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Sabai Room Body Massage Parlour

Your guide to some of the very best Pattaya Massage Parlours with exclusive interest to only the naughty and sexy ones. While there may be many traditional massage shops and spas in the greater area of Pattaya, there are far fewer soapy massage establishments. In fact, there are not nearly as many of these parlours as there are in Bangkok, but that's to be expected.

The parlours we have included in this guide are the Sabai Dee and Sabai Room Body Massage Parlours, the Honey Body Massage Parlours, the Rasputin Body Massage Club and the Heaven Entertainment Complex, as well as a few others. 

In most (if not all) the soapy massage parlours here you'll notice that some girls sit in a glass-enclosed area known as a fish bowl while others can be seen sitting on the sideline. This is a familiar scene you'll find everywhere. The girls wear a red or blue badge on their clothing with a corresponding number for easy reference. These numbers are an indication of the various price structures.

Generally speaking, the red badged girls who sit in the fish bowl are less expensive than the blue badged girls on the sideline whose prices are a little more expensive. While prices can vary from one establishment to another, the system of classification can also sometimes vary. The usual time period for a massage session in a Pattaya massage parlour is normally ninety minutes, however, in some cases, these sessions can go on for two hours. 

Just so that you understand the principal definition of a soapy massage, it's a kind of body to body massage whereby the girl of your choice will begin the session with a generous helping of warm soapy suds which she then rubs over your entire being before and after lying down on an inflatable mattress.

Pattaya Massage

Just a word of caution: This web page contains some images of people who are not fully clothed. There are also descriptions of nudist activities. If you should be offended by viewing human beings in the all natural you may want to go to another page you feel is not offensive to you. By viewing this page, you agree not to be offended by the depiction of nudity and that you are an adult of legal age to view such material.

Girlfriend Experience in Pattaya 

Pattaya Massage Parlour Advice

More than anything else, what you really need to do should this be your first visit to one of the parlours suggested here, is to take your time selecting the girls you think is the best choice for yourself. If you have difficulty with that, then I recommend you approach one of the Papasans or Mamasans to guide you with your selection. Generally, these guys are on hand to help you to pick the girl best suited for you. While their advice may be worth a few moments of your time, they might not always be spot on.

Papasans and Mamasans are part of the management and many of them can speak and understand English to some degree. Sometimes offering them a small tip will put you in a good position to getting the nicest girl be it a busty beauty or a pretty petite girl. Only tip if you're satisfied with the choice they have made.

Upon entering any one of these Pattaya Massage Parlours try to find a comfortable seat in which to relax and cool off from the heat outside. All these places are air-conditioned so sit back, order a beer or any other iced drink and watch the action. Then carefully observe the ladies in either the fishbowls or the ladies on the sideline. Also, watch as the girls interact with one another.

Best to select a lady who looks cheerful as well as being attractive. If any of the girls appear somewhat bored, don't smile back at you or show no apparent interest, then it's best to give those ones a miss, or just simply go with the flow.

While all foreigners are welcome at these parlours, many seem to cater mainly for Asians, but don't let that stand in your way. The only thing you need to consider is how presentable you are and being polite can also go a long way.

Dress smartly but whatever you do, don't ever go there if you've had too much to drink. Another thing, as a western foreigner, please be aware that some of these places add on an extra surcharge, which can easily go beyond the normal costs.

While you're here, you might like to take a look at what went down at a Massage Shop in Pattaya when all hell broke loose.

Soapy Massage in Pattaya

Pattaya Massage Parlour - Sabai Dee

I'd have to say that the most popular soapy massage parlour in Pattaya has to be the Sabai Dee Body Massage Parlour, which you'll find located on the corner of Soi 2 on Pattaya Second Road. It's opposite the Festival Shopping Centre, known for its Big C Supermarket. The parlour is one road up from the beach road. 

To get there, hop on one of the Songthaew pickup trucks that travel regularly between the beach road and second road. They are inexpensive. The driver will drop you off in front of the parlour.

Sabai Dee Body Massage Parlour

Soapy Massage Parlour - Sabai Room

Opposite Soi 3 on Second Road in North Pattaya and within metres from the Central Festival Shopping Centre is the Sabai Room Massage Parlour. This establishment is just as popular as the Sabai Dee Parlour and has been around for quite some time. The rooms could do with a bit of refurbishment but otherwise, the girls are still looking fresh. It's a good place to get down and dirty.

Honey 2 Body Massage Parlour

Pattaya Massage Palour - Honey Body

Two equally popular soapy massage establishments close to Sabai Dee you should try are the Honey Body Massage ParloursYou can't miss the building in which Honey 2 Body Massage is housed as it has a facade which looks like a giant pink and purple checkerboard. At night it has the appearance of a huge neon lit Christmas tree. It's also opposite the Big C Supermarket.

The other Honey Body Massage Parlour is where the old Honey Inn was originally located down a small side street (Soi 11) and off Second Road.

Rasputin Soapy Massage Parlour

Soapy Massage Parlour - Rasputin

Rasputin Soapy Massage is another Pattaya Massage Parlour. It's more difficult to find as it's a bit hidden away and doesn't get as much foot traffic as some of the others parlours here. It's also situated on Second Road but just north between Soi 5 and Soi 6. Nevertheless, it has a more modern look and feel. This classy complex houses some gorgeous girls though prices match the certification of the place. They can reach as high as 6,500 THB.

Heaven Entertainment Complex

Pattaya Massage - Heaven Entertainment

If you don't mind travelling a little further out of town on the Sukhumvit Highway, why not try the Heaven Entertainment Complex located at Moo 9, Sukhumvit Road. Best to go by taxi. This huge complex is mostly frequented by foreign Asian folk such as Koreans, Chinese and Japanese. The parlour has quite a large selection of great looking young ladies and the rooms are spacious and comfortable. There is also a bar area and a games room here.

Pattaya Soapy Massage

Soapy Massage Parlour - P P Body Massage

Just off Pattaya's Third Road and a little further down the side street of Soi Buakhao, is P P Body Massage Parlour, which is one of the resorts pleasure domes and perhaps the perfect spot to get down and dirty. Though this establishment is also better known for its Asian clientele, foreigners from around the globe are most welcome. Chill out in the lounge area before choosing any one of around twenty busty bombshells and or pretty mistresses.    

P P Body Massage Parlour

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