Thank You letters from Phuket

Long Tail Boats on the Beach

I'd like to share with you a thank you letter I received from an open-minded caucasian couple from South Africa who were wanting to experience what Phuket Nightlife is really like but more importantly, how safe it would be for them on the island as this was going to be their very first trip to Thailand.

In their own words:

Thanks for your info. We really enjoyed reading about what you had to say about Phuket. We plan to go for a short vacation. My wife and I have toured Europe but have never been to Thailand. We would like to cover as many things as possible but our main interest is the carnal nightlife and we would like to experience it up to a point of absolute safety.

We want to go for a nice erotic experience but do not know where to go and what to look out for. Our other concern is that we do not want to go on a group tour as we are very private people. I also want to give my wife an experience of a lifetime but we would not want to stay in an angel type hotel. There are also many other things we would want to explore too.

Ocean View

Thank You Letters - What can we expect in Phuket

Can you tell us what to wear and what type of weather to expect? Do we need to take our own condoms and where do we go for a safe encounter without the fear of being ripped off? We would appreciate your views so that we can be prepared for the unexpected. Once again thank you for your input. If time permits we might even have a chance to meet up.

We will be based at the Centara Kata Resort on Kata beach. Would you be so kind as to fill us in on all the activities and places of interest that are worthwhile in Phuket? I can gather from what you are telling us, that it is very likely we may have already booked our hotel in the wrong place.

Safety is our real concern as we are totally uninformed as to where to go or what to do. We have tried to read up as much as we can about Phuket but haven't found the sort of info we are looking for. It is not our intention to sit on the beach all the time.

Once again we wish to thank you for your info and would appreciate it if you can tell us more or direct us to where to look and stay as we plan to do it all again for a longer period next time.

Sand and Sea

Thank You Letters - Answers to your Questions

I am going to answer all your questions as best I can. Firstly, let me explain that it is quite safe in Phuket. I take it you are going to stay on the island the whole time. There are lots of islands nearby for day trips but they are hardly erotic and Ko Samui is too far to party. You would need to spend a couple of days there.

Just so you know I am single and have had a fair share of Thai girlfriends. They are all keen to have fun in and out of the bedroom, however, they do come at a price.

I was approached once by the deputy mayor of Phuket who wanted me to participate in a few orgies with some of this overseas guests but I turned him down when he wanted to start a sexual affair with me. He owns the Safari Club in Phuket. He said I could choose any girl I like, there.

Don't worry yourself about group sex in Phuket, you would need lots of time there to find the right places anyway and you don't have the time. There are lots of single clubs to go to and most are all in one central area of Bangla Road which is just off Patong beach road. You can pick up girls in any of the bars and go-go bars as well as any of the night clubs.

Island Lifestyle

Thank You Letters - How things work around Here

This is how it works... Go to any bar on Bangla road, they are mostly open-air bars, hundreds of them off the side streets of Bangla road. Walk through the rows of bars and sit down wherever you see something you like. All the girls are FOR SALE. Pick one or two or three or as many as you like (can be from different bars) Pay the bar fines (cost about 200 to 300 baht per girl) then the girl is yours for the night.

Now you have to be aware that some of the girls here can actually be boys called ladyboys or katoeys. Most have had the full operation from top to bottom. Some of them even speak like girls. Some tourists don't even know the difference.

Most of the Katoeys hang out on the first left-hand side street, known as a Soi, as you enter Bangla road from the beach road. Now I don't know what your preference is but these ladyboys can be a lot of fun, more so than the regular Thai girls but you have to careful here because these ladyboys still think like boys and you would need to watch your wallet.

They can be cunning. The real girls don't really try to rip you off and can be quite polite. One thing you do need to be careful of: NEVER RUN A BAR TAB. Pay for every round of drink as you order.

Bar fines at the Go-Go bars are generally more than the normal girly bars. Here the bar fines are between 500 to 600 Baht. The girls will want their fee of between 1,000 and 2,000 Baht per night. Now you can go short time with them which will be for a half to full hour.

Always inquire as to the price before you go. A good tip is to ask for the mamasan when you go there and ask her how the system works.  She's the 50 years something usually with a mole on her nose. She will tell you what the prices are.

To be honest the girls in the go-go bars, while they might cost more, are by far much prettier than the bar girls in general. Also, you can watch them dance, it's very erotic, far more than other places.

I spend most of my time there but I also go to other bars where expats hang out and I like to go to the night clubs too. Night clubs are mostly free to go into as they make most of their money from the drinks they sell.

Phuket Island

Thank You Letters - Condoms and Clothing

Take your own condoms. I have never heard of any foreigner getting AIDS from Thai girls. Bar girls insist that you put a condom on before sex. As far as I can tell, the only AIDS problem is among the less educated locals who mostly refuse to wear condoms. Did you know that Thailand produces a huge amount of latex products from their rubber plantations?

Take as little clothing as you can, T-Shirts, shorts and sandals are all you need during the day. You can use the same at night. It's still hot. I sometimes wear long cotton pants at night with a short sleeve shirt and slip on type shoes.

I'll leave it up to your wife to take clothing accordingly. The only time you need to cover up is at temples but somehow I doubt they are high on your agenda. Jeans are a no no. It's too hot for that.

You can take the girl back to your hotel if you like but you may have to pay for her to stay the night which in your case can be at full rates. I can recommend a good cheap and clean hotel to take them to if you like, only five minutes from Bangla road.

Your hotel Centara Kata Resort is about an hour away from Phuket airport. I haven't stayed there as I always go to Patong. Your hotel is about 15 minutes away. Not as much goes on at Kata beach as it does in Patong.

You can spend time at the bars in Kata but if you really want to have fun you need to go to Patong. You will have to take a taxi each time you go there. It would have been better to stay at a hotel in Patong.

Once again we wish to thank you for taking the time to let us know a little more as to what to expect while in Phuket and thank you for the info too. 

Cosy Island

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