Bangkok Protests

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Bangkok Protests

If you've been following the news in Thailand, you may noticed that Bangkok Protests seem to be dominating the recent headlines and that the Thai government is desperately trying to bring about some sort of stability to the ongoing situation. One must remember that these instabilities have continued to plague the country over so many former years and are indeed nothing new.

With much concern as to the potential disturbing situation which is taking place at this very moment in present day Thai history, I would just like to add my own personal views. The thoughts and opinions that I am about to express here may not necessarily be the sentiments of others, but I need to get it off my chest.

There are so many elements that one has to consider here, some of which I'm afraid, will unfortunately never be revealed to the general public. It is just the way the world works. It's all about greed and only about greed. Of course greed can manifest itself in many, many different disguises. It's such a great tragedy.

So the way I see the state of affairs in Thailand is simply that the rural poor are being deprived of their basic human rights. This has been an ongoing struggle for survival for decades and these very issues have never been properly addressed. Red Shirt protesters represent the poor and are basically peace loving people.

Many of these self-same issues are not only confined to Thailand but throughout the rest of the world too. You only need to see what happened in the Philippines when Ferdinand Marcos was president from 1965 to 1986. I rest my case.

Corruption, political repression, despotism, nepotism and human rights violations are ongoing problems plagued throughout the world. Government offices not excluded. From the research I gathered on many visits to Thailand, I cannot exclude the issues here. Government administration is often marred by massive authoritarian overload. Hopefully I haven't overloaded myself.

General Seh Daeng

Bangkok Protests

The expression on Major General Khattiya Sawasdipol's face who was renegade Thai general known as Seh Daeng, says it all. It's clear evidence of his disquiet distress of the ongoing disturbances surrounding the current affairs in Bangkok.

Seh Daeng was said to be a prominent supporter of the pro-democracy left wing Red Shirt Brigade Movement in Thailand. He was seen as a true working class hero and a man of great conscience whose sole concern was to help defend the constitutional rights of the rural poor. He was known to put his personal interest aside so as to voice his concerns for the impoverishment of the rural poor.

Sadly Seh Daeng was gunned down on Thursday 13th May 2010  in what is reported to be an assassination attempt on his life. He has since died from his injuries. It is not absolutely clear as to who had shot him, but some protesters are placing the blame on an army sniper.

Despite winning the last election, the Peur Thai Party for which the Red Shirts are known, were prevented from entering government. They are now calling for fresh elections and a return to government. Presently, the majority of the top brass in government is those supporting the right wing Yellow Shirts.

Peace will Prevail

Excursions and Tours

While there may be a few minor "unrest incidences" occurring in and around the city of Bangkok from time to time, there is really no need for you to be overly concerned. They rarely affect foreign tourism and these protests, if any, on your vacation here, are usually over before you've settled into your hotel.

So sit back, relax, have a nice ice cold drink and then go out there and book yourself one or two exciting tours of the city that are on offer. These tours could include sightseeing tours, nightlife tours, romantic dinner tours and bike tours.

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