Heavy Metal Rock Festivals

in Bangkok

Neverland - Reversing Time - The Album

Heavy Metal Rock Festivals are typically held throughout the year in Bangkok. Some of these rock concerts have included the thrash metal band Tornado, American modern metal band Prototype and British rock group Ophiuchus as well as Thai rock groups, Ultra Slim and Resurrectica, to name but a few. Other bands previously performed have been the group, Neverland and the Bastard.

Neverland - Everlasting Tranquility - Video 

While it's virtually impossible not to recognise the strong sound of heavy metal music from the seventies and eighties being played by Thai rock artists in pubs and clubs throughout Thailand, now would be the perfect opportunity for you to experience the solid sound and atmosphere of a true rock concert. Many new local and international rock bands perform live at these rock festivals.

Labelled the metal zone open air heavy rock concert, these bands promise to be a tribute to anyone passionate about hardcore rock music. Bands from all around the world strut their stuff from an outdoor stage, on the 6th-floor parking lot of the JJ Mall, Jatujak.

Try not to miss out on any of these extraordinary extravaganzas. While in Bangkok, I tend to spend a lot of my evenings listening to both local and international groups. Some don't necessarily require you to buy a ticket, while others can be purchased from Thai Ticket Major.

Heavy Metal Rock Band Tornado

Rock Band Line-Up

Thrash metal band TORNADO includes members Joey Severance on Vocals, Michiel Rutten on Guitar, Ben Varon on Guitar, Pekka Johansson on Bass and Juhana "Starvin Marvin" Karlsson on Drums. Gotta take the time to see these guys.

American modern progressive metal band PROTOTYPE includes members Vince Levalois on Vocals and Guitar, Kragen Lum on Guitar, Kirk Scherer on bass and Pat Magrath on drums. Their debut album Trinity was released in 2002 and their second album Continuum, was released in 2006. Any guesses when their next will be.

British rock group OPHIUCHUS includes twin brothers Jon Cousins on guitar and Simon Cousins on bass, saxophonist Pat D'Arcy as well as members Myke Vince, Xavier Tutein, Pete Causer, Glenn Wardle, and Mike Slater. The band first formed in 1986 but performed their last concert in 1991. In 2010 after a break of nearly 21 years, the original line-up reformed. It surely cannot get better than that.

Rock Band Ophiuchus

Getting to the Rock Festival
s at JJ Mall

JJ Mall is a huge seven storey shopping emporium located right next to the Chatuchak Weekend Market The mall comprises of four levels of shopping zones and three floors set aside for parking. The heavy metal rock festivals are held on the 6th-floor parking lot of the complex.

JJ Mall is fully equipped with plenty of elevators and escalators, but while the mall is fully air-conditioned, the parking area is not. JJ Mall is easily accessible by bus or by taking the (BTS) Sky Train to Mo Chit Station or by taking the (MRTA) Underground Subway to Kamphaeng Phet Station.

Rock Band Sin Tonic

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Rock Band Ultra Slim

Though I have seen many heavy metal rock bands perform live in Bangkok, I have yet to see Thai rock groups ULTRA SLIM and RESURRECTICA. It would be appreciated if anyone could assist me with information regarding the members of these bands. Use the contact form at the bottom of the page.

Rock Band Resurrectica

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