Pattaya Nightlife

An Inside Guide to some of the best
Night Clubs and Go Go Bars in Town

Obsessions Night Club

Pattaya nightlife is as captivating, exhilarating and hypnotic as it is surreal. When the sun all but disappears into the distant horizon in this seaside resort on Thailand's east coast, the day quickly becomes night and a new shift in the entertainment arena begins to unravel. For the most part, this is a time when everyone and everything appears to explode into an erotic kaleidoscope of unimaginable activity under the cover of darkness.

You could choose to dine out at any one of several restaurants before taking in the Tiffany ladyboy show. You could settle for a cold cocktail or your favourite beer at one of the thousands of small pubs or you may wish to watch beautiful Thai girls dancing around shiny poles on stage at any one of the go-go bars here. 

You could sing your heart out at one of the karaoke bars or dance the night away at a disco or you could simply wander around the beach front streets and narrow alleyways taking in the sites and sounds. The action doesn't stop here.

I remember many an evening out with friends where over a good meal, we'd sit about discussing our late evening strategies. Would we go to one of the pubs and surround ourselves with whatever comes our way or would we watch the girls dancing around a pole at a go-go bar. These were difficult decisions.

Naturally, this required some effort as it became more apparent there were so many places to choose from this social menu. To make matters better or worse (depending on your point of view) which bar should we choose. In the end, we let fate take a hand. We would simply tell one another... Let's just play it by ear.

Polo Kitten Club Go Go Dancers

Pattaya Nightlife - Clubs and Go-Go Bars

Polo Entertainment Complex in Walking Street was and still is a great place to meet beautiful Thai girls but now there are so many girls from Russia, Bulgaria and Estonia working here too. Prices have gone through the roof and bottled beer such as Heineken will cost about 220 Baht unless of course, you want to settle for one of the local Chang or Tiger beers. You can't miss this place as loud techno music pumps way down into the street.

Sexy girls will try and entice you to come up the stairs with promises of 69 Baht a beer all night long. Yeah! This is only to get you into the place until you find that spending time here costs you a whole lot more. Although the club is rather small inside, a large centre stage is where all the action takes place. You can't help joining the excitement as dancers often interact with customers.

Polo Entertainment Night Club

Club Boesche is on Soi 16 in the heart of the entertainment arena at the southern end of Walking Street. You will see some of Pattaya's most beautiful Thai girls while experiencing one of the newest and most energetic Go-Go Clubs. 

Club Beavers is the first bar you come to on the left side of Walking Street in South Pattaya. Erotic Non-stop entertainment with over 25 beautiful bar girls. This club is open seven days a week from 7:00 pm until 2:00 am. Ice cold beer and hot young Thai bar girls makes this club the perfect place to be entertained.

Ladies in waiting at Club Beavers

Pattaya Nightlife - Clubs and Go-Go Bars

The Kitten Club is situated at the Penthouse Hotel in Pattaya. This all new club opened its doors in 2009 and features Kittens in a cage, Kitty Carousel, Kitten Jacuzzi and a Whirlpool Showcase. It's Simply the best. See video above.

Beach Club A Go Go is located at the top end of Soi 15 on Walking Street and offers a great selection of customer friendly girls, erotic table dancing coyote shows, polite staff, efficient service and reasonably priced beers. All this in an intimate setting and a place in which to relax and enjoy that special moment. 

Peppermint A Go Go on Walking Street in Pattaya is a wonderful place to be if you really want to have a fun-filled night out with the sexiest looking girls in town. This newly refurbished and extremely popular club provides great vibes and a friendly atmosphere. It is by far one of the top ten go-go bars in the area. 

Alcatraz A Go Go Bar is unquestionably one of the best adult entertainment establishments of its kind in Pattaya's Walking Street. It opened its doors in late 2010 with a huge bang. It has been designed with a unique prison theme which extends to three levels, officially upping its stake to become Pattaya's first-choice venue for the city's burgeoning nightlife patrons.

Alcatraz A Go-Go Club

Pattaya Nightlife - Clubs and Go-Go Bars

The Classroom has hundreds of beautiful sexy and fun-loving Thai bar girls who will spoil you rotten with their friendly hospitality and service. You are assured of an unforgettable experience. This club is situated in the heart of the city's bar and legendary nightlife arena on Soi 13/4 in South Pattaya.

The FLB Bar is situated on the southern end of Walking Street, just past a big tree that extends out onto the street itself. This air-conditioned bar has a more relaxed atmosphere where you can chat to one or more of the beautiful hostesses while listening to live music. This club is open from 7:00 pm until  late. 

