The Cavern A Go-Go in Pattaya

A Popular Show Bar in the heart of
World Famous Walking Street

The Cavern A Go-Go in Pattaya is a popular themed show bar located in the heart of world famous Walking Street. It's a fantasy filled cave style venue with all the right trimmings and décor. It's perhaps the perfect place to set the tone and settle the spirit. It could well be worth a visit and maybe even a good place to start your rounds, especially if you are here for the very first time.

Apart from a host of gorgeous girls so seductively decked out in Flintstones-style leopard skin bikinis, (which must surely be the main attraction) other outstanding features here include the stream and waterfall complete with running water that takes centre stage on the leading platform with the addition of two smaller such stages set on opposite sides of the bar for your absolute viewing pleasure.

With some special effects and stunning lighting accompanying the music, the girls dance their way around the stage in a rotation. At any stage feel free to ask your waitress which of the girls you have selected. The girl in question will be notified at the end of her shift on stage after which she is free to visit you at your table.

While I don't promise you the world full of hope or provide you with intimate details and possible probabilities as to what you can expect when entering one of the go-go bars here, they may not always live up to your expectations. You need to be adult enough to answer that question yourself. Expect the unexpected.

The Cavern A Go-Go is open from 8:00 pm with the price on draft beer in a small glass and coke in a tin set at 59 Baht a piece. After 10:00 pm the draft beer price may stay the same, but the price of coke increases to 100 Baht.

An imported beer such as Heineken will cost 120 Baht and a Bacardi Breezer will set you back 150 Baht while the lady drinks are fixed at 110 Baht. Bar fine is set at 600 Baht. Due to the time frame and or season, these prices can fluctuate at any given time.

Go-Go Dancers

The Cavern Location

The Cavern Go-Go Bar is located between Soi 15 and 16 Soi in Walking Street. This and four other go-go bars on the same street belong to a group who pride themselves on offering you some the friendliest girls, stunning ladies, sensual settings and places in which to relax and enjoy that special moment. Step inside to view the entire collection of go-go bars in Pattaya.

Before you set off, though, you may wish to spend a penny or two sucking up the delightful sights and sounds as you wander around this lively and bustling street. Bear in mind that during the day not much happens in Walking Street unless of course, you want a spend some quiet time, do a bit of shopping, have a drink or a meal at one of only a few bars and restaurants open in the area.

At night, it's a completely different story. It's much like carnival time, but without all the fancy costumes and street parades. It is however still a kaleidoscope of charming chaos and spectacular colour. Though difficult to describe in detail, desire or taste, you'll need to go and experience the full thrill yourself.

Directions to the Cavern A Go-Go Bar

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Whats Up Go Go Club may be a little pricey but that goes without saying at a top notch club of this calibre. And when you thought things couldn't get better, along comes pretty playful penthouse pets to put a smile on your face and to liven things up.

Beach Club A Go Go on Walking Street is one of the hottest party places to be. Its popularity is due to its raunchy table dancing coyote shows, but its customer friendly girls, polite staff, efficient service and reasonably priced beers, are good reasons visitors keep coming back.

Baccara A Go Go  is located between Soi 15 and Soi 16 in the centre of Walking Street. A real pleasure dome that's sure to offer you some of the best entertainment. With good vibes, great ambience, excellent service and the hottest chicks in town. 

Alcatraz A Go Go is a top adult entertainment venue on Walking Street. Steel cages with custom designed décor, make this exclusive club blossom in charisma and vitality. It's where pretty show girls dress up as convicts, wardens, cops and inmates for your absolute viewing pleasure.

Peppermint A Go Go on Walking Street is a legendary pleasure palace should you want to have a fabulous fun-filled night out on the town with your friends. It's where great vibes and the prettiest girls eager to entertain, can be found.

Happy A Go Go may be one of the oldest bars on the block and tucked away down a short narrow street off Walking Street,  but it lives up to its name and is rated number one of the most popular bars in town. Best to check it out yourself.

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