P P Body Massage in Pattaya 

A Soapy Sensation in the Heart of Town

P P Massage Parlour

When searching the sweltering streets for an erotic Body Massage in Pattaya, then perhaps P P Body Massage Parlour off Pattaya's Third Road on the side street of Soi Buakhao, Soi Chalarmprakiat 21, may possibly be up your alley. It's a little hidden gem that could well be worth an investigation. And it's only a few minutes walk from a popular disco in the area which goes by the name X-Zyte.

The only thing you need to pay particular attention to and to be on full alert are the unscrupulous taxi drivers who are all too willing to drive you there. And that's because this specific establishment has been known to pay commissions to these drivers and then pass the buck back to you. Go there with someone trustworthy. Other than that there's no reason for you not to have a good time.

Nevertheless, there's always going to be a lot of hype in the massage parlour industry regarding certain establishments that love taking pleasure in charging foreign guests more than the going rate. I have often heard locals saying that it's the Thai way or it's the highway.

If at any time you feel this is the case and you are less than satisfied, simply walk away and try another parlour. In most cases, management and staff at the parlours won't want you to leave without some sort of a happy compromise. That said, don't intensify your disappointment and try not to become overly unpleasant with the situation.

Myths and Misconceptions

While a great many visitors are more than happy at P P Body Massage Parlour, others can be somewhat disappointed, be it the service or that they are not happy with the selection of girls. It's simply the nature of the beast. There can be a number of reasons for being dissatisfied or even disillusioned. One real possibility can easily be put down to your timing and by that I mean, arriving at an inappropriate hour when many of the girls have yet to arrive for work.

It's not always typical to know when the right time is to try a body massage in Pattaya. You often find as I have discovered that sometimes the best time is just after lunch around 2:00 pm and then again in the early evenings at around 8:00 pm. P P Body Massage Parlour is open daily from 12:00 pm. until midnight. Though farang friendly, P P is most popular with mostly Asian clientele.

Another thing I find rather strange is the fact that some customers including many of my mates, find the girlfriend experience here warm and friendly while others say that the service was a bit shoddy.

This is especially true when all you really want is a reasonably pleasurable soapy massage with either a busty bombshell or a pretty petite penthouse pet. You just can't have it your way all the time. Sometimes you snatch a real stunner. Other times you get a dude.

Every now and then you may think you've found the perfect match only to find a flawed femme fatale. Just like you'll have your good days, other days are just pure shitty. Simply put, it boils down to your personal temperament on the day. 

What you can expect at the Massage Parlour

At any given time there must be about twenty girls at this body massage in Pattaya. Some more rounded than others. It would appear that some guests prefer a little more meat than others. There didn't seem to be any sideline girls only those in the fishbowl. All the girls sit together and not separated as in some of the other parlours here. Rather than separate the girls, they are split into two distinct groups. Those that sport red badges and those that sport blue badges.

Generally speaking the colour red indicates the older regular girls while the colour blue indicates the younger new girls. Blue is also for girls in their teens or early twenty's. Red badge girls are priced at 2,000 THB and blue badge girls are priced at 2,500 THB for an all-inclusive ninety-minute session.

The first thing I do on arrival is to order a beer and just chill out while checking the girls. After that, you are welcome to chat to any of the girls before moving upstairs to one of the rooms. While there isn't a Jacuzzi, there is a shower room and all the rest you'd expect to find at any body massage parlour in Pattaya.

More Body Massage in Pattaya

If P P Body Massage in Pattaya is not quite your special brand, there's no need to sweat as there are a number of similar establishments you can also go and investigate. In fact, I recommend you test some of the other parlours in the neighbourhood before putting your money on this table. And since Pattaya is not nearly as big as Bangkok, you seldom have to go far to find a parlour near you in this town. You can always come back here if you feel that this place is for you.

One of the most popular soapy massage parlours in greater Pattaya has to be the Sabai Dee Body Massage Parlour, which you'll find located on the corner of Soi 2 on Pattaya's Second Road. The well known Sabai Room Massage is another parlour opposite Soi 3 on Second Road you may also want to give a go.

Nearby are the two Honey Body Massage Parlours. One is close to Sabai Dee and the other is down Soi 11 on Second Road. Rasputin Body Massage is another venue on Second Road, but just a tad north between Soi 5 and Soi 6. Take a drive a little further out of town on the Sukhumvit Highway and you'll come across the Heaven Entertainment Complex mainly visited by Asian folk.

P P Massage Parlour

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