport, make sure you lock it away and never leave luggage with strangers. Also, be very careful with whom you meet up in Thailand. Make sure that you are comfortable travelling with someone you've just met.

Go-Go Bar Girls

Thailand Travel Tips - Taboos and Dress Code

Don't forget to read these travel tips and other exciting stuff you need to know about your travel conduct in Thailand such as what to look out for in go-go bars, understanding how Tuk Tuk drivers ply their trade as well as some of the cultural taboos you might face in the Kingdom. And also the type of dress code you are required to adhere to in places of worship.

This article I wrote on safe travel for single females is a must for any girl wanting to go it alone in Thailand. And this one is a relevant article that every male travelling solo in Thailand should also read before embarking on your journey. Here's wishing you all the very best.

Thailand Travel Tips - Shopping for Bargains in Bangkok

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