Thai Sex Industry

Myths and Misconceptions on what really goes down in the Land of Smiles

The Thai Sex industry is alive and well with many of Thailand's sex workers thriving anywhere foreign money is flowing. You will find most of them offering their services in the city of Bangkok as well as the beautiful seaside resorts of Pattaya and Phuket.

These are the very places where they are most apparent and should you be holidaying here, you will find it almost a challenge not to notice them. Sex workers are everywhere, even in the far regions of the north.

A conservative estimate of sex workers living in Thailand would put the figure around 300 thousand out of a population of little over 66 million. Thai government statistics indicate a slightly different story of about a third of these numbers.

Nevertheless, you'll find it hard to believe when visiting many of the tourist hot spots. The real truth is nowhere to be found and the industry is still growing at a rapid pace.

The well-known holiday resort of Phuket is considered one of the most romantic destinations in the world where many newly married couples  continue to enjoy their honeymoon.

Unfortunately, there are very few bars in the main tourist area of Patong for instance, where you'd be able to find that bar with a little less activity for a relaxing drink and the quiet conversation you may have hoped for.

Of course, if there are no objections to the constant harassment from the local Thai bar girls then you should get along just fine.

Besides, look at the bright side and enjoy all the festivities that go with it. For a more peaceful time, you could always head out to a number of the smaller resort towns around the island.

Enjoying a moment at a Pattaya Thai Bar

The Thai Sex Industry

In an attempt to set the record straight one must understand that the tourist oriented sex industry is somewhat tame in comparison with the local Thai sex industry of the same standing. HIV/AIDS in Thailand may be considered one of the highest in the world, but it is yet to be confirmed that any sex related matters among westerners in these circumstances are at the same risk level as those of any Thai person.

In an industry that is almost impossible to control, the only alternative is to use whatever precaution is necessary to prevent little nastiness's taking place. One just cannot stop the inevitable.

A fairly recent study conducted during the late 1900's concluded that almost as many as nine out of ten Thai males had engaged in the Thai sex industry with a sex worker before their 21st birthday.

Thai males believe it is their social rite of passage while young and inexperienced Thai females detest this type of behaviour but still, accept it. This is one of the many reasons why more and more Thai females are seeking refuge with western men no matter how old they may be. These same females know that older western men are not nearly as promiscuous as their Thai counterparts.

As long as western men can provide the creature comforts for their Thai girlfriend as well as their girlfriend's parents, grandparents, great-grandparents, as well as their girlfriend's neighbours in the village of their births and all their neighbour's friends in the next village, then everyone should get along just fine.

Should you ever run out of money, then your girlfriend may start looking for a new man to take care of her and her vastly extended family. Are you getting the picture so far? My best advice is to keep your bags packed and waiting at the front door.

The alternative is to leave town as soon as possible or simply move back home where a new and indifferent experience awaits. Whoever said that it is going to be that easy. Contact me if you require more advice and information. 

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Thai Sex - Still a little Confused!

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