Peppermint A Go-Go in Pattaya

A Popular Pleasure Dome with some of the Hottest Hostesses on Walking Street

You should definitely try the Peppermint A Go-Go on Walking Street in Pattaya if you want to have a fun filled night out with some of the sexiest looking girls in town. This newly refurbished venue also provides great vibes and a very friendly atmosphere. As well as being extremely popular, it is by far one of the better go-go bars in the area and then some. It's on my list as being one of the top ten.

Before I continue I'd just like to point out that a great many sex tourists who visit go-go bars, whether in Bangkok, Pattaya, Phuket or anywhere else in Thailand, tell me what a great time they had. However, there's always one or two individuals who go on about how disappointed they were at some club they happened to stumble upon. When entering any one of the adult entertainment venues, expect the unexpected because that way you won't be too disappointed.

Now to clarify and clear up any misconception here, you need to be aware that some people will forever complain and are also seldom satisfied. There can be a number of reasons for this but let's face it, you come here to have a bit of fun, enjoy a few drinks and interact with the lovely ladies, all of whom you won't find back at home. So sit down, relax and take it like the good man you always were.

There's always going to be times when you'll find drinks a little more expensive at some clubs than at others. This is to be expected. Draft beer is normally the cheaper option. The same goes for the service and all the other bits and pieces that might just freak you out a little. You have to remember that there is no guarantee your night is going to be packed full of fun as it could be otherwise.

Gorgeous Girls at Peppermint A Go-Go

Peppermint A Go-Go Bar is a host of stunning and sexy girls who are ever eager to entertain you with their friendly persona coupled with a splendid atmosphere and the reasonably priced drinks. There are a number of stages where the girls dance around shiny silver poles and one in which they entertain you in a cage.

Not only are the dancing girls available for you to take out, but you can also try your hand at chatting up any one of the hostesses or waitresses too. Keep smiling, show a little respect and speak politely to the girls and you may well be rewarded for your efforts.

Not all of them might be willing but you'll never know unless you try. What I find is often a good idea is to approach the mamasan for advice. They are always willing to let you know what your best option is, what the bar fine you can expect to pay and or how much the lady drink prices are.

Peppermint A Go-Go is open from 8:00 pm until late, the drink price on draft beer and coke is set at 59 Baht a piece. Thereafter the draft beer price may be the same, but the glass in which it's served gets a little smaller while the price of coke increases to 100 Baht.

An imported beer such as Heineken will cost you 120 Baht and a Bacardi Breezer will set you back 150 Baht while the lady drinks are fixed at 110 Baht. The bar fine to take out one of the girls stands at around 600 Baht. Due to the time frame or the season, prices can fluctuate at any given time.

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Peppermint A Go-Go Showgirl

Peppermint A Go-Go Location

Peppermint A Go-Go is located downstairs at the Marine Disco Building at the top end of Soi 16 in Walking Street. This and four other go-go bars on the street belong to a group who pride themselves on offering you the friendliest girls, intimate settings and places in which to relax and enjoy a special moment. Now would be a good time to view the entire collection of go-go clubs in Pattaya.

While there may be some cause for concern and because we all have different tastes, each and every go-go bar, due to its unique style and vibe, may not always live up to your expectations. It's solely up to you to bring out the very best in whatever situation is thrust upon. It could be your best night ever, but remember to expect the unexpected and you won't be disappointed. 

Peppermint A Go-Go Directions

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Iron Clublocated in the centre of walking street, is one of the hottest clubs in town. It was and still is the place to be and be seen. But you need to get over there fast before all the good girls are gone.

Baccara A Go-Go  is located between Soi 15 and Soi 16 in the centre of Walking Street. A real pleasure dome that's sure to offer you some of the best entertainment. With good vibes, great ambience, excellent service and the hottest chicks in town. It can't get better.

The Cavern A Go-Go is a themed show bar located in the heart of world famous Walking Street. It's a fantasy filled cave style venue with all the right trimmings and décor.

Beach Club A Go-Go on Pattaya's Walking Street is one of the hottest party places to be. Its popularity is partly due to its raunchy table dancing coyote shows, but its customer friendly girls, polite staff, efficient service and reasonably priced beers, is just some of the reasons visitors keep coming back.

Happy A Go-Go may be one of the oldest bars on the block and tucked away down a short narrow street off Walking Street in Pattaya,  but it lives up to its name and rated number one of the most popular bars in town. Go check it out for yourself.

Alcatraz A Go-Go is one of the best adult entertainment venues of its kind in Pattaya's Walking Street. Party girls dress up as convicts, wardens, cops and inmates. The place simply oozes  sensuality and the music and dance scene here is electrifying. Don't miss this one.

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