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Thailand Retirement or retirement in any other country that is so vastly different socially, culturally and climatically with a value system that we might not always fully understand, could be quite stressful at times if you are not completely prepared to experience uncharted and mysterious territories.

You'd need to be both strong enough mentally and physically in order to overcome the reality of a holiday vacation in an exotic country and actually living in one. For those of you who have a love affair for adventure and the unknown, then perhaps your journey is only about to begin. Step out of your comfort zone and take a walk on the wild side. There's a good possibility you may just love it.

You have to be both positive and optimistic too. You'd also have to be somewhat open minded as you discover how differently everyday life is in a land you'd only seen from the brochures at your travel agency.

Do not fret, though, as you will soon see how quickly and easy it is to adapt and learn enough to make that ultimate decision. In conclusion, you'll be able to sit back, relax and thoroughly enjoy yourself.

Once you are able to overcome life's little hurdles, you could enjoy a great lifestyle here. Thailand is a truly exotic and wholly marvellous location so a love of adventure is certainly a big plus factor too. You would experience many new and fascinating journeys as you travel around Thailand and beyond.

I'd love to retire in this beautiful part of the world someday. I have a Thai girlfriend who lives in Bangkok, which incidentally is one of my favourite big cities. Barcelona in Spain is another. I'd love to settle in Thailand more permanently if only I could convince my girlfriend to continue the love of adventure for travelling to far away places before any discussion of marriage would actually become a reality. 

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Thailand Retirement - Easy Travel to Neighbouring Countries

The fact that Thailand is centrally located in Southeast Asia, you can travel to all the neighbouring countries with absolute ease. There are daily short flights to Vietnam, Burma, Cambodia, Laos, Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Apart from Indonesia, all of these countries have easy road access too.

China, Taiwan, Japan and India are also not that far off for relatively easy travel. As a matter of fact, Thailand is the most convenient country as a base for travel in Asia, especially from the Suvarnabhumi International Airport in Bangkok. From there you can experience short air trips to Thailand's closest neighbours.

I've journeyed to many an exotic country as I have a true love affair with everything Asian. What makes these special regions so immensely interesting is the vast cultural differences and genuinely happy people, which you'll find so vastly different from your own surroundings.

This is mostly from our growing up with western values that have become our norm. We could all learn a tremendous amount of value from the east and if applied correctly, we can all live a far better spiritual life as well. Take care of yourself and your Asian neighbours.

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Thailand Retirement - The Requirements

I'll attempt to explain in detail all aspects and requirements needed to know about buying real estate in Thailand, what your retirement visa requirements are, or what money concerns you'll need to know about and also why Thailand is becoming the choice of destination for retirees. Together we'll travel this road.

For starters, you would need to be willing to learn some Thai language as not knowing any can be quite frustrating at times. The Thai language is not at all easy in the beginning but will get better the more you are in contact with Thai people. There are many places that you can go for lessons and by having a Thai wife or girlfriend can also help you tremendously.

I am not that good at languages myself, but I do know a few words and phrases to get by. The rest I leave up to my friends to help me. You can, of course, live reasonably comfortable in Thailand without learning any Thai at all, as did the American, Jim Thompson, who could not speak Thai, yet ran a successful business in Thailand for 20 years before his mysterious disappearance in 1967.

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Your host Grahame (Yep! that's me) from Luxury Thailand Travel says he'd really appreciate your kind support. Simply take your next tour by selecting any one of the many excursions listed on the left side of this page. Here's wishing you a safe trip and a happy and exciting holiday.

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