Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

The Girl with Style and Sophistication 


Sophia - Age 29 (34C-26-36) Height 156cm

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia, who hails from the town of Trat on the east coast of Thailand, is a such a charming, friendly and adventurous fun loving young lady. With that beautiful busty body and drop dead curves of hers, Sophia sure knows just how to please and as a bonus, she will afford you with the ultimate A-Level experience.

Sophia loves to dress up with real class and having spent three years in the United Kingdom, her English has improved considerably.

Together with her two best friends Bonnie and Julie, this trio is as enthusiastic and adventurous as they come. These lovely ladies of the night, enjoy doing things together be it dressing up for a trip to the cinema, having dinner or simply getting up close and personal with lots of mischievous ways to pleasure you. What a perfect way to treat yourself to six wondering hands and three delightful bodies at the same time as you explore every crack and cranny for the ultimate experience.

This web page contains some images of people who are not clothed. If you should be offended by viewing our young girls in the all natural you may want to go to another page you feel is less offensive to you. By viewing this page, you agree not to be offended by the depiction of nudity and that you are an adult of legal age to view such material.

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Come and meet Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

After having met Bangkok Call Girl Sophia personally, I have to say that she is a super sexy stunner with a huge adventurous appetite. Here are some answers she gave me from dozens of questions I put forward to her. Please feel free to explore sensual Sophia's secrets, and if you like what you see and what this bubbly lady has to say, then perhaps you'd like to meet her in person when next in Bangkok.

While Sophia had been working at our agency in a managerial position, she is now providing a full service which includes multiple shots, BBBJ, Deep Throat, COB, COF and CIM. Sophia gives and receives golden showers and rimming and is also happy to provide A-Level so long as she's the one receiving it and it's with protection - if you get my drift.

Sophia will bring any sexy uniform or outfit that takes your fancy and if you like, she'll bring some toys to play with too. And did I mention that Sophia does lesbian performances as well? Support Sophia by filling in your details on the booking form at the bottom of this page.

Please note that while we do our very best to keep you up-to-date with the comings and goings of our girls, there's always going to be times when a particular lady is not available at present or that she has simply moved on in another direction. If that is the case, don't hesitate to contact us so that we may provide you with an alternative lady.

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Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia - Questions and Answers

Question: Tell me something about yourself such as your favourite hobbies and also what type of things you like to do for fun outside of the agency?

I don't have that many hobbies to speak of but what I love to do is to dress up. I also love to go shopping like any good girl does, and I love to go for a manicure or a Thai massage at a good spa around the city of Bangkok.

Question: What was the best thing that you loved about your job as an escort?

What I loved most about my job as a high-class escort, is that I got to sleep over at 5-star hotels with mostly wonderful and caring men.

Question: Do you have any other job than your work at the escort agency?

I am currently taking a hair-styling course at a school in Bangkok. I go to the school every morning from 8:00 am until 3:00 pm. I enjoy the challenges there and hope to have my own salon shop one day.

Question: What has been the best experience you've ever had with a client?

I did receive a big tip from a customer right after I met him. This was about five seconds into the meeting. He handed me 300 US dollars.

Question: What has been the worst experience you've ever had with a client?

Normally with a 24-hour booking, I will provide 4 shots. But one client wanted me to provide an a-level experience for all his 4 shots. That was not fair because it's painful to take all 4 shots in that tight hole.

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia - Questions and Answers

Question: When you were a high-class escort, have you ever had an embarrassing moment with a client? Can you tell me in detail what happened?

Passion ran high with one of my clients. We were both enjoying the sexual encounter. However, it was cut short because I had to rush him to the hospital. Apparently, his blood pressure began rising. It was such an embarrassing experience, having to provide the doctor with the specifics.

Question: As a high-class escort, had you ever had to entertain any strange or crazy clients and what exactly did you have to do to please them?

I once had a client who had purchased a lot of dog-related items such as a dog collar and a dog leash. He wore these items and asked me to walk him while calling him doggie. He also asked me to hit him with a whip, rub his ass and then make me smell it. After the walk, I had to put a banana in my tight little hole and he licked it and said “yummy and sweet” It was a wild and bizarre experience.

Question: Is it possible that when working as a High-Class Escort, you were secretly looking to meet a kind heartfelt farang to marry? Perhaps even one of the customers you had met.

I was looking for someone who is nice and caring. I had hoped that he would be able to help me market the salon shop I wanted to open then.

Question: Who had been your most generous client and is it okay to reveal the country in which he came from?

