Bangkok Lady Escort - Candy

 Sweet as honey and wholesome as they come 


Candy, Candy, Candy. Don't you just love our Bangkok Lady Escort? She's as fresh and wholesome as they cum. So much so you might want to lick her sweet nectar from head to toe. This young and lively 24-year-old is a natural beauty with a super sexy ass, you won't want to let go. Bubbling over with charm and personality and playful as a kitten, Candy is perfectly at home with all her clients, whether they are past or present clients. 

Apart from Candy's petite yet curvaceous body and ample breasts, this Thai babe is a perfect choice for the most discerning and open-minded clientele. Her command of the English language, coupled with her friendly smile and sparkling eyes will have you panting for more.

And more is what you'll get with this seductive, sophisticated and social gal. She can be extremely playful, and exceedingly versatile, especially when she dresses up and down for you in one of her sexy outfits, be it a nurse, french maid or secretary.

Candy is the epitome of a quintessential Bangkok Lady escort, so much so you couldn't possibly wish for a better girlfriend experience with this sensual stunner. She is perfectly suited for a romantic dinner date as she is for a relaxing erotic massage.

I sincerely hope you get as much pleasure from Candy as I did get interviewing her for this article. If you'd like to see more of her, don't hesitate to make a booking. Details at the bottom of this page.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep you up-to-date with the comings and goings of our girls, there's always going to be times when a particular lady is not available at present or that she has simply moved on in another direction. If that is the case, don't hesitate to contact us so that we may provide you with an alternative lady.

Bangkok Lady Escort - Candy

Bangkok Lady Escort

Question: Can you tell me a little about yourself, your hobbies and what you like to do for fun outside the escort agency where you work?

My name is Candy and I am 24 years young. I originally came from Sakon Nakhon, a very quiet town where all my family is still currently living. I enjoy watching movies especially comedy and musicals. I sometimes go to the gym and swim with my friends also.

Question: What's the best thing you love about your job as an Escort?

The thing what I enjoy the most are meeting people and it's always exciting as each customer is different. I get to stay in really nice 5 star hotels and have had dinner at some of the best restaurants in Bangkok. I also travel in Thailand and have been to Singapore and Hong Kong too.

Question: Do you have a full or part time day job other than your assignment working in an escort agency?

Escorting takes most of my time and I rarely have time for anything else, however, I used to sell cosmetics with some of the other girls, but that is slow now so I spend most of the time concentrating on escorting.

Question: What's been your best experience you've had with a client?

I think the most memorable experience I have had since I started was when a customer from Holland had picked me up in a Limo and then we went on a boat cruise for dinner. Then after that, we went back to his hotel which was very expensive and had champagne on the balcony over-looking the city. It was romantic and it made me feel as if I was not an escort for the night.

Question: What's been the worst experience you've had with a client?

I think drunk clients are always a worry but you get to know how to handle them and I can always remember an incident about a year ago. I arrived at the hotel and when he opened the door, he was already very drunk, I thought Oh! No! Here we go.

I acted as if everything was ok, it was until he paid me, he only gave me half and I asked for the other half he said no and pushed me out of his room. It was a horrible situation to be in but sometimes it does happen, but thankfully, not often.

Bangkok Lady Escort

Question: Working as an Escort, have you ever had an embarrassing experience with a client? And can you tell me in detail what happened?

There have been a few occasions when a client can't get an erection and I try everything to get it to work. There was one guy who tried for two hours to get it to happen and I remember I had to give him a BJ for an hour. After that my mouth was numb and I could not talk properly when saying goodbye to him.

Question: Working as an escort, have you ever had to entertain any strange or crazy clients and what did you have to do to please them? Give me an example.

This question is easy to answer, I offer a couples service and I had a husband and wife from Hong Kong and the wife instructed me to have sex only with her husband as she watched, she wanted to slap her husband and tell him how bad he was, I'm not 100% sure what she said as she was speaking Chinese to him but it sounded really bad and offensive, she also slapped him really hard many times, I was shocked. The husband loved it, though.

Question: Is it possible that even as an escort, you are secretly looking to meet a kind heartfelt farang to marry? Perhaps even one of your customers.

Anything is possible and many girls dream is to meet a rich customer and be taken away from all of this, but I try to keep it professional and at the end of the day I'm sure he will always be booking escorts on his trips away, so the answer would be no. Many customers have asked me to marry them and they will pay me lots of money to stay with them, I can't trust them. This job makes you wiser, I guess.

Question: Who has been your most liberal client and are you at liberty to reveal from which country he came from?

So far I think people from Europe are very adaptable. I think people from Sweden are more liberal. They are easy come, easy go.

Question: What was the longest time you ever spent with a client? And are spending longer periods with clients better than, say a shorter time with a client?

I did spend two weeks with a client, normally the minimum booking is two hours, but after the first encounter he called the agency and said he was travelling around Thailand and needed some company. He was an older gentleman and was very sincere. I got an amazing tip also.

