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 La Defense Massage Parlour

Recommendations for visitors wanting to know which are the best soapy massage parlours in Bangkok to receive a world class girlfriend experience

Every year, thousands upon thousands of adult visitors flock to Thailand in search of the perfect naughty body to body massage, but most simply haven't a clue where to go or even where to begin their arduous journey. This is especially true for those who are new to the erotic nightlife scene. You may also be wondering if it's not difficult to overcome this daunting task.

Which is the best soapy massage parlour seems to be one of the most frequently asked questions requested by visitors to my site? With this in mind, I shall try my level best to put the record straight. But having said this, the answer is not as easy as you'd probably like it to be for a number of reasons.

A lot can depend on your budget, easy access to establishments in your area, what type of girl you are looking for and whether you want not only a soapy massage but a special naughty encounter or perhaps even to experience a  prostate massage. There are just so many ways to have a great time. 

A frequently asked question is whether I could suggest specific girls because of being new to a certain place. This is the most difficult of all the questions asked simply because what may be one man's meat may not be another man's desire.

These are the two most important questions I shall tempt to answer as honestly as I can. The rest I'll leave for you on which to base your decisions. However, if there are any questions you'd like to ask me, please don't hesitate to contact me. 

Hi Class Massage 

Emmanuelle Massage 

The Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

It's not so much a question as to which is the best soapy massage parlour in Bangkok as it is finding the right one that will ultimately suit all your needs. One frequently visited massage establishment is Emmanuelle Massage Parlour located on Ratchadapisek Road. However, one of my visitors who, having recently visited Emmanuelle, came forward to share a rather sad story with me.

This person, who will remain anonymous, said that it's possible he contracted herpes from one of the girls. Though he cannot remember the girl by name or number, (it was simply a case of too much of the good stuff) he did later contact the establishment by e-mail to express his utter disappointment. He is now waiting for an answer, which in all probability might not be forthcoming.

While it's easy to get completely carried away with the moment, it's up to you to take serious stock of the situation. Always and I really mean always... Wear a condom. In all my time in Thailand, I personally haven't come across any foreigner who has contracted STD having used a condom.

There must have been a far more analytical explanation as to how this person got caught up in the moment of pleasure. Possibly too much to drink had something to do with it. 

All the best soapy massage parlours are obligated to make sure their girls get checked for signs of sexual diseases every three months. Whether they enforce it or not is another thing. It's left entirely up to the girls. Better still... Bring your own condoms.

Almost every foreigner visiting Thailand bitches about the condoms there. They are way too small and far too thick. Must have something to do with the local lads but I can't put my finger on it, not that I ever want to. 

Date Single Thai Ladies

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Nataree Massage

Colonze Massage

Poseidon Massage

Caesars Massage

The Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

The question about where to find the best soapy massage parlour as opposed to where to find a true soapy massage parlour is what you have to ask yourself.

While there are many good parlours of both types around Bangkok, there are few offering the real deal. That of a body to body soapy massage surrendered on an inflatable mattress. One such place to get this type of massage is at Cupidy on Petchaburi road.

You need to be aware that it's only the fishbowl girls who perform the task. Sideline girls and model girls don't usually take on this naughty massage. If you want my professional opinion, there are just so many to choose.

One of my favourite places is the La Defense Massage Parlour off Rama 9 Road. It's a little further afield from the city, but well worth a visit. They have some gorgeous girls here and the rooms are comfortable and well furnished. Also on Rama 9 Road and close to La Defense is Victoria Massage Parlour. This particular entertainment complex is quite big in size, with lots of sexy girls. 

Cupidy Massage

Meree Entertainment

Victoria Massage

Amsterdam Massage

The Best Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Poseidon Entertainment complex on Ratchadapisek Road is also rated one of the best soapy massage parlours in Bangkok you might like to take a look at. Though a little pricey, it does come highly recommended with great looking girls. On the same stretch of road as Poseidon is Copa Cabana Massage Parlour, which has similar model type girls, pricing, service and standards.

If you're looking for something completely different, but just as exciting, why not try a Nuru Gel massage at Akane Fashion Massage on Sukhumvit Soi 33. Nuru Gel is a jellylike material which, when applied, is extremely slippery yet completely odourless and transparent. Not to be confused with a soapy massage, but great all the same.

And while you're there you can also have a prostate massage too. Two similar establishments in the neighbourhood are Kochoran and Nyan Nyan.

La Belle Massage

Akane Massage

Angelina Massage

La Defence Massage

Choosing the Right Girl

Choosing the right girl is not as easy as it sounds, simply because there are just so many factors you need to take into account. That's before you think you've chosen the right girl. Let me tell you that even when you think you've found the perfect fit, the girl in question may have her own unique agenda.

And by that I mean, she may be having one of those bad hair days, even though she may have sent out all the appropriate signals from afar. Especially with that mischievous smile of hers. No doubt it could just be her best career move.

But I think it's safe to say that before you single out a girl who takes your fancy, you'd probably have a good idea of what best suits your needs. She may be the prettiest one of the bunch, but now it's up to you to make the right moves to make her feel comfortable. Try to keep things light-hearted and have fun. Thai girls love a bit of excitement, so don't be shy, go with the flow.

Valentine Massage Parlour

Versailles Massage Parlour

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