Bangkok Escort Fiona

Young Thai Lady known as the Bubbly One


They simply call her the bubbly one. That's how Bangkok Escort Fiona is better known to her friends, family and all who have the pleasure of meeting her. And for good reason too. Fiona has this lively and fun personality. She almost always seems to be extremely happy and she loves to laugh a lot. Best of all she has the sweetest smile on any face.

Fiona may be just 20 years young, but she is mature beyond her age and as an added bonus speaks English rather well. Not only that, she's an absolute delight to be around and what with that sleek and slender frame and that sweet smile, she's sure to make you weak at the knees. So long as that's all that makes you weak. Fiona has such a bubbly character and is a sensual young lady with a desire to satisfy you whether on a romantic dinner date or a night of wild passion.

But before I get to the nitty gritty of what makes this sexy chick tick, I'd like to give you a little background into what life was really like prior to this charming young lady becoming Bangkok Escort Fiona.

As a foreigner, it's not easy to visualise or understand much of the cultural aspects of what life is like living in Thailand but even more so in rural areas of the country. Fiona was born and raised in Chiang Rai in northern Thailand. Life there is a lot different to her life in Bangkok. If you'd like to request a different lady, simply click on the link below and find out how the Smooci escort dating platform works. It's never been this easy.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep you up-to-date with the comings and goings of our girls, there's always going to be times when a particular lady is not available at present or that she has simply moved on in another direction. If that is the case, don't hesitate to contact us so that we may provide you with an alternative lady.

Bangkok Escort Fiona - The Early Days 

To begin with Fiona grew up in a mid-size family with a caring mum and dad but life was not easy (as it is with small town folk) and making ends meet was a daily challenge. Chiang Rai in northern Thailand has limited opportunity for young people to find decent work and as in any household, maintaining the family was a continual battle. Growing up in any up country place has its hardships and for Fiona, well she had to make some difficult and rational decisions to help provide for her family.

If Fiona were to stay at home working in a shop or selling food from a market stall she would not have earned sufficient funds for her family's survival but more important the opportunity to better herself would also have been virtually impossible. Originally after graduating from high school Fiona thought that becoming an office girl would be a wise choice but soon realized that she was never going to achieve her goal because her qualifications were not highly graded to warrant a respectable job. 

Nevertheless Fiona started working at a local convenience store near her home town. But just two years into her new "working career" her mother suggested it would be a good idea for her to do the right thing and get married. Fiona just wasn't ready for this big step.

And while it came as a shock to her she felt trapped and was not ready to settle down and or raise a family. Besides this was going to make matters worse as money was really tight and everything she earned was given to her family and her two younger sisters who are not able to work yet.

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Bangkok Escort Fiona

Bangkok Escort Fiona - Her Journey

And so the journey of Bangkok Escort Fiona begins to take shape. It all started when Fiona befriended a girl she met at work. It wasn't long after her new found friend introduced her to a more prosperous way to earn good money, which would provide a better-living standard not only for her but also for her family.

Now if you know anything about Thailand other than the wonderful weather, the idyllic beaches and the fantastic nightlife then you would also know that there are a lot of gorgeous girls here too. According to Fiona's friend and mine, Fiona was gorgeous too.

Those were the magic words, any Thai girl loves to hear and for Fiona, this was no exception. As she eagerly listened and wanted to know more, Fiona also knew that what she was hearing was something she knew little about (though many others do) and that she too was afraid to enter into a business that she, at the time, was unbecoming of her. But with the prospects of making much more money than her current convenience store job, this offer was way too good to pass up.

When this friend told her she had bought a new home for her family, a new motorbike and many other things, Fiona wanted to know even more. The only problem was that Fiona would have to relocate to the big city of Bangkok of which she knew very little. 

At the time Fiona had never left her small town environment and Bangkok seemed a long way from home. It was then when Fiona's friend dropped the bomb and told her that she worked at a Bangkok escort agency as an escort girl.

At this point, Fiona's almond eyes were wide open and she appeared to be in total shock and asked if this was like being a prostitute. Yes, if you want to look at it that way her friend said, but the money is so good and you will have all your problems solved. You may even meet a wealthy man with a good heart who will take you to a distant land. 

Then you could get married and live happily ever after as any children's book will tell you. This would be the ultimate dream coming true. And so Bangkok Escort Fiona was born as are many of the other girl's dreams here too.

