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When most people think of a Red Light District, there's a very good possibility they may think it's a kinda place where fairly standard vices and activities such as what might take place in night clubs, strip clubs, go-go bars, ping-pong shows, drinking bars and even a locality where occasional prostitution takes place.

However, for most people, this general view is relatively tame. And by this I mean - you couldn't be further away from the truth, especially in Thailand. And the adult playgrounds of Bangkok are no exception.

Some people equate their red light district experiences with gambling dens, street markets or even expat meeting places where drinking with friends at ordinary downtown bars such as the ones in Bangkok. After going out in Thailand, though, you might have a more interesting (or more traumatic) story to tell, and if this is so, I would love to hear and share your encounters - be it enjoyable or otherwise.

When you're on vacation in a location as unique and, to some, exotic as Thailand, there are certain things that you ought to be prepared for. Some might refer to these things as culture shock, though really this term might not do all of them justice. If you have ever been out in one of Thailand's red light districts, you probably understand exactly what this means or you need to get streetwise.

The Author with Thai Ladyboys

Red Light District - Ladyboys 

So, what makes these sexy hot spots of Thailand so unique, you might ask? One word: ladyboys. Striptease and prostitution are fairly regular activities in the red light districts all over the world, and transgender and hermaphroditic prostitutes do exist elsewhere, but nowhere are they as prevalent or, frankly, as outgoing, as they are in Thailand. This creates an interesting dilemma.

Some sex tourists head to clubs and other nightlife destinations in Thailand specifically seek ladyboys of the night - but others may be in for a bit of a shock. 

The fact is, ladyboys are too many and specifically to a large portion of Japanese nightlife clients, something of a sexual delicacy. Many of the clubs in Thailand feature exclusively ladyboy prostitutes (though sometimes many of them are pre-op) and charge various rates for spending time with them, taking them out of the club, or even spending whole nights with them.

These clubs are hotspot destinations for those who are specifically looking for ladyboy prostitutes. However, ladyboys are also prominent in clubs without such specific clientele.

Thai Ladyboy
with my Niece

Entertainment Playgrounds

The real statistic worth knowing (though there is no definite number) is that the majority of nightclubs in Thailand's red light regions, and most notably in places such as Patpong, Nana Entertainment Plaza, and Soi Cowboy, employ at least a few ladyboys.

While the ladyboys here might be recognisable or even sought after by certain interested parties, many unsuspecting individuals won't know the difference. 

In fact, the entire reason that Thailand is known specifically for its ladyboys - in addition to the fact that they feature more prominently than in other areas, is that many consider them nothing short of beautiful.

This means, to the average client without experience in the area, it can be difficult to tell the difference between a ladyboy and a real lady! And here's the most important thing to know: a ladyboy being paid for sex will take absolute advantage of an unsuspecting or unaware customer. It's something you need to be aware of.

Spot the Thai Ladyboy

Can you spot the ladyboy, also known as a katoey in the photo above?  To make things easier for you, I'll give you a bit of a clue. The little devil in the middle is my niece. Now that cannot be too difficult, can it?

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