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Beach Palms on Phi Phi Island

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A Phi Phi Beach Guide to the best beaches on the popular Phi Phi Don Island, located equidistant from Phuket and Krabi at around 45 kilometres or 28 miles. There are about ten beaches of choice and all with beautiful, idyllic settings offering you the ultimate tropical getaway. These exquisite, often addictive and seductive beaches have just the right ingredients to while away all your worries.

All you will get here is crystalline waters so clear that in some places, yellow striped tiger fish are clearly visible from the surface. Palm-fringed white soft sandy shores and lofty limestone cliffs add to the rest of the ingredients.

The only downside to Phi Phi Don is that prices for accommodation, restaurants and shopping have soared since the 2004 tsunami. This I believe was simply to help offset the vast reconstruction process caused by the huge destruction and devastation that obliterated some seventy percent of all the island's buildings. Many lost their business and livelihood.

Or was this partly due to two authorities trying to start afresh with a more sustainable environmental approach so that the fat-cats could re-develop the island to suit their own gains. Whatever the reason you are still assured of a beautiful slice of paradise.

Ao Ton Sai Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Ao Ton Sai Beach

Ao Ton Sai Beach has re-opened and its business as usual with reconstruction having been completed since the tsunami. Without a doubt, this is Phi Phi Don's most popular beach destination as well as being the point of arrival and departure from Phuket island and Krabi town. The beachfront space is largely taken up with many long-tail boats and other assorted private cruisers. 

During the day this beach is a hive of activity as the crowds start arriving with many on a one-day stopover for a few hours of swimming and sunbathing. Later in the afternoon as the crowds start to disperse and the last footprint has faded, you will feel the bliss and tranquillity of this absolute gem of a beach. 

You need to bring your own refreshments as there are no Starbucks or McDonald's. Should you be on a tour then your meals and drinks are usually taken care.

Lo Bakao Bay Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Lo Bakao Bay 

Lo Bakao Bay can only be described as one big beautiful broad bay situated in the quiet northeastern corner of Phi Phi Don island and close enough to Ton Sai Village and the Phi Phi beach of the same name. Here you will find a connecting pathway to two beaches allowing easy access by foot and an equal opportunity to explore the lush undergrowth.

Other activities on the Phi Phi beach here include swimming in the bay's calm waters kayaking, diving, snorkelling, jungle hiking and some fine dining at the many open-air waterfront restaurants.

Ao Loh Dalum Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Ao Loh Dalum Beach

Ao Loh Dalum Beach comes complete with all the right ingredients such as silky soft white sand, warm tranquil turquoise waters and breathtakingly beautiful views across the bay. A short walk to a narrow strip of land separates this beach from Ao Ton Sai making it easy to hop from one beach to another.

On this Phi Phi beach, you could spend a relaxing time on the shore, hire a kayak or banana boat and explore the bay or simply go swimming in the shallow waters. Please note that these waters are extremely child-friendly too. At most, you would have to walk out hundreds of metres and still be only waist-deep.

Hat Yao Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Long Beach 

Long Beach, also known as Hat Yao Beach is a very popular Phi Phi beach which has a long, wide curve, allowing for some spectacular scenery as well as stunning views towards Phi Phi Leh Island. You will find some of the best coral reefs in the area so if you have a love for scuba diving or snorkelling then this could definitely be the spot for you. Hat Yao beach can easily be reached on foot or you could take a five-minute long-tail boat ride from the pier at Ton Sai.

Laem Tong Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Laem Tong Beach 

Laem Tong Beach is a charming and enchanting beach location set right up on the north eastern shores of Phi Phi Don. What a fabulous place for a bit of quiet relaxation as well as affording you some marvellous views across the ocean towards Bamboo and Mosquito Islands.

You can take a long-tail boat ride out to the islands for a spot of snorkelling, but remember to arrange for a pick-up once you've exhausted the corals and want to head on back to Laem Tong.

Besides the warm, shallow waters of Laem Tong, this Phi Phi beach destination is perfectly suited for children of all ages to swim and play. There are also lots of coconut palms lining the shore ensuring you plenty of very welcome shade. 

Swimming, as well as windsurfing, are the most favoured activities on the beach, but you can gladly do a spot of diving should you so wish as there are a couple of excellent dive centres offering both equipment and dive courses.

Laem Tong beach has its own pier as the only access on Phi Phi Don is by boat, allowing you almost total seclusion from the main tourist beaches. There are seaplanes that fly directly to Laem Tong Beach several times daily from Phuket International Airport. So if you have the means, (money that is) go for it.

Monkey Beach

Phi Phi Beach - Monkey Beach

Monkey Beach, also known as Ao Ling is nestled in a hidden cove just north-west of Loh Dalam Bay. You could easily walk over there, but a smarter way to reach the bay would be to rent a long tail boat. You might find that renting a kayak on Loh Dalam beach to be more fun. Kayak rental is for a minimum of two hours and costs a few hundred Baht.

Just be aware that it takes about half an hour to reach the beach from Lo Dalum Bay and then another half hour to get back again. It should give you more than enough time to explore the cove and the beach. 

If you like you can also participate in one of the organised tours which stops at various other places too. The only real drawback is that it can be a bit expensive and it's not particularly environmentally friendly. I must say not many people use the beach for swimming or sun tanning.

Monkey Beach is home to a colony of Long-Tailed Macaque Monkeys who are not at all shy. And as friendly and tame as they may seem, you need to be more than a little cautious. Some visitors have been known to be bitten. 

Macaque Monkeys are omnivores and love to eat vertebrates such as baby birds, lizards, frogs and fish. But their main diet is crabs and coconuts though they'll also eat leaves, flowers, roots and bark too.

These monkeys are also aware that visitors bring lots of goodies for them to eat too, such as banana and pineapple and will not hesitate to climb onto parts of your body in search of food. They are not afraid to move right into the sea to get hold of any precious cargo on offer.

Traffic to Monkey beach never stops, especially during the high season between the months of November and February. Speedboats also stop here several times a day offloading dozens of tourists who come here to feed the monkeys but seldom do they stay for long.

Long Boat on Ao Ton Sai Beach

Phi Phi Beach Hotel Guide

Should you decide to stay overnight at the luxury Holiday Inn Resort located on Laem Tong Beach, then chances are, you may want to spend most of your time in and around the resort. As a guest, you have access to a number of beach chairs and or sun loungers on which to relax as there aren't any on the beach.

The luxury Phi Phi Island Village Resort and Spa is one of the finest places at Lo Bakao Bay on the island in which to stay. Because it's only accessible by boat, it's the perfect white beach and blue water holiday destination. The resort is set amidst a backdrop of coconut palms and lush vegetation. It's tranquil, undisturbed and far from the buzz of the most touristy beaches.

Not only can you book both these luxury Phi Phi beach resorts directly from this page at very reasonable rates, you can also take a look at (depending on your budget) some of the other more affordable hotels or resorts on offer if you require accommodation on the island. While wishing you a wonderful holiday, your support is greatly appreciated.

I'd also like to say heartfelt thanks to all you good folks who have been kind enough to secure your hotel booking from this site. It not only helps me maintain my ongoing research to provide you with as much valuable travel information on Thailand as possible, but it also encourages me to continue my dream of travel and my love of writing.

Relaxing on Ao Ton Sai Beach

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