Bangkok Escort Fiona

Fiona on Leaving Chaing Rai

Fiona's friend said she would be leaving Chiang Rai in three days to go back to work at the escort agency where she had previously worked and that Fiona was more than welcome to join her. Fiona would also be welcome to stay in her friend's apartment while she learned the ropes of her new employment.

Fiona said that she would definitely think things over and would be in contact with her friend in a day or two. For the next few days, Fiona found it difficult to sleep and at the same time kept thinking of what this new job would mean to her family.

It would certainly offer them a better quality of life. But more worrying than anything else was how Fiona would have to tell them that she would be leaving for a new job in Bangkok. And how could she possibly tell them what kind of job she would be doing and where all this new money would be coming from. 

Before Bubbly Bangkok Escort Fiona set off on her journey, she needed advice from her new friend as on how to explain to her family why she would want to go to Bangkok.

Just tell them that you want to explore further afield and to look for a better paying job in the big city her new friend said. Later, when they see the big money coming in, tell them that you have a great position in sales and that you are earning huge commissions. Little will they realise the position you'll mostly be in is on your back and the sales will be in selling sweet smelling body parts.


Fiona Arriving in Bangkok 

Bangkok Escort Fiona says that she will never forget the day she arrived in the big city. Everything was so new and different but exciting all the same. The bright lights, the congested streets and the humidity that seemed so much more intense than in the north. It was all too much to absorb at the beginning, but all that would soon pass.

And it wasn't long before Fiona met her new boss and worked in ways she never thought would become part of her daily routine. You could say that Fiona was lured into the sex business, but it doesn't take much persuasion for pretty Thai girls to take to this profession as it is for ducks to take to the water.

John F. Kennedy once said... Ask not what your country can do for you, ask what you can do for your country. In Fiona's case, she isn't only thinking about what your money can do for her, but what your money can do for her country. As simple as killing two birds with one stone and at the same time it's not a bad way to make easy money. And if Fiona hits the jackpot, she might meet her knight in shining armour.

Bangkok Escort Fiona says that her escort experience has had some good moments and some not so good moments too. Not everything goes the way she would have wanted it to go, but that goes without saying for any profession. Fiona insists that she was and still is a rather shy girl, even while doing this job.

But she goes on to say that she will not change who she is. Good for her! Fiona only sees her job as a way of making good money for her family. Not only that, every time Fiona goes back home she always makes sure she visits the local orphanage to donate whatever money she can afford. It makes her feel so proud and even thought the money came via the sex industry, it is in some small way contributing to help others who desperately need it.

Bangkok Escort Fiona

Fiona's Big Dream

Fiona’s dream at the moment is to one day have her own business in her hometown, Chiang Rai. Perhaps a coffee shop and bakery selling cakes and cappuccinos to foreign visitors. Who knows. The cakes of which she'll bake herself because Fiona has some amazing baking skills. And she also knows that one day her dream will come true too. But for today Fiona says it's all about making your dreams cum true. 

If you are looking for the ultimate girlfriend experience I'd have to say that Bangkok Escort Fiona could very well be your dream girl cum true. Fiona is a caring young lady who just wants to make sure you have a great time with her.

She also wants you to know that her specialties are BBBJ, CIM, COF, COB, GFE, DFK, DEEP THROAT, 3 SOME and LESBIAN So if you would like to see more of Bangkok Escort Fiona please don't hesitate to call our offices at Pure Bangkok Escorts and as much as we would be delighted to meet with you so too would Fiona.

Bangkok Escort Fiona

Bangkok Escort Fiona - Rates

2 hours 2 shots 5,000 THB

4 hours 2 shots 7,000 THB

6 hours 2 shots 8,000 THB

10 hours 3 shots 10,000 THB

24 hours 4 shots 12,000 THB

Additional charge for extra shots at 1,000 THB per shot

Bangkok Escort Fiona - Rates outside Bangkok

For Fiona to travel and meet you outside the capital city, we do charge an additional travelling fee. As an example, travel fees to Pattaya will be an extra 2,500 THB and travel fees to Hua Hin will be 3,500 THB. We are always open to new ideas and service opinions. Please email us if you are looking for a specific service and we will do our very best to accommodate your special needs.

Escort Uniforms and Outfits

We also have a variety of uniforms available on request such as School Girl Uniforms, Police Officer and Nurse Outfits, Air Hostess and French Maid Uniforms. You may ask Fiona to wear any one of these outfits during your time with her.

This is a complimentary service we provide regardless of the number of hours you have booked with us. We are always looking at new ways to increase the number of choices available to enhance your experience.

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