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Sensuality and sexuality define August, an extremely passionate Private Escort working at possibly the best escort agency in Bangkok. By all means, browse through this page to find out more about this carefree beauty and the things that make her tick. August is a highly exciting girl to be with and her porn-star qualities, unique as they are, will have you panting for more. I mean a lot more.

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What makes August so exceptional, is not only her stupendous silky smooth body but more importantly, her amazing long legs that just seem to go on forever. But then, you be the judge of that. She would be your perfect choice, especially if you are wanting to spend quality time with her. (be it on a short time basis or for a longer period) August is a confident and classy lady, who enjoys good conversation (she has great English language skills) and loves romantic dinners.

August is also ever so energetic and definitely not the boring type. So if you are looking for some action-packed adventure, she may just be the right one for you. Though Thai, she could easily be mistaken with her mix of Russian-Chinese.

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August is an absolute beauty at 26 years young and stands tall at 170 cm with a measurement of 34B-25-35. Though she prefers singles only, her specialities are BBBJ, COB, COF, CIM GFE, PSE, DFK and Massage. If you are not familiar with any of these terms, or you have questions you'd like to ask, please don't hesitate to contact me personally. You'll find a contact form at the bottom of this page. And if you like to know more about August, or for that matter, the other gorgeous girls too, please do contact us. Hope to see you soon.

August is a private escort working in Bangkok who you have to admit looks absolutely stunning. Here are some of the answers she gave the author of this page from the dozens of questions put forward to her. Feel free to follow August's story here, and if you like what you see and what this lovely lady has to say, perhaps you'd like to schedule a meeting with her when next in Bangkok. You'll find a booking form at the bottom of this page for you to complete.

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Awesome August

Private Escort - Questions and Answers 

Question: August can you tell me a little about yourself, the hobbies that interest you and what you like doing for fun outside the agency where you work?

I do like to take care of myself and treat myself well outside of work hours. One of my favourite things to do is to relax on my bed and watch movies. Occasionally, I would enjoy going to the cinemas.

Question: What is the best thing that you love about your job as an Escort?

I really enjoy all the travelling, I have been lucky enough to have had the chance to travel with my clients and to spend some awesome time with them in 5-star hotels and resorts, at nice restaurants, beaches etc...

Question: August, do you have a full or part time day job other than your assignment working in this Bangkok escort agency?

I am currently working full time as a private escort at the best escort agency in town and for that, I don't need to tell you which one, now do I.

Dynamic August

Private Escort - Questions and Answers 

Question: August, what has been the best experience you've had with a client?

My best experience with a client was when he had initially booked me for 2 hours but decided to extend his time with me and luckily I was available for the full 3 days he wanted. We travelled to Phuket, enjoy the beautiful sandy beaches there and just had a great, relaxing and fun time together.

Question: And what has been the worst experience you've had with a client?

I must say it was when one customer insisted that he snatched my neck. He said that if he did not do this, he would not cum. I feel that he forced me to do something against my will. It was not a good experience at all.

Question: And August, have you ever had an embarrassing experience working with a client? And can you tell me in detail what may have happened?

Before I started taking English lessons, my English language skills were not so strong. and I recall one incident when one of my clients looked at me so strangely after I had said something. I don't remember exactly what I said but it was very embarrassing for me as the look on his face said it all.

Private Escort August

Private Escort - Questions and Answers

Question: Working as an escort, have you ever had to entertain peculiar or crazy clients and what did you have to do to please them? Give me an example.

I once had to provide (given myself) a golden shower service. That was a bit strange for me, What I did not understand was, how he was able to drink my urine and how he got off from it. Strange and crazy, I have to say.

Question: Is it possible that even as a Private Escort, you are secretly looking to meet a kind heartfelt farang to marry? Perhaps even one of your customers.

I did fall in love with a customer once. He was Thai, but this was long ago.

Question: August, who has been your most liberal client and are you at liberty to reveal from which country this person came from?

I received a 100,000 THB (3,300 USD) tip once from a very nice Asian-Indian client. He was the one that took me on holiday to Phuket.

Question: What was the longest time you ever spent with a client? And are spending longer periods with clients better than, say a shorter time with a client?

I'm an easy going person so whether it's for a short-time or long-time, it really doesn't matter much. But yes, 2 short-time per day is financially equivalent to spending 24 hours. All the girls here say that they prefer shorter periods. But if the chemistry is good, I'd want to stay longer.

Awe-Inspiring August

Private Escort - Questions and Answers

Question: August, can you tell me what your favourite sexual position is and what it is most men want when it comes to sexual favours.

