Phuket Nightlife

An Inside Guide to some of the best
Night Clubs at Patong Beach

Bangla Road Go Go Dancers 

Phuket Nightlife - Wonderful, Wild and Wicked

The evening atmosphere on Thailand's largest island can only be described as wild, wicked and wonderful. You can decide which, if not all of these, is your calling. And as quick as the sun goes down, infamous Bangla Road in the Patong beach region of the island is where you'll find most of the action rocketing with life.

It also makes sense that this small stretch of road attracts the most visitors. It's the driving force of what makes this place tick. It's also the heart and soul of the entertainment area for non-stop excitement. It's where you need to be at night. 

Families, honeymoon couples, solo travellers, backpackers, sex tourists, lady boys and sex workers alike stroll up and down this street all night long. You name it, people from all walks of life, gather around to witness all the coming and going right here. 

And although you can hardly call it a raving red-light district as is the case in Bangkok and Pattaya, a much more sophisticated, albeit laid back atmosphere prevails on this southern island. You'll find restaurants, gift shops, tailor shops, art shops and jewellery stores all within an easy walking distance to the many night clubs, beer bars and discotheques.

Bangla Road in Phuket

Bangla Road is where all the action happens

Bangla Road is conveniently located close to the central beach area of Patong. It becomes a Walking Street during the evening as vehicle traffic is prohibited from entering the area from 6:00 pm until early the next morning. This gives you the opportunity to walk around freely without having to constantly look over your shoulder all the time.

Unless of course, you're that type of guy (or girl) who'd like to take a second glance at the sexy Thai Girl who just a moment ago casually strolled past with a cute smile and a wink of her eye.

Be careful, though, you could easily mistake her or him for a beautiful ladyboy. One thing is all but certain, you won't be unable to avoid these lovely ladies of the night, no matter where you may turn your head.

Thai girls and ladyboys alike are in many cases extremely difficult to differentiate between what's authentic and what's not so physically real. My advice is to acknowledge all the pleasantries and carry on enjoying the vibrancy that abounds. You never know what may happen next.

Coyote Ladyboys of the Night

Phuket Nightlife - The Ladyboys 

And speaking of ladyboys, the very first cul de sac to your left as you stroll up from the beach road along Bangla Road, you'll find one of the most active places to literary party all night long. The bars on either side of the Soi are abuzz with activity. 

Coyote ladyboys dance the night away on top of a solid table at the entrance to the Soi. And at the end of the road is the Moulin Rouge ladyboy theatre. You gotta go there. And as for the rest of the place, there's much to see, do and enjoy. 

Tai Pan Night Club Patong

Phuket Nightlife - Clubs and Discotheques

Tai Pan is my favourite club and has been around since 1999. It's considered the number one nightclub in Phuket. It is also one of the most crowded and busiest with nightly live bands and international recording artists from around the world.

Tai Pan is known for its big parties, swinging Thai beauties, games and lucky draws. You'll find the club situated on Rat U Thit Pee Road in the heart of Patong. Simply walk up to the end of Bangla Road and you'll soon see the club to your left. 

Rock Hard A Go-Go sits on the corner of Bangla Road and Rat U Thit Pee Road diagonally opposite Tai Pan Night Club in Patong. Known as the Rock, this international nightspot has hosted famous movie and rock stars including the likes of Mick Jagger and Ronnie Wood.

It has great music and even greater girls who are ready to rock. All night entertainment, recreation and relaxation are the key words here. 

Tiger Discotheque is another great place to go if you're into partying with girls, girls and more girls. This huge entertainment complex is set on three floors and covers an area of some 5,000 square metres. You could easily get lost in here, but maybe that's just what you want.

The club is also located on Bangla Road. You can't miss the place with its enormous concrete tigers bearing down from the second floor. It's non-stop party entertainment with live music, pool playing and girls.

Phuket Nightlife - Tiger Discotheque

Phuket Nightlife - The Bars

Aussie Bar is located 100 metres from Patong beach on Bangla Road. It is well known for its all night partying but has a relaxed atmosphere and comfortable surroundings with 20 large television screens for you to enjoy your favourite live sports from all over the world.

The bar has pool tables to entertain guests and with the installation of an ADSL wireless network, they can also accommodate business clientele as well.

Shes Bar is centrally located on the corner of Soi Easy and Soi Bangla in Patong. Quality entertainment with all night in-house music and beautiful Thai ladies. Big screen TV for football and Formula 1 fans.

Phuket Nightlife - Rock City Patong 

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