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Hello! Sawadee Kha! Welcome to this Luxury Thailand Travel website. Firstly let me introduce myself. My name is grahame and I am a real person who, though not living wholly in Thailand, would love to share with you my passion for all things Thai. I like to think of myself as more of an entrepreneurial gadabout simply because of my love of travel. For years now I've been fortunate to have journeyed to some great places.

But ever since setting out on my travels in southeast Asia, it's become my life-long dream to spend as much time in this wonderful part of the world as possible. Reason enough to publish my personal experiences and amazing adventures whilst exploring such an extraordinary country.

The legendary journeys on this website are created for all to enjoy and with that, I wish you all a very pleasant voyage of discovery and here's hoping each and every one of you reaches this wonderful dream.

Before I get started I would like to clarify the reasoning behind using the term "luxury" instead what may appear to be the exact opposite. It is in all essence, the very real luxury of travel where my main thoughts lie.

There's just so much to see and do in Thailand that after one vacation in this picture perfect piece of paradise, you'd want to keep coming back to experience even more. I certainly have and many others have too. And it's a well known fact that Thailand attracts more repeat tourists than any other travel destination in the world. No need to wonder why.

With luxury Thailand travel you'll undoubtedly, accomplish infinite exotic travel in a land full of beautiful smiling faces and enchanting places.

Luxury Thailand Travel Author in Chaing Mai 

Luxury Thailand Travel 

Hotels and Resorts 

I do offer you some good advise on the most luxurious hotels and resorts in Thailand but it's my greater intention to direct you to a far more valuable lifetime experience. With this in mind, I'd love you to come with me to discover this truly majestic tropical paradise together. 

All the very best hotels and resorts in Thailand

Thailand has always been right there with the very best in luxury, comfort and service. Spoil yourself in this picture perfect tropical paradise. Read More...

Luxury Thailand Travel

Things to See and Do 

Before booking my first visit to Thailand the lady at the travel agency where I live assured me that three days in Bangkok would give me more than enough time to see and do all the things this (little over) crowded but colourful city has to offer. She couldn't have been further from the truth. Could that be because most travel agency employees don't actually do any real travelling. So with that in mind, here's my advice... Don't always listen to what others have to say about the city of angels. Just go out there and explore all the options for yourself.

Bangkok is simply amazing. It's vibrant, exciting and mesmerizing. And that's long after the party is over. I had to go back again and again and I never get bored with its friendly people, its smiling faces, its colourful culture, its hectic nightlife and everything else. I urge you to go and see the city yourself. If your'e anything like me, you won't be disappointed. 

All the very best sights and sounds of Bangkok

Want to visit one of the most exciting cities in South East Asia, then the City of Angels is the right place to see and be seen. It's a city that never sleeps. To find out what it's really like Read More Here...

Luxury Thailand Travel

Places of Interest

However if your'e looking for some quiet time out of the chaos, confusion (and pollution) of Bangkok then I strongly suggest you head up north to Chiang Mai. The cooler mountainous region there holds a very different kind of story and a fascination that will surely captivate you with all its many cultural and historical sights, smells and sounds. 

The warmth and charm of Chiang Mai

A charming city tucked away in the foothills of northern Thailand. It's one of the most exciting places to explore and a special place to experience the country's unique culture. Read More...

Exploring the temple ruins of Ayutthaya

On the vast central plains of Thailand stands some of the most spectacular architectural marvels. It's beyond anything you could imagine. This ancient city has to be seen to be believed. Read More...

Exploring the ancient wonders of Sukhothai

Take a leisurely drive or a slow riverboat cruise to the central plains where you can gaze in absolute awe at the ancient wonders of Sukhothai. A fascinating journey of discovery. Read More...

Wat Phra Si Sanphet in Ayutthaya

Luxury Thailand Travel

Entertainment and Attractions

But if it's sizzling hot entertainment your'e after then Pattaya, better known as sin city, is definitely the place to go and have some real fun in the sun. The island of Phuket also cannot be ruled out as it has its fair share of entertainment and then some. It's especially engaging if your'e travelling with family members because it's here where you'll get to experience a true tropical island adventure on some of the best silky soft white sandy shores that only Thailand is so world renowned for.

Thailand has more than its fair share of entertainment and attractions on offer and this is only the beginning. Take a good look around this site to find out just what else there is to see and do in tropical paradise. And as for shopper-holics don't forget this is where you'll find anything and everything from fashionable shopping malls to crazy craft markets

For all you adventurous adrenalin junkies or daring daredevils out there, the thrill of elephant riding or river rafting is all part and parcel of what makes Thailand truly unique. Or you could simply go trekking along trails of great lush green forested jungles and coconut plantations. Go on then take a walk on the wild side. After all you only live once.

Rural Setting

Take a walk on the wild side in rural Thailand

Luxury Thailand Travel

Tropical Islands

And if that's not enough you could try your hand at rock climbing in Krabi or take your divers license with an experienced trainer at a dive centre on the island of Koh Samui. You could also go scuba diving with tiger fish among the coral reefs around the Similan Islands. or simply sail the oceans in the Gulf of Thailand on a luxury cruiser.

Exploring the beauty of the Islands of Thailand

Relax, swim or sunbathe on the soft sandy shores of Thailand's majestic islands or simply paddle around the crystal clear waters in a kayak while exploring its many coves and caves. Read More...  

All the very best Golf Clubs of Thailand

Thailand is known for its sheer beauty, exotic islands, stunning beaches and gorgeous girls, but it's also a world class golf destination. There are clubs and courses throughout the kingdom. More...

Thailand Nightlife is as Crazy as it is Chaotic

It's not hard to imagine what really happens when the sun goes down in Bangkok, Pattaya or Phuket. It's a crazy, chaotic kaleidoscope of colour. The fun doesn't stop there either. Read More Here... 

A True Tropical Paradise

In any one of these tropical locations there is no reason why you should not enjoy a fabulous holiday you are going to cherish long after you have had to hit the road and gone back home. Not only does Thailand have some of the best luxury hotels and resorts in the world, they too have some of the finest cuisine the country has to offer. And while your'e here in this tropical paradise, don't forget to treat yourself to a variety of relaxing and sensual hypnotic beauty treatments at any number of spa salons scattered around the islands and mainland.

Luxury Thailand Travel wishes you the very best vacation ever whether you are single, a family or a honeymoon couple. Capture this real opportunity to walk on the wild side with myself and Luxury Thailand Travel as we embark on a journey of discovery together in paradise.

Tapu Island in Phang Nga Bay

Must see James Bond in Thailand Island

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