For me, the most liberal are the Australians and one client, in particular, was extremely nice and generous to me. I would like more of those men.

Question: What was the longest time you have ever spent with a client? And are spending longer periods with clients better than shorter times with clients?

For me, it was 3 days. This client from the UK was such a gentleman. Not only did he choose me, but he also took my best girlfriends Paula and Julie from the agency and spent the whole time with us in Pattaya.

Question: What kind of things do you girls like to gossip about after coming back from a client? I am sure you have some very interesting stories to tell. I am sure my visitors would love to hear some, if not all the sexy scandals.

To be honest, we mainly gossip about the kind of tips we get from our clients. Sometimes we gossip about how good the clients were or how many positions and times we experienced fun with them. Generally, we also gossip about size, what positions and what type of activities would have turned him on. But, Hey! - Don't worry,  we won't pass on any of your details or phones your wives. You're safe in our hands. Ha! Ha!

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia - Questions and Answers

Question: When you were a high-class escort, had you ever received a big tip from a client and can you say how much it was?

The biggest tip I ever got was 2,000 British Pounds from a very nice English man. Wow!! that was a real blessing. I was so excited I couldn't stop talking about it for weeks. Are there any other good men out there.

QuestionWhat is your favourite sexual position and what have you discovered that most men want when it comes to sex?.

As with all the girls here I also love doggie. It's a position that excites me. I love it! Cow-Girl also thrills me and 69 is so much fun especially for foreplay. Most men want sex any which way. Just ask and I will provide.

Question: What do you consider your best body features such as in tits, bum, legs, hair, eyes etc?

I love my boobs way too much. They are huge and if you had employed me as your escort, you would not have gotten enough of them.

Question: Do you prefer older or younger men and if so can you tell me why.

I loved older men because they know how to take care of me and they are always polite. Most of my clients were older and I am happy with that. Also, sex with older men is a lot better because they tend to take their time. Younger guys generally go straight to the action as they can hardly contain themselves. Overall I was happy with all my clients. 

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

Bangkok Call Girl Sophia - Questions and Answers

Question: What could have a first-time farang expect from you and what type of services did you offer, such as BBBJ, Golden Showers, etcetera.

I was completely comfortable with everything, including Fellatio, Catbath, Frenching, Cunnilingus, Doggie, 69, Full Service, 3 some, CIM, COF, COB, BBBJ. For an extra charge, I also provided customers with a fantastic a-level experience.

Question: What was the funniest experience you've had as a high-class escort.

One client took me out shopping, then to a salon and lastly to a sex shop where we had a lot of fun choosing sex toys to entertain each other later that night. It was a funny fun experience though an embarrassing first-time encounter choosing sex toys with a client.

Question: Is there anything else that you would like to add to this interview that might be of interest to my readers? Anything at all. Can be a funny moment or anything else you can possibly think of.

I had a role-play being a teacher once and that was a fun experience. The client asked me to be his geography teacher. I had to point to a country on a map and if he gave me the country’s name incorrectly,  I had to punish him. Now you could easily be my student for the day!!!

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Rates for Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

2 hours 2 shots 5,000 THB

4 hours 2 shots 7,000 THB

6 hours 2 shots 8,000 THB

10 hours 3 shots 9,000 THB

24 hours 4 shots 12,000 THB

A-Level additional 2,000 THB

Bangkok Call Girl Rates for Couples

Rates for couples are double the rates posted above. However, it is recommended that couples book two ladies as rates for booking one or two ladies are the same. The couple fee is waived if the number of clients equals that of the number of girls.

Bangkok Call Girl rates outside of Bangkok

For Bangkok Call Girl Sophia to travel and meet you outside the capital city, we do charge an additional travelling fee. As an example, travel fees to Pattaya will be an extra 2,500 THB and travel fees to Hua Hin will be 3,500 THB.

We are always open to new ideas and service opinions. Please contact us if you are looking for a specific service and we will do our best to accommodate you.

Escort Uniforms and Outfits

We have a variety of uniforms available on request such as School Girl Uniforms, Police Officer and Nurse Outfits, Air Hostess and French Maid Uniforms. You may ask your chosen escorts to wear any one of these outfits during your time with them. This is a complimentary service we provide regardless of the number of hours you have booked with us. We are always looking at new ways to increase the number of choices available to enhance your experience.

If Sophia should get your blood pumping and your heart racing, don't waste another moment. Now would be the time to book her. You can also book any of the other girls Lisa - Larosy - Sonica -  Daniela - Nylah - See the Booking Form below.



Bangkok Call Girl Sophia

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