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Some Interesting Facts about Thai Women

Detached Dating Tips for not only Thai Women but for all Women

Who would argue the fact that the majority of men from around the world consider Thailand to be the perfect habitat for the most attractive women on our planet? It would also seem that Thai girls have a little known secret recipe for eternal youth and perhaps a kind of innocence in their orientation. In fact, in many cases, they really tend to look a lot younger and more wholesome than women of other nationalities.

Perhaps too, that this is one of the most significant reasons why thousands of men of all ages travel annually to the land of smiles as Thailand has become known. However, why this country is so desirable by hot-blooded males from around the world is no rocket science. Let's take a good look at this clandestine phenomenon a little closer.

Below you'll find some undeniable as well as some interesting facts about genuine Thai women. Some of them may be so mystifying to you that you'll be wondering whether it's best to stay and see how things turn out (hopefully for the better) or that you may simply want to head straight back to the airport. 

No matter how things develop, you owe it to yourself to stick around a while longer. What the heck, I've been down both these roads myself. However, I always seem to come back to Thailand time and again.

The real Beauty of Thailand

Forever Young and Beautiful

It's almost a certainty that Thai women always look more youthful than, for instance, Slavic girls or other European girls. You could say that one of the outstanding features of Thai girls is that their bodies have an absence of wrinkles at least until in they turn 40 years of age. Also, their small stature gives them a unique look and a petite figure in general.

Thai girls often appear to be ever so fragile and even a little immature that sometimes you just want to hug them and protect them from the rest of the world. Talking about the positive points of Thai women, I should also mention the gracefulness and airiness of their movements.

It's possibly the best way to demonstrate both their femininity and sexiness. And despite the fact that you can meet detached women among these lovely Thai ladies, it shouldn't be a problem for you at all, especially considering their amazing beauty. 

Thai Beauty at its very Best

Detached Dating Tips - Mestizo

Why Mestizo, because Mestizo is a term traditionally used in Spain, the Philippines, Latin America and parts of Central America which would basically point to a person of combined European and American Indian origin. And this was regardless of where the person was born.

This is indicative as to why we see a number of Thai ladies whose parents are of different origins. For example, if a mother of the child is Thai and the father has European roots, this would be an indication of Mestizo and we all know that Thai women and European men are both crazy about mestizos.

There is even a common thread that mestizos seldom have unattractive appearances. This can clearly be seen in Thai/European facial features, lighter skin tone, petite figures, and even ebony hair colour. It's the embodiment of all the goddesses you could ever wish for.

This is pretty much why so many men travel to Thailand to find their perfect match. And who can blame them with so many beauties around?

Lakorn Dancer Lady

Thai Girls Love Talkative Men

If your sole objective is to seduce and make out with a Thai girl of your dream, you'd better know how to walk the walk and in this case, talk the talk. These gorgeous Thai women enjoy participating in conversations even if it's just small talk at first meeting.

And because Thai's don't generally speak a lot of English let alone European languages, you need to be patient and to talk slowly in a clear voice so that your lady fully understands where you're coming from. Thai ladies are optimistic, generous and can be a lot of fun.

What is more, if you talk nicely to a Thai woman or tell her an exciting story, she may (depending on her background) open up to you in more ways than you think. It might be a good idea to take it easy in the beginning until your dream lady gets to know you better. After that, you can sharpen your pencil a little further down the line.

Thai Beauty

Detached Dating Tips - Getting the Job Done

If you studied your geography at school, you'd probably have a better understanding that Thailand depends not only on its agricultural sector to bring in the bacon but the country also relies heavily on its tourism trade. And that's despite the fact that visitors and tourists can still feel the division between the poor and the rich.

This is still very much evident even in places such as in its capital, Bangkok. Slum areas and shanty towns make the affluent generation and their high-rise buildings in the city centre even more divided. But again, this is not something you as a tourist might notice.

The type of professions available to Thai women differs hugely according to the region from where they are raised. Influential women usually run businesses while poor girls, mothers, wives and divorced women do not care too much about European morals and will keep walking the streets in search of better opportunities. It's just the way thing are around here and I don't see any major changes coming their way in the near future.

My Thai Girl

Detached Dating Tips - Let's Wrap Things up

Here is another reason why you might still be with me. Thailand is one of the most infamous hot-spots on earth providing all sorts of pleasurable activities. Not only are there pristine beaches and exotic islands here, Thailand is well documented for its thriving sex industry.

While there are many reasons to make a quick buck, a vast majority of Thai women are constantly trying to find easy ways in which to enrich themselves and prostitution cannot be totally ruled out.

Many married Thai women can be seen on the streets day and night trying to make a living in order to keep their husbands happy. There's also a good chance that they hope to find a decent European man who would be able to take them out of poverty and to a better place.

This is the only type of living they know. Sex workers ply their trade anywhere they can whether it's in go-go bars, nightclubs, massage parlours or simply on the streets. But I didn't have to tell you that.

You'd be able to see it for yourself and if not, you should remove those dark shades. Would you like to know how to date an emotionally detached woman or would you like to date a single mom in Thailand? All you need here is a little money and you can have all the honey you like. If it's heavenly fun you're after, just go out there and help these beautiful girls welcome you with open arms in Thailand.

All the Thai Girls you Want

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