What to wear in Thailand

Suggestions and Solutions as what sort of clothes to pack for Tropical Temperatures

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The Question is: What to wear in Thailand. The Answer is: Practically Nothing and the Reason is simple: Hot! Hot! Hot!

Seriously, though, replying to the question as to what to wear in Thailand while on vacation, the answer would probably be a lot less than you would normally wear at home. We all tend to pack far too many unnecessary items when going to Thailand or anywhere else in South East Asia for that matter.

I'm guilty myself for packing more clothes that I rarely get to wear. You're on vacation, remember! Pack as little as possible before you leave. You can always buy whatever it is that you need right here in Thailand. Clothing is especially reasonably priced in Thailand so you could arrive here with practically nothing. 

The idea is to choose mainly natural cotton that is carefree and comfortable as well as being light and loose for most of the year. You need clothes that can breathe, so no synthetics. If coming to Thailand for business, light suits can be worn but it is not essential.

Dress code in Thailand is a lot less formal than in most countries, although a more formal dress code is required when entering religious sites, whether it be a Buddhist temple or a Muslim mosque.

Due to the tropics, though, temperatures in Thailand can range from very hot to cool. The cool part mainly exists in the northern regions where it is a lot more mountainous. This, of course, is mainly during the months between November and February when a light sweater, mostly in the evenings, would be welcome. 

I haven't been here during this period, but it's certainly cooler in Chiang Mai than it is in Bangkok much of the time. During the rainy season, it's still fairly warm, so light clothing can be worn during both the day and night.

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What to wear in Thailand for Guys

As a male I can give you a few suggestions on the basic clothing needed, that is depending on how long your vacation is. For daytime use, pack in a few T-shirts, a couple of short pants, lots of underwear and a good pair of comfortable sandals.

If you need to wear long trousers during the day, light cotton ones would be best. Jeans tend to be too warm to wear most times. During the night the same light clothing can be worn even when going out to restaurants and shows.

I prefer to dress up for the evenings and will wear a light cotton shirt with light cotton long pants and slip on shoes. It just looks neater. These items of clothing can also be brought along with you, but do not forget, you can always buy them here. You only need to take a look at how badly some men dress at night, especially in places like Pattaya  on the east coast of Thailand. I am usually the best dressed here and will need some competition so please guys bring it on.

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What to wear in Thailand for Girls

This would be a suggestion only, but again light clothing throughout the day and night. Pack light cotton tops, perhaps a few T-shirts, short light skirts, shorts if you need, lots of underwear and again a good pair of comfortable sandals.

Don't forget to pack your bathing costume, though. High heeled shoes can be used with discretion,  but there is really no need for most, if not all occasions. Perhaps you may wish to wear your best pair of Jimmy Choo's when going out to a show such as Tiffany's, but there's really on need too. Nobody else is here.

The reason I'm telling you this is that you are probably going to do a fair bit of walking. Not to worry though as you will stumble upon quite a few foot massage spas on nearly every street corner. In the evenings, you may want to wear a dress that's not only longer but lighter too.

The rest I'll leave up to you. Just remember that you can always buy whatever you need in Thailand and with good prices, there is really no need to pack too much. Remember, you can always go home with more than you take with you.

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What to wear in Thailand when visiting the Temples

When entering an important religious site, such as a Buddhist Temple or a Muslim Mosque, you will be required to dress more appropriately. Shorts are a no go for both men and women. For women, short dresses and long sleeveless dresses are not permitted. On most occasions you will not be turned away from these places as basic conservative clothing is provided. However, don't always count on it.

Men need to wear long trousers and a short sleeve shirt will do the trick. For the ladies, there is no showing off legs so jeans, long pants or a long dress with sleeves would do nicely.

I'll leave the footwear up to you as you'll have to remove them in most cases anyway when entering religious sites. The temple of the Emerald Buddha at Wat Phra Kaew and the Grand Palace in Bangkok are two such places. Always remember to dress appropriately to appease Thai sensitivities.

Well, that just about covers everything. (Excuse the pun) Please feel free to contact me should you require any further assistance.

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