Fat Thai Chicks

When was the last time you saw a
Chubby Chick
in Thailand?

I want you Pot-Bellied or not

This article is for those of you wanting to know if there are any fat Thai chicks in this seductive land of smiles. The question you might be asking yourself is: Are there any real chubby chicks in Thailand. And while I apologise for the picture above showing a rather slim Thai girl, I did do my level best to place a photo of a more rounded specimen but for some crazy reason, she just wouldn't fit on the page.

So with all this in mind, what would be your take on all these larger than life scenarios?

Before I continue down this sunny road, I'd just like to clear the way as I make no apologies for my personal views and observations in this report. And while I try not to be judgmental, it's a hard act to follow. You are more than welcome to give me your feedback on the matter.

Have you ever spotted overweight, obese or even remotely portly Thai women wandering around the crowded inner city streets of Bangkok? (or any other town or city for that matter) Have you seen others contemplating whether or not it's wise to dash across the country's chaotic intersections? Perhaps not.

Or have you seen a chubby Thai chick hopping on one of the teeny weeny three-wheeler Tuk-Tuks, or a larger than life Thai woman ogling oversize garments at any one of the shopping arcades? I for one haven't seen any. None, zilch, nought.    

PS: I'll eat my skinny jeans if you can ever hope to find large, extra large or extra, extra large items of clothing (western standard) in any apartment store, shopping complex or street market. However, this request applies to garments that can only be worn by the locals. 

Maybe you've seen fat Thai chicks sitting quietly munching while watching their all time favourite movies at the cinema. Or could you possibly have seen those chosen ones who just love showing off their dirty dancing skills at one or another nightclub in town, or those portly numbers playing with their equally tubby kids in the park or perhaps others who eagerly eye potential clients in massage parlours?

No Extra Kilos on this Tight Thai Chick

One Westerner's Perspective on Fat Thai Chicks

Well, there is one westerner who recently wrote to me who seems to be fairly knowledgeable on the subject of spotting large numbers of the bigger species. So much so he tells me that they are all over the place.

Simply Simon (not his real name) says all you really need to do is walk the walk, ride the ride, march the malls, follow the trail, steal the show, hunt the hunted, pursue the impossible and or peak inside a girl school. Or possibly all of the above.

The way I see things, it's more likely to be a case of he who can climb the highest mountain or swim the deepest sea. That way you might be closer to finding a fat Thai chick in Thailand.

If turns out that Simon did eventually find the one and the only fatty he was looking for but only after having wandered further afield into the heart of rural Thailand. Just goes to show that the more mileage you're prepared to clock up, the heavier the load you might find at the end of the tunnel. The moral of the story... You're just gotta keep on trucking.

But I can't imagine why Simon would suggest going to a girl's school unless of course the motive of going there, sports all the best intentions. Oh! It turns out he was actually dating a fat, chubby overweight, portly, plump (you name it) school teacher and not one of her students.

It wasn't slim students he was after but rather the 90 kilo plus teachers. Low and behold should he come face to face with a 90 kilo plus student.

The fact is that there are hardly any really big or remotely fat Thai chicks in Thailand and to find fat Thai chicks would be like looking for needles in haystacks. On second thoughts, that doesn't quite sound right, does it.

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This is what Skinny Fat looks like

And Another's Observation

Then there's this other guy who says that he believes fat Thai chicks are plentiful in Thailand, but goes on to say that while these girls might not suffer so much from obesity or even be marginally on the heavy side due to their eating and drinking habits, they are in essence fat but not really fat. Well, What exactly is it he is trying to say.

Did I somehow miss the boat here? In my mind fat is fat no matter how you look at it.

But in all fairness, he has come up with a thing called "skinny fat". It still doesn't justify the question as to whether Thai women are actually fat as in corpulent, overweight, stout, stocky, chubby, tubby, heavy or even portly, plump, paunchy or pudgy or anything else for that matter.

But for those of you who are unaware what the term skinny fat is, it is defined as a person, who from the outside looks great wearing clothes and appears to be slim but in reality on the inside without clothes, is everything but slim. Metaphorically speaking the word or words could mean "to be flabby" or "to have low muscle mass". 

You could even go on to argue the point that Thai girls are not really muscular toned be that many of them work in the adult entertainment business (and possibly should be) or otherwise. I for one don't believe that Thai girls are generally flabby either as some folk want you to believe. It's really not that hard to find a slim girl with a hard body so all this talk about girls here having slushy or mushy rear or front ends is a load of hogwash.

Those that make these lame comments have probably looked no further that their own shortcomings. In my humble opinion, there are a lot more overweight and overfed western women of the same age, weight and height than can be said about the same statistics for women in Thailand.

All in all, there are very few fat Thai chicks in Thailand despite what others may say. And many of these comments come directly from my Thai girlfriends who want readers to know that fat Thai chicks are a rare breed and even rarer to find. You don't have to take my word for it either. Go out there and do your own research if you must. And if any of you reading this would like to differ or add your version of events, please I am all ears. 

But could this be Skinny Fat too?

And the Author's Experience

In all my wanderings around Thailand, I have never ever come across any over the top fat Thai chicks. But having said that, I've never been particularly interested in seeking out any of the portly plump varieties  either. And this especially since I'm on the lighter side of 65 kilogrammes. But again it takes all sorts to establish their unique niche in this life.

Just like someone who wishes to share his or her thoughts with some sort of spiritual, mystical or magical power, so too are those who could be aroused in a sexual or nonsexual way. A good example of this might be someone whose fixation is with certain objects or body parts such as the guy who has a foot fetish or the guy who likes to dress up in female clothing.

I know a guy who has hours of foot fetish film. And for someone who isn't particularly interested in feet at all, I was subjected to endure horrific images of wrinkled feet, toes, warts and all. I say go for it if it floats your boat. Mine simply never took to the water.

Meet and Date Thai Single Ladies

What kinda guy would want to date a fat chick? You won't find someone like the football player Ronaldo dating a fat chick and then going so far as to marry one. But then again, he can "afford" to take the pick of the crop. Lucky too, that he's handsome and has a good physique. It takes an extraordinary kinda guy who'd want to date, marry or fuck a fat chick.

Generally speaking people in the western world are getting bigger and bigger simply because they're eating far too many pizzas and pancakes. Asians on the other hand including Thai people stay slim because they eat rice and noodles.

I can't imagine pretty slim Thai girl wanting to spend quality time with a middle aged pot bellied porky unless she sees dollar signs and that the beer paunch is actually a big stack of money.

In summary, it takes all manner of folk to determine which road they'd like to cross, but I for one will keep my blinkers firmly on when strolling the streets of Bangkok. I'm not going to miss a moment's sleep should I ever miss out on trying to spot fat Thai chicks. In fact, you're more likely to spot an elephant on the streets of Bangkok than a chubby Thai chick.

Stack of Pancakes not fit for Fat Thai Chicks 

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