Thai Girls

Myths and Mysteries revealed on how to go about meeting a dream girl from Thailand

Gorgeous Girls of Thailand

You've probably heard a lot about the beautiful, friendly and fun loving Thai girls and would love to know how to go about meeting one of your dreams but haven't the slightest idea where to begin looking. Well, you'll get a better picture here. Thailand girls are for the most part slim and attractive and they also have incredible infectious smiles.

However, as I recently discovered there are a few fat Thai girls around though they are an extremely rare species. If you ever want to meet a 90 kilogrammes plus girl, you may have to look far and wide and when you do find one, she just might not be sexually active anymore. 

I'd like to guide you on how best to meet some of these highly attractive Asian girls, but please understand that I cannot offer you any guarantees. There are many ways one can meet Thai girls while on holiday in this true tropical paradise and it's really not that difficult.

Finding the right one is!

Certainly more than the girl that has just caught your eye at one or other infamous go-go bar such as at Patpong or at Soi Cowboy. Big gorgeous almond coloured eyes and equally big beautiful broad smiles, not to mention that many girls here are practically naked, could ignite a tempting invitation.

At some stage, you may even think this could definitely be a case of love at first sight. Well, stop right there. Although you may be totally mesmerised, this could easily be the start of a very precarious affair.

The language, customs and behaviour of Thai people are a real mystery to most western men, even those who are married to Thai women including the ones who live in Thailand or abroad. The rewards of understanding and adapting to Thai culture can be quite substantial, though. And many Thai girls have huge potential to make the most interesting and exciting love partners you could ever wish for.

My beautiful Thai Friend Nattalee

How to Meet Thai Girls - Dating Agencies

There are several avenues you can explore to meet beautiful Thai ladies. If you want to start from home before arriving in Thailand then the best way would be to try one of the dating agencies. There is quite a number of them on the web but one that springs to mind is that of a dating agency in Bangkok called Sweet Singles.

Their premises are not that easy to find, so once you are in the city you would need to make sure you have their address before you go. Also, there was no signage to indicate their actual position. What they do have, though, is a huge selection of gorgeous girls of all ages to choose from. Sweet Singles is the place where I met my girlfriend. Her name is Cat and you'll see her in the photo below.

It's advisable to go to a reputable and accredited dating agency, most of which you will find in and around the city of Bangkok. Girls registered at these agencies are regularly screened to determine their  suitability in establishing cross-cultural relationships, though this is not always the norm. I must also point out that these Thai agencies do not allow sex workers on their books, but again, I have no way to confirm this, but doing a bit of investigation can do you no harm.

Meet and Date Thai Single Ladies

If you'd like to meet a beautiful Thai lady for a long term relationship at one of the leading Thai dating sites you can join today and connect with hundreds of Thai singles. The site above is one hundred per cent free to join and is safe and secure. It's also mobile friendly and it only takes a minute to join. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. It's also one of the best ways to meet Thai ladies.

My Naughty Girlfriend Cat

Thai Girls at Beer Bars and Go-Go Clubs

One of the most commonly known avenues where you can meet many gorgeous Thai ladies are at the thousands of beer bars and Go-Go clubs found all over the country. Most tourists coming to Thailand will be completely overwhelmed by all this exotic beauty. Beer bars and erotic go-go clubs range from the fairly reputable to the downright trashy so a keen sense of judgment is required. It may not be that easy to think straight at times so take a deep breath before entering.

If you are somewhat shy, well do not panic, striking up a conversation with a bar girl is dead easy and if anything else, these girls will almost  certainly approach you first before you even utter a word. Remember, they have been practicing this art form for decades. It may even be intimidating at times, but once you get used to all the attention and the more pubs and clubs you visit, in no time at all, you will be an old hand at the game yourself. Caution is the keyword here.

If you are a little confused by what you've heard about Thailand’s most beautiful women, then you can get some additional tips on how to meet lots of gorgeous Thai ladies via an e-book written by a guy named Martin Hurley who has been living in Thailand for many years. Martin offers you a wonderful guide to meeting and understanding Thai women and to fully enjoy the amazing Thai lifestyle.

Meet and Date Thai Single Ladies

My Pattaya Thai Bar Girlfriends

Meeting Thai Girls while out Shopping

Shopping malls and department stores are a great way to meet girls. If not in the shops themselves, just park yourself down on one of the benches you find and while trying to read a book or the local paper, keep your eye out for a special girl that might catch your attention. Simply approach her and start a conversation. Sounds easier said than done!

Well, you may be pleasantly surprised as many girls will respond with some interest. In most cases this is exactly why they are here, just like you, looking for a nice foreigner to spend some time.

I was once followed around the shopping centre at the Royal Garden Plaza in Pattaya by a real beauty and after approaching her, I asked if she would like to have a meal with me at one of the restaurants in the centre and to my surprise, she didn't hesitate at all. 

Actually, I cannot remember how the conversation started, but what the heck, she agreed. One other time I met a girl from the Philippines while my friend was busy drawing cash from an auto bank in Bangkok. 

Ripleys at Royal Garden Plaza Pattaya

Meeting Thai Girls - Business Opportunities

Should you in the country on a business venture, a good opportunity would be to find a nice Thai girl through one or other business contacts. I have personally met a few of the girls this way due to associations I developed while buying artworks. My personal driver in Bangkok once introduced me to a very nice Thai girl who subsequently "fell in love" with me on the first date. We still remain good friends.

Another suggestion is to try and establish relationships with staff members should you be employed in Thailand, even if only living there temporarily. It's a very safe alternative as you'd have more time to get to know one another. There's a high probability of finding a suitable admirer and someone from a middle or higher family status. I have a South African friend who met his wife while working in Thailand.

Another British friend of mine who specialises in golf tours in the country met his Thai girlfriend between playing and free time. If only for a short vacation, why not establish a bond with someone you meet while on a tour or perhaps with one of the hotel staff members. Hotel receptionists are your best bet. It's easier than you think. I always say that if you cannot find a Thai girlfriend in the first hour of arriving, then you are not trying hard enough. Contact me if you need any help.

Thai Girls in Traditional Thai Gear

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