Colonze Massage Parlours
in Bangkok

Three Super Sexy Soapy Massage Salons
in the City of Angels

Colonze 2 Massage Parlour

Just like three sister siblings or three best friends, there are three Colonze Massage Parlours in Bangkok. One is located inside the Crystal Hotel just off Rachadaphisek Road, and the other two are situated on Rama 9 Road. All three parlours will provide you with a soapy massage and for a little extra, you can try one of those famous slippery Nuru massages too.

Colonze 1 Massage Parlour

Colonze 1 is the largest of the three establishments specialising in full body massage, soapy massage and Nuru massage. Here you'll have a choice of pretty fishbowl girls, some prime "sideline" girls as well a few model girls. Note that not all the girls offer Nuru massage so if you want to try the special treatment, let management know beforehand. The cost for this service is an extra 600 THB. The best time to visit is around 7:00 pm when most of the girls will be there.

Colonze 2 Massage Parlour

Colonze 2 is another sister venue located just a few minutes walk from Ratchadaphisek Road. This one is set on the ground floor of the Crystal Hotel. Much like Colonze 1, here you'll find a medium-sized fishbowl with about 20 to 30 hostesses and a few "sideline" girls.

And if you take the stairway, close to the fishbowl, it will lead you up to the next level, where the model girls can be found. Hostesses sporting the letter "G" on their badges are the ones offering the Nuru massage. Extra cost for this service is 600 THB. 

Though some of the rooms may seem to be a tad tarnished and in desperate need of a little tender loving care, they are clean, comfortable and spacious with the large double beds being in a good and new condition. The rooms also come fully equipped with big bathtubs in which to relax before the main event begins.

Colonze 4 Massage Parlour

Colonze 4 is the smallest of the group and as with Colonze 1, it is located on Rama 9 Road. All three Colonze Massage Parlours offer the same treatments, such as full body, soapy and Nuru massage. This one has two glass enclosures (fishbowls) on the ground floor and on the second floor, you'll find sideline girls.

The rooms are clean and comfortable with spacious bathtubs. However, unlike its sister parlours the Papasans have been known to be a bit pushy. You do get this happening from time to time in some massage parlours, but if you're not happy, simply leave and go to another venue. There are just so many of them around.

Colonze 2 Massage

Prices at Colonze Massage Parlours 

Colonze 1 hostess prices range from 1,800 THB to 2,200 THB

Colonze 2 hostess prices range from 1,700 THB to 6,600 THB

Colonze 4 hostess prices range from 2,000 THB to 2,600 THB

Below is a breakdown of prices for the girls at Colonze 2. Prices are indicated by the various badge numbers and letters the hostesses wear on their clothing.

3xx (fishbowl girls) are the cheapest at 1,700 THB for 2 hours.

4xx (fishbowl girls) is next at 1,900 THB for 2 hours.

G (Nuru gel massage girls) is an extra 600 THB from standard fishbowl rates. Note that not all the girls offer this service, only some of them in the fishbowl.

L (fishbowl girls) is 2,200 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

V (sideline girls) is 2,500 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

S (sideline model girls) is 3,000 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

SL (sideline model girls) is 3,600 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

SM (sideline model girls) is 4,600 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

Triple Number (sideline model girls) is 5,600 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

PR (sideline model girls) is 6,600 THB for 1 hour and 30 minutes.

 Getting to Colonze Massage Parlours 

Getting to the Colonze massage parlours is fairly easy. Colonze 1 is located at 821 Rama 9 Road and Colonze 4 is located on Rama 9 Road Soi 26 (Soi Soonvijai).

Colonze 2 is located inside the Crystal Hotel at 69 Soi Natong (Ratchada Soi 7), Ratchadaphisek Road. You'll find the place between Huai Khwang and the Thailand Cultural Centre (BTS) stations. From Thailand Cultural Centre station, simply walk past Carrefour, Home Pro and the Robinson shopping centres. Then turn left at the first corner. Colonze 2 is further up to your left.

Colonze 2
Neon Directions

Besides the Colonze Massage Parlours, you may also like to try these parlours 

Amsterdam Massage, located opposite the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel in Bangkok, is straight out the pages of the red light district of the Netherlands and it's a great place to simply relax with its sexy super model girls.

Angelina Massage is located opposite the Amari Atrium Hotel on New Phetchaburi Road. It may not have seen the light of day and the girls may be a tad tired, but then again, it won't cost you an arm and a leg to pay a visit.

La Defense Massage is located on Rama 9 Road next to the Royal Pacific Hotel. It is one of the hottest soapy massage salons in the city. It may be a little out of town, a little pricey, but it's top on service.

La Belle Entertainment is located just past the overhead bridge near Asok on New Phetchaburi Road and next door to the Siam Hotel. It's a fairly new place, but a great place to meet a lot of girls.

Meree Body Massage and Entertainment Complex located on Petchaburi Road is another great place to meet super sexy girls.

Victoria Massage located on Rama 9 Road and close to the La Defense massage parlour has a great atmosphere, friendly staff, excellent service and some really super looking girls money can buy.

Utopia Entertainment located on Rama 9 Road is one of the most upmarket soapy massage salons in town. You can expect to get the best girls and service, but expect to dig a little deeper in your pockets.

Please note that this post contains some affiliate links which means I earn a small commission at no extra cost to you if you should purchase after clicking through my blog. Also remember that I never promote any products or services here unless I've used and loved them myself.

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