Baccara A Go-Go in Pattaya

A Pleasure Playhouse in the heart of
Walking Street

Baccara A Go-Go in Pattaya may not be as extreme and strenuous as its counterpart at Soi Cowboy in Bangkok, but it's alive with plenty of red hot flesh and raw energy. This double-decked adult pleasure playhouse offers you some of the very best entertainment, excellent dance music, superb service and reasonably priced drinks. Did I mention the hot chicks? 

The décor while rather plush is stylish with a fabulous layout that affords you easy access to move around with relative ease within the two floors. The ambience and atmosphere here are both alluring and comfortable, making it arguably one of the most sought after clubs on Walking Street.

The first-floor sports a large central stage where a dozen or so sexy girls regularly rotate around smooth, shiny silver poles while dirty dancing to the sound of music.

The upper level with its sunken dance stage and glass floor offers a much more intimate and interactive setting. My suggestion would be to go and explore both storeys at your leisure. You may find the bar upstairs the prime focus with the hottest girls. The rest I shall leave entirely up to you.

Go-Go Dancer at Baccara

Baccara A Go-Go

While it's that easy to fall head over heels in love at first sight with any one of the stunning girls at any one of the go-go bars, it might not be the most intelligent decision you can make. It's best to sit back, order a cold beer and enjoy the company of these luscious ladies in a secure environment.

I did just that here in one of the tiered and comfortable seats to gaze, gawk and gape in absolute amazement as the show continued its natural rotation. The girls had the most extended hair I'd ever seen. Some were jet black, and others sported good golden brown locks. Could this possibly be their natural colour? No, surely not, but what the heck, they were all gorgeous anyway. 

One particular delicate and delightful girl who caught my eye and kept smiling at me all the time had soft brown eyes that made my heart melt. To be more precise, it was her seemingly endless long legs and to-die-for-figure that got my attention. Was this heaven on earth?

She appeared to be almost naked apart from the Jimmy Choo inspired stilettos, ankle chain, delicate lace leggings and skimpy two-piece costume she was almost wearing.

Without the promise of the world full of pipe dreams or to provide you with intimate details and probabilities as to what to expect when entering one of the go-go bars in Pattaya, they may not always live up to your expectations. It would help if you were adult enough to answer that question yourself. Expect the unexpected. That way, you won't be too disappointed.  

Most of you, I'm sure, have heard the age-old expression. When in Rome, do as the Romans do. There's no difference in Pattaya.

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Go-Go Dancer

How to get to Baccara A Go-Go

You'll find Baccara between Soi 15 and 16 Soi in the centre of Walking Street. This one and four other go-go bars on the same street belong to a group who pride themselves on offering you the friendliest girls, intimate settings and places in which to relax and enjoy that particular moment. Now would be an excellent time to take a leap of faith and view the entire collection.

Baccara A-Go-Go is open from 8:00 pm with the price on draft beer in a small glass and coke in a tin set at 59 Baht a piece. After 9:30 pm the draft beer may stay the same price, but coke increases to 100 Baht.

An imported beer such as Heineken will cost 120 Baht, and a Bacardi Breezer will set you back 140 Baht while the lady drinks get fixed at 120 Baht. The bar fine is 600 Baht. Due to the time frame and or season, these prices can fluctuate at any given time.

Baccara A Go-Go Location

Other Go-Go Bars in Pattaya you may like to try

The Cavern A Go Go located in the heart of Walking Street is a popular show bar featuring, among other things, speciality shows, a stream and waterfall stage complete with running water and lots of pretty girls. 

Beach Club A Go Go on Pattaya's Walking Street is one of the hottest party places to be. Its popularity is partly due to its raunchy table dancing coyote shows but its customer friendly girls, polite staff, efficient service and reasonably priced beers, is just some of the reasons visitors keep coming back.

Alcatraz A Go Go is a top adult entertainment venue on Walking Street. Steel cages with custom designed décor, make this exclusive club blossom in charisma and vitality. It's where pretty showgirls dress up as convicts, wardens, cops and inmates for your absolute viewing pleasure.

Peppermint A Go Go on Walking Street is a legendary pleasure palace should you want to have a fabulous fun-filled night out on the town with your friends. It's where great vibes and the prettiest girls eager to entertain, can be found.

Happy A Go Go is rated the number one club of its kind on Walking Street by a whole host of happy party goers and it's not hard to see why either. Pretty girls, energetic dancers and fab shows are all part and parcel of this great package.

Iron Club located in the centre of walking street is one of the hottest clubs in town. It was and still is the place to be and be seen. But you need to get over there fast before all the good girls are gone. 

Whats Up Go Go Club may be a little pricey but that goes without saying at a top notch club of this calibre. And when you thought things couldn't get better, along comes pretty playful penthouse pets to put a smile on your face and to liven things up a little. 

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