Sabai Dee Massage Parlour
in Pattaya

Though there are not half as many soapy massage parlours in Bangkok, Sabai Dee Body Massage in Pattaya is possibly one of the best of its class. The parlour is easy to locate as it's situated on Pattaya's Second Road very near the Big C Shopping Centre. 

This particular parlour has been around for some time and is now associated with two similar establishments in the near vicinity. One is called Sabai Room and the other is called Sabai Land. And right opposite the Big C is the Honey 2 Body Massage. So should you have plenty of time on your side, why not go and check all of them out before deciding which one you prefer?

It's quite possible that the girl you fancy could be at any one of these establishments so I highly recommend that you take your time to select the right parlour with the right girls. Sabai Dee has a very nice selection of pretty girls, be it their fishbowl or sideline girls. Average prices range from 2,000 to 2,500 THB.

You'll find that fishbowl girls are less expensive than sideline girls. Be aware that the parlour has been known to occasionally hike their prices. This is especially true for foreign visitors. In the long or short run, it will pay you to shop around to make certain you fully understand the price structures at these venues. 

While girls sporting red badges at Sabai Dee is 2,000 THB and others sporting blue badges is 2,500 THB, prices for foreigners can start at 2,500 THB and then go as high as 3,500 THB respectfully. That is normally for a ninety-minute session. Some prices depend on race classification or the colour of your skin.

As much as you can bargain for goods at the markets, you should also try bargaining here. Management seldom wants potential customers to go and will try almost anything to accommodate them as best as possible. I have personally used this method on many an occasion and so far it seems to work rather well. Give it your best shot and who knows, you just might win the day.

Sabai Dee Massage Parlour

Soapy Massage Parlour in Pattaya

Since having been here last, I believe the parlour has a new section whereby they provide a few freelance girls for visitors. Usually, freelancers, as they are called, are older girls who generally walk the street in search of customers. These I wouldn't touch unless you are really desperate or have little or no money at all.

However, the freelancers at Sabai Dee are the ones who might well have day jobs and are looking for a bit of extra cash to supplement their meager income. That's not to say they are not pretty. On the contrary, some of them are downright gorgeous. If you haven't been here before, now would be the time. Sabai Dee Body Massage Parlour is open daily from 1:00 pm to 12:00 am.

You have to remember that Pattaya is kinda like a mini sin city with more male visitors coming here, wanting to have sex in the sun or sex at night or even both. Every so often they'll take time out to swig on another beer while swinging to things in discos, pubs, go-go bars and massage parlours. It can be one hell of a raucous affair and what with all the competition here, the possibility of running out of these places, is too hard to imagine.

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Sabai Dee Massage Parlour

What is a Soapy Massage Experience

Some say that if you haven't had a go-go bar or soapy massage parlour experience you haven't yet experienced the real Pattaya. If you are looking for a beach or an island experience, you are probably in the wrong place altogether. For that, you need to go to Phuket, Koh Samui or one of the other beach island destinations that are plentiful around the country. But if not, stay right here. 

Typically, you begin your soapy massage session with a warm water wash. This hopefully will rid you of the heat, sweat and stress of the day. Thereafter, you lie down on an inflatable mattress with warm soapy suds being massaged into your body. And all this while a pretty naked girl slides up and down and back and forth across your entire body.

What happens next is entirely up to you and needs no further introduction. Sessions generally last for as long as ninety minutes to two hours, though I've heard that a one-hour period is also available.

Honey 2 Body Massage

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