Thailand sex travel info

A Beginners Guide to sex industry Jargon

Thailand sex travel info guide

So what exactly is all this crazy talk everyone is going gaga about in Thailand's sex industry! And just what are all those ridiculous phrases and slapstick jargon we are constantly reminded of when seeking sex in Thailand. Most of us know what goes on in a beer bar here and some of us also know what a go-go bar is. But what exactly is the meaning of a blow job bar? Does it mean we get a free blow job when ordering a beer. No, not exactly. Close, but no cigar. And what's all this about lady drinks the moment you enter a bar whatever the bar name suggests.

Then there are other words and phrases like mamasan, short time and long time. The list goes on. We all know what a butterfly is but a butterfly in Thailand is a different creature altogether. Is a freelancer someone who's willing to give you sex for free? And what does the initials GFE stand for? Stick around to find answers to all this and more.

1) Girly Beer Bars - not to be confused with pubs and clubs, are found all around Thailand, but for the most part, in tourist hot spots. They are easily identified by their open-sided facades and very often in large clusters down crowded side streets known as Soi's. Groups of ten to twenty smiling and giggling girls sit on wooden stools vying for your attention as you walk by. 

They may start a conversation by talking you into joining them in a typical bar game such as hammering a nail into a large wooden block or a game of chance such as Jenga or Flippet. Find out more about these typical bar games.

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2) Go-Go Bars - are typically indoor girly bars where groups of girls dance on stage or on the bar itself. Though the girls don't specifically do any of those fancy pole tricks seen in western strip clubs, they do dance from pole to pole. Unfortunately of late, go-go girls are forbidden to dance naked or even topless these days.

However, there have been topless times when management gives the all-clear should authorities become a bit slack or that they simply turn a blind eye. But this is not the norm. Usually go-go girls are scantily clad - wearing either lingerie or bikinis. The girls are also numbered should you request a take away. Find out more about go-go bars in Bangkok and Pattaya.

Pattaya Beer Bar Girls

Thailand Sex Travel Info

3) Blow Job Bars - are a completely different story altogether, but as the very name suggests, they need no formal introduction. There are several of these establishments in Bangkok. But the one that stands out the most is Dr Bj's Bow Job Salon near the Nana BTS Station on Sukhumvit Soi 7/1. The place is bright and inviting from the outside, but you need to step inside to see what's really going on inside. Here the girls dress up as consultants or nurses. Find out more about this blow job bar in Bangkok.

4) Bar Fines - are fees that any one of the bars above will charge you for taking out a girl from the establishment. Typically, beer bars charge around $10-$20. But that all depends on where you go in Thailand.

While there are beer bars on many of the touristy islands, there are also plenty in Pattaya and Phuket. These fines are essentially an introduction fee that management compensates for the sex worker having to leave the bar for the night. It's not uncommon for bar owners to give a small percentage of the bar fine to the girl of your choice. However, you'll be required to pay the girl for her company and services. Go-Go bars are known to charge higher fees with some asking $20-$50.

Dr Bj's Bar Salon in Bangkok

Thailand Sex Travel Info

5) Short Time - is kinda self explanatory. This usually happens when your head is way up in the clouds and you haven't got too much time to dilly dally. You simply want to take a beer bar girl or a go-go girl for a quick shot in a nearby room. Most beer bar complexes and go-go bars have short time rooms somewhere on the premises. 

It could either be a back room or a room upstairs. You'll be asked to pay a small bar fine, another amount for the room and an agreed price for the girl for services rendered. Probably somewhere in the region of $20-$70 depending on the type of bar. When all is done and dusted, the bar girl will return to work and you'll continue where you left off. Simple as that!

6) Long Time - is also kinda self explanatory. This is when you have lots of time to linger longer. And hopefully you're thinking a lot clearer and smarter too. Well, that's probably what you believe it to be anyway. You've decided on a girl and want to spend the rest of the night with her. You take the girl back to your hotel room where you get to play out your fantasies.

Payment of the bar fine is a little more as well as the services of the girl. Can be in the region of $30-$90. Just make sure that your hotel accepts overnight guests otherwise you may be required to pay an extra cost. I have managed to sneak girls into hotels without the management suspecting a thing. You might get away with it too.

Go-Go Girl Dancers in Pattaya

Thailand Sex Travel Info

7) Mamasan - The name mamasan or mama-san is commonly used to describe the "madam" (usually an older woman) who presides over female workers in go-go bars or the bigger beer bars. You may also find a mamasan in charge of the girls at some of the massage parlours. The primary responsibility of a mamasan is to recruit girls and to make sure the girls look after their customers. Mamasans are also there to help advise customers with whatever request they may have. These older women can be very helpful when you need them. Don't be shy to ask. 

7a) Papasan - is the guy you'll find at the massage parlours. While they demand respect from the girls, they can be far too pushy with their customers. I'd be weary of them at the best of times. Find more Thailand Sex Travel info, in the Beginners Guide to massage parlours in Thailand.

8) Freelancer - This is a tricky one. You see a girl known as a freelancer can mean a couple of things. These girls don't work at any of the beer bars or go-go bars, but rather they work strictly on the streets for themselves. While there are no bar fines to pay, there is a downside - you have no real protection. And I am not talking about condoms here. If anything should go horribly wrong - and they often do - you have no recourse whatsoever. Rushing off to the local police won't help either.  

Another reason is that most freelancers are much older than the girls who work the girly bars. Freelancers usually ply their trade outside nightclubs or directly off the streets. While some may think that freelancers are attractive, in my opinion, most are not. They can be self-assured but they can be a real nuisance too. They may want to charge more for their services and there's a real chance that they could steal your stuff. Be on high alert. Consider them to be untrustworthy.

Go-Go Girls on Walking Street - Pattaya

Thailand Sex Travel Info

9) GFE - Girl Friend Experience. Everyone wants to know what the term GFE is all about. This is where you as a guy travelling solo in Thailand, get to have a true holiday experience with your very own girlfriend. Even if it's just a temporary fling. Your Thai girl will be your companion whether you tour the town, roam the streets or settle down to a romantic liaison.

You can take day trips, visit historical sites, go island hopping together. In short, do everything together. Whether you take out a bar girl or the girl you meet at the beach, you'll be expected to pay for everything. Just remember that if you take out a bar girl you'll have to pay the bar fine for each and every day you spend with her. That way she won't have to go back to work. Find out about a Girlfriend Experience in Thailand.

10) A Butterfly - No, not that little creature that flutters around your back garden. A butterfly in Thailand is someone (can be male or female) who flits around from one partner to the next. Now, you don't want that to happen to you - and Thai girls are all too weary of male butterflies. 

My Girlfriend Experience with Cat

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