It's hard to say that a longer booking is better than a shorter one, it all depends on the chemistry between us. I prefer longer bookings as you get to know more of each other than just a quick two-hour session.

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Bangkok Lady Escort - Candy

Bangkok Lady Escort

Question: As an escort have you ever received a big tip from a client and can you say how much money it was?

Yes, it was the client who booked me for two weeks. He was an American man and after the trip, he paid me in full and said I have a little something for you too, I was amazed he gave me 100,000 Baht. That was incredible and what a feeling when I received such an amount of money.

Question: What is your favourite sexual position and what do most men want when it comes to sex.

I like all positions, but my favourite would be doggy position as I know most men do like this and I am also petite so they like to see me from behind. Most of the clients like A-Level and CIM. I offer both these services and enjoy them too.

Question: What do you consider are your best body features such as in tits, bum, legs, hair, eyes etcetera?

Argh, I guess I like my bum and waist, my bum is small and curvy and I have a small waist. 

Question: As a Bangkok escort do you prefer older or younger men and if so can you tell me why.

I like all men and If I had to choose, I guess I would prefer older men to younger men as so far from my experience, older men seem to be kinder and more sincere. 

Question: What can a first-time farang expect from you and what type of services do you offer BJ, Golden Showers etcetera.

I do offer lots of services A-Level, BBBJ, CIM, Couples, Lesbian, Deep Throat, also I do Swallow, not many do that. My character is friendly and bubbly, My English skills are also good as it always important to communicate with the clients. Overall, I'm the Real Girlfriend Experience.

Bangkok Lady Escort - Candy

Bangkok Lady Escort

Question: As an escort, servicing mainly men clients, have you ever been booked out by a girl or lady from a foreign country wanting to have fun with you including lesbian sex?

Yes, I had a regular client, she was a Korean Air hostess, very pretty and she was adorable, We used to have dinner together and then we would have some wine and fun back in her room. I really enjoyed our Lesbian activities and we often used toys to explore each other.

Question: Do any of your clients want you to dress up in fantasy outfits such as maid's outfits, schoolgirl outfits etcetera when meeting a client?

Sure, this is a regular request and I have many outfits, I do normally get the request to be a naughty school girl, often incorporating role play situations. Once you have decided to make a booking with me just ask the agency which sexy uniform you require and I will bring it with me for our encounter.

Question: Are you fussy about where your clients come from and which country do your favourite clients come from?

No, I treat all my clients the same and I have no preference to their nationality, the majority of my clients are Indian and British.

Question: What kind of things do you girls talk (gossip) about after coming back from a client? I am sure you have some very interesting stories to tell. Can you give me some details?

I normally try to keep my time with my clients confidential, but in some cases, some of my friends have been with the same customer and they have asked the usual questions such as - What's he like? What's his size like? I'm not into gossip as it's not professional and I do know our agency is very strict on confidentiality.

Question: As an escort are you ever asked to perform tricks for clients and if so can you give me an example?

Customers have asked me to sometimes go up to their friends, especially if we meet at a lobby bar and chat with them to see what their reactions would be. Sometimes it's funny and other times they have said to me - Do I know you? I try to play along with it, but normally my customer will join in and pretend to chat with me also, then his friend will become interested in me - funny.

Question: Is there anything else that you would like to add to this interview that might be of interest to my readers? Anything at all. It can be a funny moment or anything else you can think of.

I think all that's left to say other than all the information I have told you, is - book me soon and I will certainly ensure we have a great time together. Really looking forward to seeing you soon. Hugs and kisses.

Bangkok Lady Escort - Candy

Rates for our Bangkok Lady Escort 

2 hours 2 shots 8,000 THB

4 hours 2 shots 10,000 THB

6 hours 2 shots 12,000 THB

10 hours 3 shots 15,000 THB

24 hours 4 shots 20,000 THB

A-Level additional 2,000 THB

Rates for couples 

Rates for couples are double the rates posted above. However, it is recommended that couples book two escorts as rates for booking one or two escorts are the same. The couple fee is waived if the number of clients equals that of the number of escorts.

Rates for our Bangkok Lady Escort outside the City

For Candy to travel and meet you outside the capital city, we do charge an additional travelling fee. As an example, travel fees to Pattaya will be an extra 2,500 THB and travel fees to Hua Hin will be 3,500 THB.

We are always open to new ideas and service opinions. Please email us if you are looking for a specific service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Bangkok Lady Escort Uniforms and Outfits

We have a variety of uniforms available on request such as School Girl Uniforms, Police Officer and Nurse Outfits, Air Hostess and French Maid Uniforms. You may ask your chosen escorts to wear any one of these outfits during your time with them.

This is a complimentary service we provide regardless of the number of hours you have booked with us. We are always looking at new ways to increase the number of choices available to enhance your experience.

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