Bangkok City of Angels

One of the World's Sex Capitals

Bangkok City at Night

Have you ever wondered why they call Bangkok City of Angels? Could it be because the local name of Bangkok is Krung Thep, which as it turns out, translates to City of Angels? Krung Thep is a just shorter version of the official Thai name Krung Thep Maha Nakhon.

However, having said that, there is an even longer version but I'm not going to go down that road in this discussion. The road that we are going to travel on has little to do with the name but rather to do with what happens in the Bangkok City of Angels when the sun goes down.

To be more specific this story is about one of the world's sex capitals, although it may seem that Pattaya on the east coast of Thailand outstrips Bangkok as the city with the highest number of working girls.

They say that there is roughly one sex worker for every five people living on that side of the country. Which makes a lot of sense when you think that Pattaya was the place most frequented by American armed forces during the Vietnam war during the 60's and 70's.

In fact, nothing much has changed. If anything, Pattaya seems to have got a lot crazier these days with not only American tourists but also a tonne of European visitors and who knows how many Australians.

Tens of thousands, if not millions of men visit Bangkok and Pattaya every year to indulge in the delights that Thailand has to offer. And we haven't even explored Phuket in the south or Chiang Mai in the north. These places are a magnet for all sorts of exotic entertainment.

Bangkok Coyote Dancers

Bangkok City of Angels

There's certainly no fallacy as to how the city of Bangkok came about. Only fantasy. And while some westerners arrive in Thailand to soak up the sun on the beaches and islands, many more foreign men flock to the capital in their thousands to indulge in its pleasures of the night.

They come from all over the world, not only from America, Great Britain or Australia but also from Russia, Germany, Switzerland, Sweden and by the busloads from India and China too. And I also have to mention quite a few from Africa including South Africa.

When it comes to sex adventures, there is little to beat the Orient. It's no wonder that Thailand's sex club owners are justling to provide the most intoxicating and kinky sex imaginable. Everywhere you go there are advertisements for sexual experiences with a difference.

You don't have to go very far before someone points you in the right direction from the exotic and highly sensual Thai massage to places where everything and anything goes. And this goes not only for men but for women too. They are all enjoying the pleasures of the body in ever-increasing numbers.

Don't be fooled by Bangkok City of Angels in that it's just a place where you'll find cute looking Asian girls. Many of these "cute ladies of the night" are more than willing to give you wings to fly into a fantasy world way beyond your expectations.

Bangkok Bar Girl

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