La Belle Entertainment Complex

A Modern Upmarket Soapy Massage Salon
in the heart of Bangkok

Entrance to the Entertainment Complex 

You would be forgiven for mistaking the La Belle Entertainment Complex for a bigwig's crazy idea of an ultra-modern art gallery or maybe even an absurd looking shopping centre simply because of its fancy architectural facade. However, you would be right on the button if you guessed it to be a top-notch massage parlour.

You would also be forgiven for thinking that had you come looking for the original Mona Lisa Massage Parlour that once stood on this very spot and that you'd come to the wrong place. You'd have wondered what the heck had happened to it or had it merely moved elsewhere.

The old Mona Lisa closed its doors a good few years ago and now in its place is a much bigger, better, brighter, brand new parlour.

The Mona Lisa Massage Parlour of a time gone by had somewhat aged, and it had also become shabby and showed signs of decay. The fact is, its sell-by-date had expired a long time ago. In other words, it had reached the end of the road. It had merely become lifeless and was in desperate need of a complete overhaul. It now has a new name, become ultra-chic with a new modern look and an inviting interior.

At the entrance to the entertainment complex is a restaurant and as you step a bit further inside, you'll come across a large lounge with plush couches on which to sit. Gone, thankfully, is the infamous glass-enclosed fishbowl that had become all too common in so many of the other parlours around town. Instead, you are afforded the company of the girls up close and personal in the lounge here. 

Emmanuelle and Poseidon are similar massage parlours in town that will afford you the same luxury and lifestyle which you could become accustomed very quickly.

What to Expect at La Belle Entertainment Complex

But more than this venue being your average girly pleasure palace, this one is a super sexy high-class complex complete with all the best bells and whistles. Not only is the parlour home to some of the countries most alluring and stunning young Thai models, but there is also an excellent chance you'll meet a sexy Russian beauty too. The complex also affords you the luxury of dining in style at the in-house restaurant. Perhaps even with one of these sexy superstars.

soapy massage at La Belle is a sumptuous affair set in modern and chic private rooms complete with comfortable beds, Jacuzzi spas with dazzling laser light shows. In contrast, spectacular music visuals will set the ambience and tone. The mirror on the ceiling adds that little extra sparkle to the spirit of things to come. What more could you possibly ask? Please don't answer that.

There can be no doubt that the girls here are far better looking than those seen at some of the other parlours in the neighbourhood. Here the girls are not only fair-skinned and much taller, but they are also prettier and better dressed too.

Before making up your mind which of the sexy supermodels is about to sweep you off your feet, spend some time relaxing in the bar or the plush lounge area. The establishment also offers its guest's entertainment in the form of live shows.

Neon Sign at La Belle Entertainment Complex

What money will buy at La Belle Entertainment Complex

It's easy to get thoroughly carried away with all the excitement, so be prepared to dig deep into your wallet. The fact is, you'd have to be willing to dig very deep, because, as much as you are about to have a great time here, things are not that cheap.

A two-hour session with a stunning Thai model or a sexy Russian beauty can set you back as much as 6,800 Baht. However, there is no reason whatsoever to be disappointed should your only choice be with one of the less expensive girls on the menu. At the cost of around 2,700 Baht, you will still have a great time.

Remember that a Big Mac can be just as juicy as a Double Big Mac. Also, you can bet your bottom dollar that the friendly, attentive and professional staff here will do their utmost to make you feel right at home no matter what the cost. 

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Getting to La Belle Entertainment Complex

To get to this adult entertainment complex, you can either take the taxi or the underground subway. If you use the MRT, get off at Petchaburi Station and then head on to New Petchaburi Road and away from Asoke Road. Before arriving at the big bright pink palace you will pass many all you can eat barbeque stalls.

La Belle is located at 1765 New Petchaburi Road, near the corner with Asoke Road, past the overhead bridge and next to the Siam Hotel. It's across the road from the Japanese Embassy. They are open daily from 2:00 pm until 12:00 am.

La Belle Entertainment Complex

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