I do not really have a favourite position. What I do enjoy is romantic love-making sessions with a sweet and playful client. The position I like most, though, is a reverse cowgirl. I get immense satisfaction pleasing men and I think this position does the trick. It's also very visually satisfying.

Question: And what do you consider are your best body features such as in tits, bum, legs, hair, eyes or anything else you just might like to tell me.

I am absolutely in love with my sexy long legs and firm smooth stomach.

Question: As a private escort, August do you prefer older men or younger guys, and if so can you tell me why.

I usually enjoy the company of clients who are within 35-60 years old. However, I do have a great time with young and older guys too. But I do prefer older men as sometimes the younger ones tend to be quite childish.

Question: And what can a first-time farang (foreigner) expect from you and what type of services do you offer BJ, CIM, Golden Showers etcetera.

I offer all the basic services including BBBJ, CIM, COB, COF, GFE, PSE, DFK and Massage. And don't you ever forget to try my porn-star experience.


Private Escort - Questions and Answers

Question: As a private escort servicing mainly men clients, have you ever had a booking that was placed by a girl or lady from a foreign country wanting to have some fun with you including a little lesbian sex too?

Not me personally, but I once had to work with a couple. It was a first-time encounter for me. It was set-up by accident as there was some miscommunication when the couple made their booking the escort agency I work for. However, it was an interesting experience and the clients were very kind to me. I don't know if I'd want to repeat it, though.

Question: Do any of your clients like you to dress up in fantasy outfits such as typical school girl uniforms or French maid outfits. Tell me your personal best?

I certainly love to wear outfits for my clients. Some of my favourites are police and schoolgirl uniforms. They show my sexy smooth legs off well.

Question: Are you at all fussy about where your clients come from and which country do your favourite clients come from?

I really have no problem as to where my clients come from. I am open to everyone but my only wish is that they are sincere, kind and respectful.

Charismatic August

Private Escort - Questions and Answers

Question: What kind of things do you and the girls like to talk (gossip) about after coming back from a client? I am sure you have some very interesting stories to tell us. And it would be great if you could give us some juicy details.

The number of tips we receive from our clients is definitely a major gossip point. Us girls are always talking about this. But not necessarily to boastfully brag about it. It's a bit more like saying "wow! that customer was so tight, he did not give me any tips, but he was handsome"

Question: As a private escort, are you ever asked to perform any sort of tricks for clients, and if so can you give me an example?

My boss at the Bangkok Escort Agency where I work recently arranged a bachelor party for a group of his clients. I and four other girls here had to hide in a room and wait for the groom to enter. Once he did, he had to submit to us and allow us, girls, to do whatever we wanted to him. Surely his fiance would not be too pleased but that remains a well-kept secret between us. The groom's friends were ever so nice and we all had a great time. There was plenty of gossiping to share the next morning, which was very enjoyable.

Question: Is there anything else that you would like to add to this interview that might be of interest to my readers? Anything at all. It can be a funny moment or anything else you can think of.

I really do wish to have a romantic, fun, and sexy time with all of you out there. So if you do get the chance to ever stop in Bangkok next, it would really be great to meet you. Until we meet then, Love and Kisses - August

Provocative August

Private Escort August Booking Rates

2 hours 2 shots 5,000 THB

4 hours 2 shots 7,000 THB

6 hours 2 shots 8,000 THB

10 hours 3 shots 9,000 THB

24 hours 4 shots 12,000 THB

A-Level additional 2,000 THB

Bangkok Private Escort rates for couples

Rates for couples are double the rates posted above. However, it is recommended that couples book two ladies as rates for booking one or two ladies are the same. The couple fee is waived if the number of clients equals that  of the number of girls.

Escort rates outside of Bangkok

Should you require August to travel and meet you outside the capital city, we do charge an additional travelling fee. As an example, travel fees to Pattaya will be an extra 2,500 THB and travel fees to Hua Hin will be 3,500 THB.

We are always open to new ideas and service opinions. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Escort Uniforms and Outfits

We have a variety of uniforms available on request such as School Girl Uniforms, Police Officer and Nurse Outfits, Air Hostess and French Maid Uniforms. You may ask your chosen escorts to wear any one of these outfits during your time with them.

This is a complimentary service we provide regardless of the number of hours you have booked with us. We are always looking at new ways to increase the number of choices available to enhance your experience.

If August should get your blood pumping and your heart racing, don't waste another moment. Now would be the time to book her. You can also book any of the other girls Daniela - Larosy - Sonica - Nylah. See the Booking Form below.

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