Khao Lak
and the Lam Ru National Park

Nang Thong Beach

The once quiet coastal town of Khao Lak will for many of us, never be forgotten as what was deemed to be another glorious day in paradise was without warning, struck by one of the world's worst natural disasters in modern history. 

Many of us know that on the morning of 26th December 2004 a devastating tsunami hit the shores here as well as many other coastal regions of southern Thailand. I had only just left the area less than two months prior to the catastrophe, but will forever remember the aftermath left behind that fateful day.

The town is best noted for its scenic strip of bronze coloured beaches, its close proximity to the Similan Islands and the nearby Lam Ru National Wildlife Park. It lies just 70 kilometres (42 miles) north of the Phuket international airport and halfway between the west coast towns of Takua Pa and Thai MuangThe area here extends across three separate beaches with two of them located north of Lam Ru National Park on a rocky headland and one a little further south.

The ever winding Nang Thong beach occupies the central stretch. It's the most popular of the three. Apart from spending your leisure hours relaxing, swimming or playing any number of ball games on the beach, you can also take a day trip to Sai Rung known as the rainbow waterfall. It's about 16 kilometres (10 miles) north from Nang Thong in Bang Sak and great as an alternative to the beach.

Khao Lak Tsunami Devastation

Khao Lak Coastline after the Tsunami

When the tsunami struck these shores, almost every seafront business, home and hotel were vaporised. Now the main road alongside the beach is once again packed with new shops, restaurants, dive agencies, and guest houses. Visitors are also coming back again to enjoy this lovely part of the Andaman coastline.

The aftermath of the tsunami is still evident if not only for the visible signs of destruction of land and buildings. More than that, the emotional and social scars left behind by residents who once lived and worked here, may take much longer to heal. So much so that many survivors have since left the area in search of new jobs in northern cities. Those who stayed here have many a story to tell.

Bang Niang Beach

Khao Lak Coastline - Bang Niang Beach

The most northerly beach in this region is Bang Niang. For the most part, it's a beautiful long stretch of golden sand free of rocks and excellent for swimming. The best time to enjoy this beach is between November and April when the weather is at its coolest. Because of the flat topography here, Bang Niang was the worst hit by the tsunami, with many parts continually being rebuilt.

Derelict land and the remnants of abandoned buildings display huge holes guttered by the enormous and devastating waves, still visible in many parts. In some areas, there are Land for Sale signs on forlorn and deserted plots left behind by their owners who are afraid another wave may come along again anytime.

Two kilometres inland from the highway is a beached police boat a sad reminder as to what happened that painful day. It has now become an informal memorial to the extraordinary powers that tsunami waves can cause. The boat was propelled there while patrolling the waters in front of the beach resort. And just five kilometres east of Bang Niang are the Chong Fah Falls, which are easily accessible by road.

South beyond the headland is Khao Lak beach. It's the least developed beach of the three and surprisingly also the least affected by the tsunami. Inland across Highway 4 in a northerly direction you will find a trail that leads towards the Tong Pling Falls. Quite a few waterfalls here form part of the Lam Ru National Wildlife Park.

Beached Police Boat

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Khao Sok National Park is a wildlife sanctuary and the largest and most dramatic tract of virgin rainforest in southern Thailand. While limestone cliffs dominate the park there are some great hiking trails in the area with several waterfalls, caves and valley view stations. Find Out More...

Khao Sok National Park

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Luxury Accommodation in these parts is of an extremely high standard. Much of the area around here have been completely rebuilt, renovated and refurbished. The Mukdara Beach Resort, the Le Meridien Beach Resort and Spa and the Sarojin Beach Resort are just some of the best resorts in Khao Lak. You'll find them right here.

Le Meridien Beach Resort

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