Mistys A Go-Go in the heart of Sin City is the perfect place for an erotic Pattaya nightlife experience. There are over 90 beautiful sexy Thai bar girls to choose. The club sports a state of the art high tech digital lighting system and amazing sound system. There is non-stop dancing every night of the week from 8:00 pm until late. They also offer VIP transport from any Bangkok airport.

Girls in waiting at Mistys A Go-Go Club

Pattaya Nightlife - Bars and Pubs

Despite the fact that you may find it somewhat difficult to escape all the constant calls for attention, Pattaya is not just about beautiful girls or ladyboys. Running the gauntlet through some of the streets and alleyways can be quite harrowing at the best of times, although I very much doubt, stressful. Well, certainly not on your first trip here anyway. With all this excitement going on, who the hell even cares.

In other words, I suggest that you follow your instincts and allow things to take a more natural flow. Call it destiny or whatever else you would prefer to call it. Everything will eventually fall into place, hopefully, that is before you fall down.

A little effort may be required when choosing a beer bar or two or three. There are just so many of them around. I believe that there are well over 2,000 bars in the greater Pattaya vicinity. The same can be pretty much said for just about every other establishment here too. You would be hard pressed not to find a disco, pub or go-go bar to your liking. Just go out there and have a little fun.

Thai Bar Girls

Pattaya Nightlife - Bars and Pubs

Whether on your own or with friends, spending the night out while attempting to run the gauntlet throughout the intricate labyrinth of side streets, may not get you very far. You will almost certainly end up settling down at the very first bar you come across.

One of the main reasons for this is simply because it may not be that easy to get away from all the beautiful young Thai girls chasing after you while at the same time, innocently begging you to have a drink at their bar.

You may hear the words "Hey Handsome" above the loud music as you navigate your way through the crowds before settling down for a cold drink at any bar. You may at some point, even turn around to look at the guy behind you only to realize that the voice was actually directed at you. Do you run away or pretend to look the other way? Yes!... No!... Stop right there! Is this not the real reason why you are here in the first place or did you just lose your way in the mayhem? 

Thai Bar Games

Pattaya Nightlife - Walking Street

Once the sun has all but gone and you've spent your last hour or two on the hottest beaches here, then a very different type of "hot" is about to begin. The term "Pattaya nightlife" is going to give a whole new meaning to the word - hot.

One of the biggest Pattaya nightlife hot-spots you should certainly not miss is the infamous Walking Street which is conveniently situated on the beach road towards the southern end of Pattaya beach. The street is closed to vehicle traffic around 6.00 pm allowing tourists and locals to move around more freely.

Welcome to the exciting and intoxicating world of Pattaya Walking Street where you get to let your hair down (those of you who still have some) and where nobody gives a hoot to your game plan. I've spent many a very long hour on this street nurturing a couple of beers at one of the bars and night clubs while observing all the comings and goings. What a great Pattaya nightlife it has been.

At this point, I'd like to add that this is so much better than people watching at airports. For one thing, it is on this very street where you may indulge your every fantasy as the hoards of walkers (*freelancers included) continually stroll past the pubs, discos, go-go bars and other weird and wonderful attractions.

Short of living here, walking down the length of this street is probably going to be one of the most exciting and fun-filled moments that could easily be etched into your memory way after the parties have ended. Or could I perhaps be wrong?

Walking Street

Pattaya Nightlife - Fantasy Land

Pattaya nightlife is where fantasy, excitement and bewilderment become one. You should experience a very different sensation of events during the daylight hours when life so to speak, seems to come to a grinding halt with only a few shops remaining open. That is to say, only after 10.00 am in the morning.

Having said this, who would want to get up that early anyway. Certainly not after all the livery activities you may have encountered the night before. When you do finally surface from the after-effects of the previous night, then this would be the perfect time to sun tan on the beach, take in some of the attractions or relax with a soothing spa treatment. Just keep reminding yourself that you are on vacation.

I can just imagine all your fondest moments shared when you finally return home and add all those wonderful videos and photos to your collection. Several photos of mine are on this page. If you'd like to share some of those special moments, I'm all ears. Why not drop me a line and we could exchange some notes and ideas.

* A freelancer generally refers to a Thai working girl who has spent her youth but still feels the need to continue propositioning prospective clients for sexual favours. In other words, her sell-by date is about to come to a speedy end.

Full Moon Bar on Soi 6

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