Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours
in Bangkok

La Defense Massage Parlour

Would you like to see the Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok and where to find them? I bet you do. And wasn't that the one thing ingrained in your brain ever since you knew the day you'd be coming to the city of angels was fast approaching. Now to honestly answer the question I would have to have the philosophy and wisdom of Confucius.

Was it not Confucius who said... If the shoe fits, get another one just like it. But the author of this article says... Never put off today what you can do tomorrow because if you do it today and you like it, you can do it all over again tomorrow. Hopefully at one of the soapy massage parlours listed here.

But before that...

Here are a few wise words Confucius would want you to know. 

A wife who put hubby in the doghouse will soon find him in the cat house. 

A prostitute who likes bondage is usually strapped for cash.

A prostitute who has hand in panties is self-employed.

The man who has hand in pocket is always on the ball.

The man who tries doggie style doesn't want to face wife. 

The man who is impotent will get willy-nilly.

Below are what I consider to be the top ten soapy massage parlours in Bangkok. To be fair they are in no particular order of preference. And the reason for this is that sometimes you'll go to a soapy massage parlour thinking this one is just up your alley only to find you had a shitty time there while other times it was damn near fantastic. Just be aware that many of these these parlours are upmarket, upscale (often overpriced) and even more difficult should you ever want to leave. 

Poseidon Entertainment Complex

Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Poseidon Entertainment Complex is located in a tall building two hundred metres up the road from the Emerald Hotel and across the road from the Grand Hotel. It's possibly the best soapy massage parlour in all of Bangkok and for that, it slots in at my number one spot. You only need to enter its domain to see exactly why this place receives top honours year after year. 

The establishment has some of the hottest girls in the business. In the fishbowl alone sit some fifty gorgeous girls. And then there's, even more, sizzling hot babes, super models and penthouse pets on some of the other floors too. If you have big bucks, you can't afford to miss this place. Only make sure you choose wisely.

Colonze 2 Massage Parlour

Colonze 2 Massage Parlour located inside the Crystal Hotel just off Rachadaphisek Road, is one of the most expensive massage parlours in Bangkok. However, for the right kind of money and the right kind of mindset you can expect to get the best of the best.

The establishment has some of the gorgeous girls in town. And the girls are deliciously hotter than Thailand's Sriracha chilli. You'd want to gobble them up right there and then. Full body massage, a soapy massage and the famous Nuru massage are some of what you can expect from their erotic and exotic menu.

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Caesars Entertainment Complex

Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Caesars Entertainment Complex is another extremely up-market massage parlour on Ratchadapisek Road and very near the Poseidon entertainment complex. It's also located across the road from the Emerald Hotel.  It's that special place you may just want to stay awhile longer. The establishment has a fishbowl filled with beautiful young and gorgeous girls and all the rooms are of an extremely high standard, each uniquely designed and equipped with saunas and Jacuzzi spas as well as all the best bells and whistles you could ever have wished for.

Victoria Massage Parlour

Victoria Massage located on Rama 9 Road and close to La Defense is another one of my top ten soapy massage parlours in Bangkok that apart from being extremely upmarket, superbly decorated, it really delivers on its promise of excellent service, great atmosphere, some of the friendliest staff around town and many of the best-looking girls your money could possibly buy. Having said that, there's no secret that this place will surely blow your mind and just maybe a few other things too.

La Defense Massage Parlour

Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

La Defense Massage Parlour located on Rama 9 Road next to the Royal Pacific Hotel and the Catherine Massage Parlour is one of the hottest soapy massage salons in the city. It may be a little out of town and a perhaps little pricey, but the establishment does go all out to please, with its friendly staff, its excellent service and some great looking girls. 

Though they cater mostly for Japanese clientele, as a westerner I have to admit this was by far the best soapy massage parlour I've visited in Bangkok. Prices start at around 2,000 Baht and taper off around 5,500 Baht. It's top class and comes highly recommended.

La Belle Massage Parlour

La Belle Entertainment Complex located just past the overhead bridge near Asok on New Phetchaburi Road and next door to the Siam Hotel is a fairly new place and a great place to meet a lot of pretty girls. This parlour has replaced what was formally known as the Mona Lisa. And while it seems to cater mainly for Asian clientele, there is no stopping westerners from coming here either.

Prices start at around 2,200 Baht but for the new girls in town they can go as high as 6,800 Baht. And all this for a ninety-minute soapy session. A word of warning (for foreigners only) and that is the staff here often overcharge. All in all, it's right here in the top ten soapy massage parlours in Bangkok.   

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Emmanuelle Entertainment Complex

Top Ten Soapy Massage Parlours in Bangkok

Emmanuelle Entertainment Complex is located near the Emerald Hotel and opposite Swissotel Le Concorde Hotel on Ratchadapisek Road. It's got to be one of the top ten soapy massage parlours in Bangkok because these guys have been around for a long time and really know their business.

Emmanuelle is one of the most renown parlours of its kind here. It's also classy, upmarket and a great place to get a true soapy experience. If you are looking for real class, reasonable prices and some of the sexiest girls in town, then this one is for you.

Utopia Massage Complex

Utopia Entertainment located on Rama 9 Road is one of the most upmarket soapy massage parlours in town. You can expect to get the best looking and sexiest girls in town at this establishment, but you'll also be expected to fork out some really big bucks too. The reason is simple enough as the place is ultra luxurious from the moment you step inside. It just tastes, smells and inspires decadence. If you want the best your money can buy then this could well be the right one for you.   

Amsterdam Massage Parlour

Amsterdam Massage Complex located opposite the Grand Mercure Fortune Hotel in Bangkok is straight out the pages of the red light district of the Netherlands and it's a great place to simply relax with its friendly staff and sexy super model girls.

Cupidy Massage Parlour

Cupidy Massage is a popular soapy massage parlour situated in the basement of the Plaza Entertainment Complex on Petchaburi Road. It's one of my favourite top ten soapy massage parlours in Bangkok as the girls are top notch. This place has some of the sexiest girls you'll ever find in town and the prices are reasonable too. You haven't been to Bangkok if you haven't been to Cupidy.  

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